KRAUTS: German Artists Vol. 4

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Here is part 4 of German Artists on dA.

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
unbearbeitet fuckers by theunfakefake I'll see what you think by ChEryLoVe :thumb92457705: :thumb99875825: :thumb64095951:
:thumb63055901: :thumb92747856: Self... by Irreplacably you know? by Irreplacably :thumb83996086:
:thumb89403411: :thumb103406618: :thumb92083139: :thumb84627435: :thumb103880654:
:thumb103737166: :thumb100637155: H a p p y   E n d i n g . by DarknessangelX My cat is the best boy. by MiriMysterious :thumb93246714:
Planet Dare by derTimm round the world by derTimm Sixties:. by himbeerkuss :thumb93903842: I got sea. by satiricalme
:thumb97566339: :thumb86877417: :thumb81718788: Imagine II by Millirat field of bubbles by OKguys
sht,, by applexshampoo reflection on ice by JennColtrane :thumb99589577: :thumb99807460: purple dream.2 by XiSerX
a neverending dream 6 by hanghuhn too fast for you - contest by hanghuhn Purple Flowers by vanilla-chihuahua Daydreamer by vanilla-chihuahua My eye by vanilla-chihuahua
Hanna. by sophisticatedxx :thumb94553113: :thumb99320781: :thumb102195057: :thumb98314032:
:thumb93662123: :thumb89352325: Moeraki Boulders by julivo :thumb104292636: hug'n'bite... by omdot
hit it... by omdot Kay 2... by omdot :thumb89243965: :thumb68258520: ice cold by obi1-87
The Jokerette by thegrungequeen :thumb102451495: She loves me by jfphotography Aint no Sunshine by jfphotography is this it by obi1-87
:thumb98324882: Dead Soul by bravecoeur :thumb94503584: Windy by kaddykilljoy Papilio machaon by RoterHesse
Angry Squirrel by RoterHesse :thumb103381377: :thumb101805397: summer season by MorkOrk flowering leek 2 by MorkOrk
:thumb99215697: pure. by visual-sick Enough by AnjaRoehrich Shut the World out by AnjaRoehrich I've lost all Sense of touch by AnjaRoehrich
....interrupted by AnjaRoehrich :thumb101546864: :thumb92199320: :thumb75335685: ima new soul by bassexcess
la tortura bella. by bassexcess :thumb71592310: :thumb89042652: Erdbeershoot 002 by evejay
why should i care by majaelectro :thumb98116738: What did you say..? by urgz I love you. by cansink :thumb78823453:
Blue eyed by JACKP0T I ate snowflakes by JACKP0T :thumb103936316: :thumb101272255: Cinderella by oldmanyellsatcloud
ThisIsMe by oldmanyellsatcloud Painted Wh0re by PrincessFrog :thumb49883006: :thumb60360952: A BEAUTIFUL:SUICIDE No.3 by musica-zero0
vinyl gives me true sound by deliverySushi ID I by Hospitality :thumb82330546: :thumb83754080: :thumb101550078:
:thumb97857302: Save the last Dance Part 01 by MyNameIsTeddy :thumb83953641: :thumb99863524: :thumb91130950:

:star::star::star: D I G I T A L :star::star::star:
:thumb80161099: :thumb83749964:

Mature Content

Cherigirl by Abt-Nihil
:thumb94979305: drink up me hearties by algenpfleger
Boom, baby by algenpfleger

