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pikmin villagers

By supichu
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boy what i would give to have little pikmin villagers walk around my island
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I've been playing a lot of "Pikmin" and "Animal Crossing" lately. Interesting that I found this!

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I've seen all her Pikmin videos!

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My little brother loves pikmin! I showed him this, he seemed to like it. Its good to know that the pikmin fandom still has its last breaths...

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Love those big eyes!!

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Haha I love this game
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The new Animal Crossing is canceled due to lack of Pikmin
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They're too cute, melting my heart...! ;A;
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Very good work :)
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The crossover we never knew we needed!
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also!! what brushes do you use for the blush and the lines?
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I would get one of your buttons but the delivery is like $30 ;n; very cute stuff though ^^ 
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hmm that shouldnt be? i set my own shipping and all international shipping prices are under $16.75
but if you let me know the country i can see if i can ship to it cheaper!
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ohhh I know why the currency conversion haha so its $27.57 in my currency but $17.54 in us dollars 
I'm in australia 
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i had a dream about a dungeon crawler rpg where you could control pikmin
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I would sacrifice ANYTHING for those little guys to be in my island! :heart:
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tiny babies. i will protect them with my life :heart: 
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Renee, CUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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awwwww ; v ;
yellow one is so cute <33
(all are adorable tho xD)
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lol thank you!!
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