KRAUTS: German Artists Vol. 3

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Here is part 3 of German Artists on dA.

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
:thumb99060080: :thumb95695082: Good Morning by Jules1983 just chilling by Summer-Sunny Sparkling by Deceptico
Snow in Summer by Deceptico -kugel spiel- by phonHuebenthal :thumb102272266: Reset My Memory by flurryflurry __ s c h a m a n e __ by dieFrauDoktor
__ m e s k a l i n __ by dieFrauDoktor :thumb101713220: :thumb87942488: Die Stille in mir by Drastique-Plastique Nightime Birds 2 by Drastique-Plastique

Mature Content

come closer by paufdererbse
absorbing by paufdererbse Leaves by fleischfreund :thumb86371739: :thumb88176289:
:thumb17404910: :thumb33892164: :thumb80581538: Ordinary Girl by KiaraBlackPhotograph behind the mask by KiaraBlackPhotograph
:thumb100897801: :thumb104196007: Turn around by FeliDae84 Violet Bloom by FeliDae84 Bamboo by elolitta
Gathering of Silence II by elolitta :thumb87949753: we all love germany by blackwhitestar Television by SilentAwakening TV vs. Nature by SilentAwakening
Spring. by SilentAwakening :thumb103302558: :thumb96084821: :thumb30568839: die musik zwei . by youcantstealmylove
Lava by Hiersein Last Man Standing by LittleSister88 :thumb98068861: :thumb103657885: :thumb84429908:
:thumb85825210: swing life away. by readytojump789 :thumb92962371: :thumb91471947: hey you by MrsMuffin
something by MrsMuffin shining eye by MinniMaus :thumb104022871: karla 2 by MissLali Lonely Together by S3BR4
:thumb45270262: BW serie part 3 by Krueger1979 :thumb100409586: :thumb95784742: :thumb86132630:
:thumb44589749: :thumb91382172: Orchid by bluEeye93 :thumb104394817: :thumb84691225:
Good morning, sun. by Meowine x__X by irgendeine Vintage blue by irgendeine bent road by witigo in winter we rest by witigo
:thumb96672641: :thumb87685216: :thumb81412314: buy us some time by schlachthof :thumb56895159:
deviantID by Moschuz :thumb60482445: Hair... special ThingII by shushufuu Stripe Me. by swampfever freckle by Ccadence
heartbeat by Ccadence erzaehl mir von den stunden by Ccadence f_ck pollution by icarus-ica 31 by bluecut :thumb104179167:
lost by Barcardi :thumb93358292: we can't wait by julimagIronie good morning by julimagIronie Sony by Lukile
:thumb98711146: Shooting Star I by IceteaValle :thumb90941241: :thumb85480552: :thumb94416234:
:thumb94419786: butterfly flower by WolkenWelten :thumb102647890: :thumb89548077: :thumb103786593:

:star::star::star: D I G I T A L :star::star::star:
Smells Like Snow by Jules1983 :thumb100600977: :thumb103543528: salt in our wounds... by Mihray insomnia... by Mihray
:thumb93883494: :thumb98685151: .:black fairy wallpaper II:. by StillesWasser :thumb87542602: .:weird:. by StillesWasser
Bubbled Dreams by Shadowelve

Mature Content

-playing with her toy- by Christoph-Michaelis
:thumb102814002: his way of travelling by Izaskun kikyo by Izaskun
:thumb73287595: Jump Montage by Launebaerchen By your side. by CeEdYTanCh3kT :thumb98407407: :thumb74127205:
:thumb72047167: Kristin Kreuk Vector 2007 by overwhelmed85 Think$Turquoise by SuzuSatsujin :thumb97717587: :thumb82267221:
Pulp Friction by janaschi Mae commission by janaschi

Mature Content

vintage tattoo by janaschi
stairs and stripes by janaschi :thumb96822211:
:thumb98455534: westernaffen by thelapinot blub by thelapinot :thumb102998761: After the Revolution by ZuluSplitter
love - you? by Finkregh Sora and Jack by yaichino Pornkaeppchen by yaichino A Human Work by BlueRogueVyse :thumb57446596:
Blood for the Blood God by B0CHI Janus by B0CHI :thumb92705317: :thumb94863668: :thumb92922960:

:star::star::star: T R A D I T I O N A L :star::star::star:
Eyes by TinasArtwork Mond ueber Bruessel by loew-art broken by Zottellotte :thumb27710563: :thumb75016569:
the broken king by HopefulMonster Erdbeershoot 002 by evejay :thumb104144377: :thumb104480807: :thumb87845921:
:thumb87845691: monstermeeting by polygraphiker :thumb98049474: :thumb20421902: :thumb97278112:
in progress by bloody-pencil Mr. Freeman by Gritti ORTWIN VON SILVERSTEYN by CyprinusFox Logan Wading in Blood by rawimage
entrance by schmoedraws stroll by FelixPresch rino's flutegirl by FelixPresch :thumb86960038: aleta by kami-no-niwa

:star::star::star: M A T U R E C O N T E N T :star::star::star:

Mature Content

On Solid Ground by ChrisK-photo

Mature Content

29 by bluecut

Mature Content

24 by bluecut

Mature Content

sw:sera:two by crocola
:thumb92851247: :thumb100823556:

Mature Content

sea shell 2 by MrsHyde

:star::star::star: S H A M E L E S S S E L F P R O M O T I O N :star::star::star:
L o v e M y L i p s by suphafly Long Way by suphafly P u r e F l o w e r by suphafly Lovely Eye by suphafly Flower I by suphafly
Reflection by suphafly Waiting too Long for some Love by suphafly B e a u t y by suphafly 5 E l e m e n t s by suphafly P u R e by suphafly

So, hope you enjoy it!

To make this all much easier for me, i want you (if you want) to help me for searching for german artist.
Also those who live outside of germany, but grown up there. :P
Maybe i want make a third news article and so on, if there is demand. ;)
Just send me an Note for that with a link or so. You can also link me to yourself, if you're german! :D#

Bringing all together: :icondeutsch:

.FLy :excited:

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wow wir sind ja richtig talentiert ;P
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Besser spät, als nie :p
Danke fürs feature!
Toller Artikel :heart:
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Wow, vielen Dank dass Du mein Bild gefeatured hast! Bin ewig nicht online gewesen und freue mich nun umso mehr wieder hier zu sein. :)
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danke ! ...+ frohes fest und so :)
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Ich bin dabei .. freu freu.. aber wo fave ich das ganze ??
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Also am ende des Artikels steht "Add to Favourites" - einfach darauf klicken! ;)
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Is manchmal nich leicht Leute aus Deutschland zu finden. ............ aber ich wurde trotzdem vergessen ..... :tears: :D
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Heyhey, dankefein!
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Super Aktion! =>
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Wow.. Vielen lieben Dank für die Unterstützung! [:
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danke fürs featuren :)
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vielen dank dank dank... !

kennst du?:
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hehe...ich bedanke mich ebenfalls fürs featuren meines bauches :D :heart:
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Danke für's featuren =) Die Collection ist echt schön! (:
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Vielen Dank für's featuren von Dreaming I - schöne Collection :wave:
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vielen lieben dank nochmal! bin sprachlos :)

und: schöne zusammenstellung :)
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=D hey,danke
echt cool =)
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doch so viele deutsche auf DA...richtig gute Sachen dabei...da kommt ja glad neid bei mir auf ...soviel talent...davon hätt ich gern eins :D
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Danke für das Feature. Sind wirklich einige tolle Bilder zu sehen. :)
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