Mature Content

The Root of all Evil by algenpfleger
:thumb17508850: Poke PinUp by Milkymilla

Mature Content

Sailor Venus by Milkymilla

:thumb73015188: :thumb64662170: :thumb82618423: :thumb38711072: :thumb77925998:
catfight by schmoedraws queen of hearts by schmoedraws januar by schmoedraws tom bombadils wife by schmoedraws shira by schmoedraws
:thumb104033211: bear hunt by FelixPresch A small Piece of a Rainbow... by Ancalag0n The Awakening by AlectorFencer Defiance of the Shadow by AlectorFencer
bridge back to home by greenfeed The Tattoo by greenfeed Shame by RiDDiKK warrior by silver-spurs Satine Nathad by silver-spurs
:thumb37896047: :thumb104285186: stay alive by inphi :thumb62548517: GLIMPSE.OF.HEAVEN Collab by Lythis
:thumb80683250: Point Red by MAROK-ART Moerser Girl with zombies by MAROK-ART Liliana by dlazaru feathers by dlazaru
sunny beach by dlazaru :thumb90526411: :thumb96604523: :thumb75294311: shadows 3 by Fishpattern
Frost Giant by boudicca Epic Skarre by boudicca Erivatius by boudicca Behind blue eyes by mibou Sometimes nothing is fine by mibou

:star::star::star: T R A D I T I O N A L :star::star::star:
:thumb99405300: :thumb87686953: :thumb91961534: hairy by Gavisse :thumb34713096:
jonathan davis by silver-spurs Tsunehito by Zuka-Kirsch RAINBOWED by Zabyna :thumb20622627: :thumb78740524:
don't speak by SuperKaninja a taste of paradise by SuperKaninja Create your own world by SuperKaninja Regenraum by BlinderPassagier Half-elf beauty by 7OutOf13
:thumb48195163: Black Ghost Horse by Vihma how to pet a dingo by Waldmaer Death by Ebenholz :thumb73263086:
:thumb72165006: :thumb62967362: :thumb98368800:

:star::star::star: M A T U R E C O N T E N T :star::star::star:
Erfrischung im Wald by Nightshadow-PhotoArt Licht und Schatten II by Nightshadow-PhotoArt

Mature Content

Slow motion by DiePuppenspielerin

Mature Content

wine by Thorfynn

Mature Content

cold by Thorfynn

:star::star::star: S H A M E L E S S S E L F P R O M O T I O N :star::star::star:
Waiting too Long for some Love by suphafly Little King by suphafly Dead end. by suphafly F a l l e n D o w n by suphafly L o v e M y L i p s by suphafly

Hope you enjoyed this!

To make this all much easier for me, i want you (if you want) to help me for searching for german artist.
Also those who live outside of germany, but grown up there. :P Just send me an Note with a link.
You can also link me to yourself, if you're german! :D

Bringing all together: :icondeutsch:

.FLy :excited:

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EccentricArrow's avatar
I'm half-German...Does that count??
I'm also trying to learn German....I never knew it was so complex x.x
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Vielen Dank! Sieht cool aus :-)
Liebe Grüße
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Bin durch Zufall eben drauf gestoßen. Ich muss sagen: Deutlich zu Portrait-Lastig für meinen Geschmack. Das soll alles sein, was wir zu bieten haben? :/
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Schade das keine Webdesigns dabei sind, wär doch sonst auch sicher dabei gewesen oder? xDDD
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*auch irgendwie nicht mitdrin is*
; 3 ;
Aber ich habe eine meiner Freundinnen gesichtet *Q*
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aah, gleich zweimal :)
sehr toll!
vielen dank!
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netter titel XD
danke fuers featurn :)
fuehle mich geehrt
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allerliebsten dank (:
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Danke sehr! :blowkiss: & :bow:
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Hey Promotion !

Thanks ;-)
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...another expat German photographer here ;-)
Schöne Kollektion!

Grüsse aus Ägypten.
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Vielen Dank ^^
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Wirklich tolle features! :clap:
Vielen Dank noch mal. :D
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schönes feature!
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DANKE - finde ich sehr nett von dir!
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Danke sehr X)
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da freu ich mich doch sehr!
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Wirklich schöne Bilder dabei. danke! ^^
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Danke dass man mich auch darin findet!
Immer weiter...
:popcorn: ...interessante menschen und inspirationen dadurch zu finden.

best regard /sushi :clap:
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