KRAUTS: German Artists Vol. 9

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Here is part 9 of German Artists on dA.

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
my little hero by songforcleo On the Road to Nowhere by Ibilicious Autumn Leaves by Ibilicious :thumb106197727: :thumb101153958:
Panic by Elasias What's Coming Over You by Elasias Blauorange by Frostschock Zeit fuer Geniesser by Frostschock chili princess by 22XX
Untitled by immugraah Untitled by immugraah :thumb96619897: :thumb98761757: :thumb87095990:
INFINITY 3 by biene Pearls of the Night by Weichzeichner Red Winged Dress by Weichzeichner warm-hearted by AGGROamy Shooting no4 by Ayaka-Itoe
:thumb106120264: :thumb93926375: :thumb83278817: checkered. by michel-alt Myra II by Noina
:thumb104285143: :thumb90001489: :thumb93670280: STRANDS OF TIME by DaKrunt a greener pasture by DaKrunt
Notruf by Frazz91 Strange thing by Frazz91 Eye by Frazz91 :thumb100552076: :thumb86303646:
:thumb89552696: hast du feuer? by Storm-InATeacup Free like... by Pazou-Laputa afro 2 by AnjaMillen :thumb62124066:
jenay in love by eyeminded :thumb105793722: :thumb99726219: :thumb100989058: :thumb98008322:
:thumb100454317: :thumb82286441: :thumb88524032: :thumb101613872:
Breathless by LaguzLake Hope by BelaFarinRod1988 Roundabout by BelaFarinRod1988 barley by Floridel red hot by Floridel
id. by rosarot you never leave. by rosarot i feel so... by rosarot no sound in my head - pt. 1 by rosarot
Leaves by fleischfreund

Mature Content

Wrong Turn by fleischfreund
After The Rain II by Phatestroke :thumb84899897: :thumb99345083:
:: puffball :: by hellfirediva : Sleeping Beauty : by hellfirediva .: OoO :. by hellfirediva :: en garde :: by hellfirediva :: lucky love :: by hellfirediva
German wasp 3 by Moepling Metallic fly by Moepling Circles of time by Moepling Spiral by Moepling coloured heart by kruemelmonschdr
Winter Wonderland 1 by kindledeath Freiheit des Kindseins 2 by kindledeath Winter Wonderland 12 by kindledeath :thumb89888554: Danse Macabre Live Photo. by dienstknecht
Onomatophobia by Shearin blank by Shearin flare up by Shearin :thumb106061348: :thumb101188132:
:thumb105694412: new 2 by miieze This is me by miieze body. by miieze brushes. by miieze
:thumb102854839: :thumb91780116: :thumb38260251: Sunset in Greece by Lady-Iron White rose by Lady-Iron
:thumb104571602: :thumb100891605: Nerd by Daaarling :thumb102991378: unbearbeitet. by MtotheAtotheX
infrapond by Zyklotrop awakening by Zyklotrop walking the line by Zyklotrop ocean 07 by Zyklotrop ocean 02 by Zyklotrop
:thumb107479278: :thumb107744480: :thumb94549398: :thumb103947112: :thumb88145101:
:thumb87685216: :thumb95653145: silence by Benijamino Gehry II by Benijamino enjoying the sun by Vanillebaer
Sad girl by fkh Unbelievable girl by fkh upside down by VintageWish O O by VintageWish every girl needs her fairytale by VintageWish
Secret Beauty III by Aestchen beach chair and friends VIII by Aestchen :thumb107861320: :thumb99774842: :thumb107154026:
..gwiazdeczki.. by Gryczka ..kawa.. by Gryczka rose. by sternenmaedchen87 world in a drop by sternenmaedchen87
Infinity III by TearsInMyEyes Infinity V by TearsInMyEyes The Kings lake by Marodeur :thumb98925406: Behind The Golden Gate by Tobi-Wan
:thumb93772675: :thumb105269863: :thumb107633490: pearly lady by terrorDoll golden girl by terrorDoll
:thumb107150204: White Beauty by likethesea Not a star in heaven by likethesea fingerhut by kareena87 :thumb106269381:
yellow 2 by kareena87 threesome by kareena87 untitled no 22 by Noman82 untitled no 9 by Noman82 :thumb105776645:
:thumb107666770: :thumb72551195: :thumb57568377: glubsch by Schokoladenschnute Surrounded by water by Pinguinlady
:thumb100602830: :thumb67769553: :thumb100602699: Exit Error. by GloomyBreeze Appreciate The Little Things by GloomyBreeze
:thumb75831561: :thumb66142906: :thumb88632896: blaue augen by MadoraWetRat Felikkz by spydesineZ
savoy by Designn does anyone need... by Designn Count Your Blessings by LucasVoelkel :thumb90800692: :thumb100572295:
Castlepoint. Again. by idril-of-nargothrond Void. by idril-of-nargothrond On My Way. by idril-of-nargothrond female by kpkb hopeless by kpkb
:thumb86311305: :thumb86335275: :thumb86334774: :thumb73009572: dead end by DamianDrazhar
Pin Up II by madame-grotesque booty by madame-grotesque little princess IV by madame-grotesque :thumb65569685: :thumb62377620:

Mature Content

Trainstopping I by Nenaisu
:thumb97082181: :thumb97089384:
pomidor2 by alinamn lieblustig schaut's by farbenmann my Dear, its Teatime Part 2... by farbenmann sea gull by H3LLSTAR Silence by H3LLSTAR
:thumb74267670: It's More Than Just a Game by frlw Shining star by pulli Blue by pulli Ginny by pulli
w a t e r b u l l e t by dessidess skybottle w a t e r by dessidess Lights and sou by applefreeze leaving soul by awphotoart :thumb77664570:
:thumb50146459: :thumb41379824: :thumb95712223: :thumb97417990: :thumb61689363:

:star::star::star: D I G I T A L :star::star::star:
The sky is falling. by Lil-Niki Fairy. by Lil-Niki The Human Scarecrow by TheRealJersey cornered by ThanataPhaemo The count by ThanataPhaemo
EvilDead_by_skulljammer by Gosp Roots_by_genesis by Gosp Jay_n_SilentBob_by_tadzero1085 by Gosp :thumb30060376: Raziel_by_unknown_artist by Gosp
Camouflage by PAtScHWOrK Collector by PAtScHWOrK Die Schlafwandlerin by PAtScHWOrK :thumb93640186: A r r e s t e d L o v e by PhoenixDesignLL
:thumb108422500: :thumb108221948: :thumb105579336: :thumb107760210: :thumb99339874:

:star::star::star: T R A D I T I O N A L :star::star::star:
:thumb107526984: :thumb105472881: :thumb13548960: :thumb58980407: :thumb106614510:
Burn Baby Fuckin Burn by UndeadMadhatter Wrath of Five by UndeadMadhatter :thumb108268270: Scarlett Johansson by Jessy-san :thumb105939365:
Silent Craving + Drawing by LucerasNight Epiphany by LucerasNight Welcome to the Twilight by Dyru :thumb24505704:

:star::star::star: M A T U R E C O N T E N T :star::star::star:
:thumb65286541: :thumb104041311: :thumb90662389: :thumb97304203: without title by Naked-gray
:thumb108065549: :thumb104126724: :thumb104127146: :thumb105701400: :thumb104127039:
self: _Hey Mel_ by Lucyanna anfangs by Lucyanna s h o w e r by Lucyanna :thumb105302990: angelique by Lucyanna
To be proud. I by draechlein Sunset by draechlein :thumb93808462: Blue II by draechlein On a tree 2 by draechlein

:star::star::star: S H A M E L E S S S E L F P R O M O T I O N :star::star::star:
F l y i n g D r e a m s by suphafly F e m m e F a t a l e by suphafly :thumb108486471: Ho Ho Skelanimals Ho by suphafly Waiting too Long for some Love by suphafly

Hope you enjoyed this! Bringing all together: :icondeutsch:

.FLy :excited:

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kizudarake's avatar

Apparently one of my photos has been in this article, I completely missed your message and I just deleted all my deviations (again) so I don't know which of my rather few items it was that caught your interest.

I want to thank you though, even though after looking at all these wonderful contributions I have no idea what could have made you add me to the list of these artists because my lame attempts I uploaded here were absolutely... well, lame!

Thanks again anyway.

Maybe I will upload some proper art again in the future (I am trying to seperate photography (flickr account) and traditional art (deviantart) in the future.
Pazou-Laputa's avatar
wow, danke für den feat. kommt vllt ein bisschen spät von mir, aber hatte probleme mit meinem provider und auch so viel zu tun.
AGGROamy's avatar
nette bilder.
danke fürs feature.

Dan0r's avatar
Hey danke fürs aufnehmen ;)
ayue's avatar
vielen Dank :D
alinamn's avatar
Danke dir!
Und hallo zusammen, Es wird net euch alle kennen zu lernen
Jessy-san's avatar
Shearin's avatar
Oooh tolle Auswahl! Vielen, vielen Dank, dass ich auch dabei sein darf! :)
TylersAngel's avatar
freu mich,daß dir eines meiner bilder gefallen hat und du es bei meinem damaligen model gefunden hast.leider hat sie meinen nick unter dem bild nicht richtig geschrieben.ich hätte mich gefreut,wenn ich eine benachrichtigung bekommen hätte.dieses bild meine ich [link]

ich verfolge mal deine serie,auch,wenn ich die bezeichnung "krauts" geschmacklos finde
eyeminded's avatar
dankeschöööön! :)
XerXesBreak's avatar
vielen Dank fürs featuren!!! ^^
PAtScHWOrK's avatar
GloomyBreeze's avatar
vielen heißen dank!
freut mich echt, dass ich auch dabei bin! =)
luvkarma's avatar
vielen vielen dank!
Floridel's avatar
Daaarling's avatar
Gosp's avatar
Wowzers! Danke für das Feature, s ist das erste mal^^
22XX's avatar
uih wat ne Menge zum Gucken ... Danke fürs mitaufnehmen!
Moepling's avatar
vielen lieben Dank :)
sehr schönes feature, tolle auswahl
WolfMoon85's avatar
Definately very talented!
KarinLouise's avatar
Well, Germany has a lot of talent!! :aww:
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