KRAUTS: German Artists Vol. 7

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Here is part 7 of German Artists on dA.

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
pray for winter by Winterkind85 ...through you by Winterkind85 :thumb88242177: ROXY by wheepingguitar Buggy Up. by Nuneth
Parachuties. by Nuneth :thumb58231042: wer bin ich? by fashionDsign high risk by fashionDsign der kampf beginnt by fashionDsign
pink by ntscha salvation by ntscha falling from grace by ntscha please? by ntscha fade by ntscha
:thumb103198425: Hold Your Colour by matoya :thumb76538312: and then i missed the bus.. by matoya :thumb86967957:
Heelloooouuuuuhhhhh? by Dosi1 :thumb83597744: hope by Meluriel little little heart II by tiddler :thumb73947929:
Le Phreak by Simplizist SMILE by flamegirlx Toxic Raider II by Freq245 Dandelion by Freq245 Memories by alex-Oo
October nights by alex-Oo Sarah III by MarisaMalice Mimes by MarisaMalice blowball. by tiptap :thumb94935067:
:thumb100886550: Detail I by AvaBaude My Sweetest Downfall by AvaBaude :thumb95375286: :thumb101933190:
:thumb93146090: :thumb96376331: kiss from a rose by kaeyte lost in her own world by kaeyte hello i'm your mind  II by kaeyte
:thumb100563191: :thumb95250593: Incomparable by Pinguinlady :thumb97165414: :thumb104510899:
Tree of Wormia by trabi Good Night Down Town by trabi :thumb103891359: :thumb97977929: so hard by MarisaMalice
Linda by MarisaMalice paediophobia by MarisaMalice :thumb87117770: :thumb98368085: :thumb90746893:
:thumb97554593: :thumb104946761: a rush of blood to the head by discoloured float by discoloured marburg buy night 01 by SyNrG81
:thumb97569926: :thumb97561787: :thumb93172705: :thumb103858575: :thumb103634704:
goin with the wind by deety89 :thumb97915733: thoughts by katrrnnn The smile of a flower by Feenja Everybody needs love. by Feenja
i eat rainbows. by LizHeartcore laundry by LizHeartcore new id by LizHeartcore You'llFindLove by LizHeartcore A daydream... by DamnKitty
Sshh. by DamnKitty :thumb103116600: Lost in the rose.. by sonnae :thumb105028101: :thumb104962200:
The Emperor by madduke a landscape by madduke Little girl, dont be afraid by Iamno-Scientist Wild flower by Iamno-Scientist by nativa
:thumb98271926: :thumb90722724: -me- 2 by katjess WHiTE SToRM by katjess severe cold .6 by DaddysDarling
How about a magic trick? .2 by DaddysDarling :thumb99007559: :thumb99007722: Fly Away by DREAMCA7CHER Glass Drop II by DREAMCA7CHER
Evening Breaking In by DREAMCA7CHER Autumn Recall by DREAMCA7CHER :thumb101796482: :thumb100003043: :thumb101187027:
:thumb102657872: GiveMeYourHand,Darling. by CutYouInStars PinkElephantVanillaFlavour. by CutYouInStars the small things of life by LordDrako
think? by VincentVega2000 Antelope Canyon II by melintelinas :thumb93568731:
:thumb96489386: :thumb102192532: :thumb99344708: Aggressions o5 by NOTspecific Rest o1 by NOTspecific
Clowns' Hand by NOTspecific nahaufnahme by phasel 0105 by phasel :thumb101909506: :thumb102994681:

:star::star::star: T R A D I T I O N A L :star::star::star:
fir trees by bing4288 volcano by bing4288 Twilight: Lion and Lamb by Raishuu Tanja by Raishuu

Mature Content

Seduction 2 by KayIglerART

The Crow by KayIglerART Long night by KayIglerART Seduction by KayIglerART Son of Odin 2 by KayIglerART

:star::star::star: M I S C E L L A N I O U S :star::star::star:
Bobsmade_bag-ufff by Bobsmade Camera Tee design by Bobsmade green meanies by Bobsmade

:star::star::star: S H A M E L E S S S E L F P R O M O T I O N :star::star::star:
Ho Ho Skelanimals Ho by suphafly F r o s t e d L o v e by suphafly F r o s t S o u l by suphafly Dead end. by suphafly Little King by suphafly

Hope you enjoyed this! Bringing all together: :icondeutsch:

.FLy :excited:

PS: Wer noch nicht gefeatured wurde meldet sich einfach bei mir, da ich sonst leicht den überblick verliere... :D

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kuhl kuhl. danke :)
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Hallo, sehr schöne Zusammenstellung. Also, dann weißt Du ja nun, dass ich auch aus Deutschland und neu bei DA bin.
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dankesehr :hug:
und nen gutn rutsch ;)
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Wow danke danke danke :>
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schöne sammlung... guck immer wieder gern :hug:
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Dankeschön! Wunderschön!
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ich werf auch noch mal ein dickes DANKE rein! :D

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lieben dank fürs feature :hug:
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Gutes Feature. :)
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ganz ganz GANZ lieben dank!!!
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Oh holla, ein Sammelsurium deutscher Kunst.
Interessant. Hat bestimmt viel Arbeit gemacht.
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Klasse, vielen Dank, dass ich dabei bin :aww: Sind echt super schöne Sachen dabei, ich werd mir die mal später genauer ansehen ;)
IpsissimaVerba's avatar
Wow, vielen Dank! (:
Tolle Sache.
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wow, danke!!!
cooles feature!!^^
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Schankedööööööön! :hug:
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schöne sammlung
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proud to be a Kraut :peace:
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>.< uiiiii vielen herzlichen Dank!:boogie: :worship: :typerhappy:
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hehe..danke danke danke :-)
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Vielen herzlichen Dank!!! :dance:
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