KRAUTS: German Artists Vol. 2

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As the last article receive great results, i spend once again my last few days to search for German Artists on DA.
These are my results:

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
not that beautiful by Eisblume

Mature Content

Underworld Revolution by Belsina
S N O W W H I T E by Belsina I'm learning to fly... by MyLoveisMusic I hide my feelings... by MyLoveisMusic
:thumb101173462: spontan by Nijuria Warterfall by Nijuria :thumb76201576: Eye II. by nachtgeschrei
Trauerfreund I by Folter1 be cool by Wuschelpuschel watching you by Wuschelpuschel heavenly. by llovelace sparkling light I. by llovelace
I don't love you by SaphirasSoul :thumb83691274: um by defeen :thumb101982587: :thumb96586206:
view from above by T0mcat6 Colour me white by Alexxchen simply touches by Alexxchen Kilian by Labecula :thumb102653994:
Hot Brazilian by Drezdany :thumb85884555: :thumb90922763: :thumb39416818: some help by Rona-Keller
Teethgrinder by nexion C.o.r.r.i.d.o.r  -III- by nexion shooting 01 - p. X by EYELIGHTZONE Hide by smoozy Pink in dream by xJela
Water-Fall by Emu05 Kurosaki Ichigo+Cosplay+V+ by Fay-lin Windows by Malleni Follow me.. by Malleni Clematis by Faylinn
:thumb102657848: something of a dream by Frall :thumb100020919: democracy has returned. by loveispinkblackx3 very_last_moment_in_time_pt3 by draamaprinsessa
For her by sternchen333 Second Face by downheartedx Tell me a story II by downheartedx winter skin. by unfadingbeauty Other Possibilities by agressiveSnowWhite
old days. by gloeckchen mittwoch. by gloeckchen :thumb78424842: :thumb66187853: m. by Lenny2412
Elephant VI by photogenic-art Tiger 1 by photogenic-art :thumb101948615: alive by missBlondinka :thumb102820432:
:thumb97258046: :thumb99248317: 9481 by PaulFungus .morning's.solitude by yatu-ex Equilibrium by signmeupscotty
:thumb89311539: Those Moments by monsterdonut :thumb90112320: Rawr. by Miaschen Standstill ID by Miaschen
Sunny by caro77 self-portraits by Satyrion self-portraits by Satyrion Annahita III by xinax waiting by xTimTasticx
Casandra 3 by stareater Time for a bath by stareater :thumb74355525: :thumb92296267: smile by Propaganda-Panda
break ranks by Propaganda-Panda :thumb94844272: :thumb51578311: little Girls dream by industriellesschwarz Nhung 5 by derJake
Lost without you.. by Pinkproud magical by Pinkproud A piece of summer by Pinkproud Dude, wait what? by derJake :thumb35060129:
kiwi_eye by neriassonne :thumb79528322: :thumb73929122: :thumb85569945: :thumb71716280:
alluring... by BeKissable :thumb97638497:

Mature Content

Let Me Go by CathleenParagon

Believe. by NFstar Slooooooow by NFstar heart attack. by maulschn :thumb100624563: :thumb82368875:
feeling blue by verycre8iv Breath by GreatNemo Quest for Freedom III by GreatNemo Flowers have an expression. by Imthethingyouhate
glory by Heros-Lubu airportunderground by Heros-Lubu i hope tomorrow is like today. by hircine :thumb99598324: :thumb104029877:
Second Face by downheartedx :thumb95127030: j u l i a n e . by addicted-to-cherries :thumb89941845: :thumb96926570:
Waiting for tomorrow by Patricia-b .Cry. by Patricia-b
:thumb96485439: :thumb93024151: October by AnotherAutumn eva V by s-meier

:star::star::star: D I G I T A L :star::star::star:
Robert Downey Jr. by Obgee Golden Eye. by deadstarx bullet by felipmars

Mature Content

DNA angel by felipmars

Mature Content

roll up by nicolsche

Autumn Blue by Salawati :thumb100211498: :thumb96302857: Herz in Herz by Pixelnase :thumb100738775:
:thumb92364640: My Lucky Star by trenchmaker Auratus of Carassius by trenchmaker Tsuki no Usagi :moon series: by trenchmaker Helea by Drachenkind
:thumb70643896: Butterfly effect by sternchen333 The Water by Eyliphca :thumb82184841: Autumn Fire by ImpalaArts
New Hero. Water Man by Snapy-Q :thumb90430746: :thumb88443762: :thumb51289496:

