KRAUTS: German Artists Vol. 8

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Here is part 8 of German Artists on dA.

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
:thumb101909189: :thumb88144627: :thumb92246857: :thumb92860160: 1st ID - Love's Sweet Exile by snowgarden
:thumb54068541: :thumb90730169: Dear 2 by halogenlampe Adieu by halogenlampe Goodbye Summer by MrsOverdose
:thumb33617043: :thumb39411096: Manhattan Sunset II by allsoulsnight Echoes by allsoulsnight Squirrel Action by allsoulsnight
:thumb84716994: I by VenjaPhotography

Mature Content

Kranke Schwester by VenjaPhotography
:thumb93129615: :thumb58524579:
:thumb67467826: senjo by FleurDelice fallen leaves by FleurDelice R-E-D by FleurDelice shes a pirate by Sonja-Marie
Stock 50 by Wintermoon-Stock Stock 54 by Wintermoon-Stock beachrunner by patstome snooker by patstome :thumb67200649:
:thumb102340532: :thumb102284349: :thumb101655412: Ailyn 04 by CykeADelic Hang On by CykeADelic
Mandala by makaha23 amsterdam001 by makaha23 :thumb105300057: :thumb103194701: up by monogram
RED. by marc-bruno GREEN. by marc-bruno Harvest. by marc-bruno Secure... by Squirrelondope Sunday Morning. III by Squirrelondope
Beetlejuice by Squirrelondope :thumb104842402: Champagne on my head by AfterTheRainfall Tea party by AfterTheRainfall :thumb103087167:
Dont be hasty... by Saskia-photography nature by Saskia-photography :thumb100630165: :thumb80970742: I just want back in your head. by erdbeerbanane
Mandy 2 by Splitfatal Eye 56 by MarriageMassacre Sweet temptation... by MarriageMassacre :thumb104776870: Last leaf by OnHorizon
you asked to be my ... by farbanomalie climbing hills... by farbanomalie :thumb32799061:
:thumb103955025: brazinel'ID by zuckerfuss CANDY SHOP by zuckerfuss :thumb97278979: Gambling by Slash-no1
Kitty-mart 07 by hoschie Herr Hildezart in Hamstonia.. by hoschie Herr Hildezart on strawberry by hoschie :thumb62105803: Evy by Kirika-Ayanami
:thumb62419259: :thumb94881082: :thumb62273961: last drop falls. by Vilaki wolkenbruch by Paralyse
:thumb102006059: JimmyDieRaupe by tsenit light my way by ademh :thumb71802383: :thumb19113912:
Rocky Mountains VII by NashBen Savanna by NashBen wind,summer and... by Vendegor
:thumb89160256: Head under Water by DailyRoxyTool oh sunny day by DailyRoxyTool Still the same by DailyRoxyTool Fairytail by DailyRoxyTool
Goatcult II - 06.12.2008 by Kaosthrone :thumb103117826: fire n' water by DrHel Thihii by Enjaa newspaperlady 3 by freddyandgreenrules
highway to hell by BlacK-StaR1990 landscape.... by BlacK-StaR1990 :thumb101162955: :thumb106222185: :thumb99429697:
Home Of The Leprechaun by CedaCo I prick by CedaCo pooh? by reachmehere leaves by reachmehere havin' fun by b1ackb1ood
:thumb96590256: wet leave by SilberSky :thumb77617944: :thumb104513432: :thumb103026670:
capelinha da lembranca by vw1956 living on the edge by vw1956 vento ventania by vw1956 Walrus by LutherBash My way down by LutherBash
Spirit Island by od1e die Flut by od1e :thumb96183704: Nachtleben by od1e lost.. by teuphil

:star::star::star: D I G I T A L :star::star::star:
avril lavigne by Neotommy ThoseEyesThoseSkies by vicber welcome spring by vicber viva la vida by vicber honeyfish by Zyklotrop
Coffee Cup Fish by traumtaenzer Flowers by traumtaenzer It's another fish by traumtaenzer comicich by juschi :thumb53747575:

:star::star::star: T R A D I T I O N A L :star::star::star:
fir trees by bing4288 volcano by bing4288 Twilight: Lion and Lamb by Raishuu Tanja by Raishuu :thumb13137366:
spielplatz by juschi little miss sunshine by juschi setsuna01 by juschi im bad by juschi Dumbo's death by juschi

:star::star::star: M A T U R E C O N T E N T :star::star::star:

Mature Content

S T A R by HerrBuchta

Mature Content

S T O R M by HerrBuchta

Mature Content

W A L L by HerrBuchta

Mature Content

A S S by HerrBuchta

:thumb107765854::thumb105059011: :thumb100807366: :thumb100615716: :thumb74423172:

:star::star::star: S H A M E L E S S S E L F P R O M O T I O N :star::star::star:
Ho Ho Skelanimals Ho by suphafly L o v e M y L i p s by suphafly Dead end. by suphafly Waiting too Long for some Love by suphafly Lovely Eye by suphafly

Hope you enjoyed this! Bringing all together: :icondeutsch:

.FLy :excited:

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vielen dank! :)
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Thank you for the fav
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wow, fühle mich ehrlich geehrt, mit so vielen bewundernswerten talenten gefeatured zu werden! ernsthaft! O.o
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Oh hey - jetzt erst gesehen. Sagt doch mal bescheid. :D
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Danke für das Feature! :hug:
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Vielen Dank für das Feature! :-)
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vielen vielen dank für die beiden adds in diesen news ! :] :hug:
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vielen vielen dank!!! du hast eine tolle auswahl zusammen gestellt!!!
Frohes Neues auch von mir!! :hug:
Ich schließ mich nur an :) Sehr gut ausgewählt und vielen vielen Dank =D Das freut mich wirklich sehr :)
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Sehr schöne Auswahl! Und dankeschön :heart:
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Vielen lieben Dank, dass auch eines von mir darunter ist. :w00t: Tolle Auswahl.
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Auch ich kann dir nur herzlichst danken. :) Frohes neues Jahr. ;) :blowkiss:
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Thank U very much ;-)
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Vielen Dank! :w00t:
Sehr schöne Bilder dabei...
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voll krass altha! :D :D

ne im ernst, gute selektion :]

& fääänk youh.
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