Mature Content

Portrait Of Love by memod

The Hide-out by memod Praedestinatio by TobiasRoetsch Hibernaculum by TobiasRoetsch :thumb36556641: Avispon Composing by Lenty
:thumb100048341: kate winslet vector by happyline Sailor Moon by Millus Metamorphosis Eros vs Thanatos by AlexanderFriedl Hearttack by cliq
Scars by cliq White Mirror by Pikomi The Observer by gucken Alpha Sector by gucken Wallpaper - The Heat Of Love by gucken
:thumb102834841: Arttrade: Super Sisters 1.2 by Shibun Arttrade: Celsia and Sirene by Shibun leannan-sidhe by ElectronicRainbow in progress by ElectronicRainbow
silver sugar by ElectronicRainbow :thumb83001565: celebrate by MethMan :thumb103752430:

:star::star::star: T R A D I T I O N A L :star::star::star:
twilight by aice83 :thumb90174608: Leo by Kazwha

Mature Content

Look at me by Nachtvogel0102

Angelina Jolie by Nachtvogel0102 Sarah Wayne Callies by Svera :thumb90211232:

Mature Content

Burst by Pikomi
mine by ZahirahNeonpink
NR4 by mSLaRa

:star::star::star: M A T U R E C O N T E N T :star::star::star:
legs and bones.. by ArtOriginal

Mature Content

untitled 13 by ArtOriginal
:thumb92019157: :thumb92764944: :thumb92765476:

:star::star::star: S H A M E L E S S S E L F P R O M O T I O N :star::star::star:
B u t t e r f l y s by suphafly B e D i f f e r e n t . by suphafly Dung Beetle by suphafly Black Widdow by suphafly Lunatic by suphafly
V i s i b i l i t y by suphafly White Rose by suphafly Flower I by suphafly Red Lighthouse by suphafly Long Way by suphafly

So, hope you enjoy it!

To make this all much easier for me, i want you (if you want) to help me for searching for german artist.
Also those who live outside of germany, but grown up there. :P
Maybe i want make a third news article and so on, if there is demand. ;)
Just send me an Note for that with a link or so. You can also link me to yourself, if you're german! :D


© 2008 - 2021 suphafly
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caro77's avatar
Suuuuperlieben Dank :hug::glomp::wave:
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WOw, es gibt echt viele deutsche künstler hier O__o xd
Aba alle können qeil zeichnen....
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falls ich es noch nicht gesagt habe:
vielen dank fürs featuren :-)
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schöne sammlung !!!
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Is manchmal nich leicht Leute aus Deutschland zu finden. ............ aber ich wurde trotzdem vergessen ..... :tears: .D
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joa dito, geht aber ein paar anderen auch so
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wow, danke!!!:hug:
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danke fürs featuren!!

xTimTasticx's avatar
vielen dank, ich würde in favorisieren, nur wo mache ich das?? xD
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scroll mal hoch, neben dem titel is der avatar von ~suphafly, da drunter ist eine box mit einer zahl, und da drunter ist wieder eine andere grüne box mit einem +herz, und genau da drückste druff

ich hoff ich habs verständlich erklärt :lol:
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Thanks alot! :love:
Wooooh, me in the midst of all that art...strange :D
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cool! haste eigentlich schon mal :icongoor: gefeatured?
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Vielen Lieben Dank! :hug: :glomp: Das freut mich sehr
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danke dir für den feature!
Wirklich sehr lieb!!!!
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danke schööön fürs featuren, oder wie auch immer man dazu sagt.^^
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wow dankeschön, freut mich dass ich dabei bin (:
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Ist ja cool, danke... aber ich weis nicht genau was das bededeutet "featuren" XD kp kenn mich mit devi nicht so aus ... aber süß von dir... sicherlich fav ich das^^
Shibun's avatar
vielen dank! da schäme ich mich richtig, dass ich nur die ganzen alten schinken hochgeladen habe auf meinem acc :P
tolle künstler!
happyline's avatar
herzlichsten dank fürs featuren ;), ist ja wirklich ne tolle auswahl :clap: :clap: :clap:
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vielen dank fürs featuren :)
lieben dank fürs feature ! :handshake:
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sehr schöner newsartikel über die KRAUTS :)
danke fürs featuren, weiter so, gute arbeit!
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