KRAUTS: German Artists Vol. 10

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Here is part 10 of German Artists on dA.

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
:thumb102338962: :thumb97392895: summer beauty II by inkeen Winterwonderland I by inkeen cranes 04 by Ca-Cha
EGGS by getcarter R U S H by getcarter B A H N H O F by getcarter S U N D O W N E R by getcarter Remembering daisies by Tricia-Danby
Catch my ... by Osnafotos Wait ... for ... by Osnafotos Take Eight no.2 by Osnafotos :thumb72782995: Luck -1 by Lisl89
:thumb106213971: :thumb100902010: my better half lol by hazeleye09 Walking in a Wonderland by tonband ... by Newtonseyes
.lack of color by polaroidmemory .hold your breath II by polaroidmemory summer day. by carolFLASH fence. by 129a norway... by 129a
ID .. the 4th by schublade eerm... by schublade :thumb96302220: :thumb96301632: dirrty nerdy by schublade
:thumb108070635: :thumb108059542: Was eine Kinderseele by ethemba :thumb107774722: Summer 3 by splunchy
schoolface by ushah Sorrento by ushah Subscribe by xXDark-InfernoXx Drop Highway by xXDark-InfernoXx .ArachnophobiA. by xXDark-InfernoXx
lonely road by Storm-InATeacup :thumb92235813: :thumb70952546: :thumb72326171: So Beautiful by blazindaniel
Lara Croft Jungle by ChristophGerlach Dreaming of Summer by ChristophGerlach Positive Forward by ChristophGerlach Redbreast in the Underwoods by ChristophGerlach :thumb95445642:
The Leftovers by Ruin-Me-Now i will touch the rain 2 by Ruin-Me-Now keep your head up high. by pluschkind Dot Dot Dot... by pluschkind sweet josephine. by pluschkind
.icarus by shiek0r .cuddlecrackage by shiek0r .kick my heart by shiek0r .lunatic by shiek0r .federfall by shiek0r
looks cute by coolke What about Sunglasses 2 by carpenoctem410 Snow White 5 by carpenoctem410 :thumb92743331: :thumb105414554:

Mature Content

nutity by maybe2morrow
just playing... by maybe2morrow standst ill by FROGone otlout by FROGone plamleaf by Jazy-crIM
:thumb96471009: Horny Teddy by real-skullie Wald.Mensch by real-skullie the blower by MissMiley endless LOVE by MissMiley
Landau Street View by TheOneWhosLuffelig :thumb100049832: Carried To Life by TheOneWhosLuffelig :thumb92234741: :thumb98216108:
untere Berliner Strasse by peaceman-L billkiss by peaceman-L Hofkirche Dresden by peaceman-L White by Schneeengel High pt. 3 by Schneeengel
Daisy by xjellyfishx :thumb98451449: :thumb107373115: :thumb94292456: autmn ID by lil-strange-thing
:thumb95234054: :thumb95089207: :thumb107914169: :thumb100630373: :thumb99159317:
scuba-gear needed by tfprince mushroom by tfprince ping pong by tfprince red by FlyingRolf spring is here by FlyingRolf
:thumb107873923: Summer08.02 by creamARTin music. by creamARTin bam by creamARTin ladybug 04 by creamARTin
:thumb106753016: :thumb103001628: :thumb105568126: Blue Eye No1 by seneleth Turquoise Necklace No1 by seneleth
Lily II by LacrimaNigra Squirrel by LacrimaNigra Frozen Leaf by LacrimaNigra :thumb35027735: :thumb51062962:
tati by is-blind burn my shadow away by is-blind come out of yr. tree, come by is-blind :thumb103100996: anna . by fxcreatography
:thumb67392684: :thumb103749815: :thumb89840456: :thumb50801377: :thumb73572426:
bienenschmaus by simar :thumb80496094: :thumb96699873: :thumb93651322: Wild Hair by efeloo
:thumb61701503: :thumb51757878: under this big black sky by hircine i hope tomorrow is like today. by hircine .iiii. by hircine
:thumb100538048: :thumb91272243: :thumb88770982: Anja3 by stefst13 sad by stefst13
:thumb98694380: sorry snail by behindcrimetape Portrait 26 by Pit777 gestellt by Pit777 Portrait by Pit777
:thumb98768651: 2040 by Vestus ...1986... by Vestus red squirrel by herz0g quadriga by herz0g
A place to relax by dany25 Different World by dany25 Alps by dany25 The Stair to Nowhere by dany25 Kiwi Falls into Deep Water by dany25
the world by zerus manhattan skyline 01 by zerus december.3 by Sternenleiche december.4 by Sternenleiche :thumb52404982:
Is everybody in? by seelenmord Ladybug by hAaRnTs Dark Purple by hAaRnTs :thumb94517138: Come Kiss me an Smile to me .. by murder-crew
vanilla meow BW by Fledermausland :thumb106626469: :thumb70486121: :thumb98928114: :thumb62231483:
sweet temper by Infox Buga2 by Infox 10058 by Infox :thumb43965968: focusEYE by DaDaxs
cherry bloom wallpaper by DamianDarling building castles by DamianDarling Night Mood by DamianDarling  :thumb100444998: black _ white . good _ bad ? by Deepblue-shines-on
far away by wiesentaenzer coming down by wiesentaenzer Lighthouse by renes-pics Dead Teddybear by renes-pics jummy by the-flyingsquirrel
:thumb52051920: :thumb62232659: :thumb62239276: :thumb62838565: :thumb98301752:
.Bumble Bee. by LastAutumnShade .sail of a windmill. by LastAutumnShade Greenfinches by LastAutumnShade A Winter Illusion by LastAutumnShade :thumb93980711:
:thumb77646720: do you even know who you are. by wartebank :thumb103138614: :thumb78011663:
:thumb66847740: Flowers by BlackEyesSnowAngel Mittagsblume - Dorotheanthus by BlackEyesSnowAngel :thumb107958473: :thumb108054462:
+scare+ by cairesj Lost teddy by woodfaery The Photographer, Feeling Blue by woodfaery :thumb104058096: :thumb109121357:
:thumb105329128: :thumb98188825: :thumb90027623: :thumb62180612: :thumb104674054:
Rheinhafen by Night by Knoetchen corvette front 2 by salvaro fly little dragon by salvaro Steffi 2 by salvaro I want to go to Paris... by Gedankenmutistin
squirrel 1 by AnniStar dirty hallway by AnniStar shy II by AnniStar lady a by AnniStar So I have to say I'm blind by Gedankenmutistin
flowers II by incolora downside-up and upside-down by incolora Mr. Sparrow by steeerne the real city of love by steeerne Oh, art by fussball-fotos
:thumb103006509: :thumb106308983: one day I will fly away by WingsOfAnotherMind :thumb91984328: :thumb99912877:
:thumb101268429: :thumb100403920: :thumb109178387: lilly - the second shoot by pocra cherry tree by pocra
autumn by xxchromosom :thumb101633630: Tunnel by jackdornothing Pipe Dreams by tvds :thumb82493043:
smoke by Xhotpants winter by Xhotpants little girls by Xhotpants Hope by tvds Were is John Wayne by picmonster
:thumb104515400: :thumb106591186: Frozen Flowers.Frozen Hearts by Ophelia-Overdose .:Gloomy:. by Ophelia-Overdose :thumb100632418:
:thumb64801540: A New Life by TheRealKugelfischi Horror Barbie by TheRealKugelfischi :thumb78896857: :: Baah I Like You :: Tongue by starli-killa
bombs up in my face by EaseOfMind love is... by EaseOfMind :thumb109017193: :thumb86316297: :thumb86319688:
:thumb103288479: and I almost had you by esregnetkekse fall by esregnetkekse Near the sky by DarknessangelXOne wish by DarknessangelX
- my eyes - by DarknessangelX H a p p y E n d i n g . by DarknessangelX Why cry? by DarknessangelX Whatever by DarknessangelX camouflage by Sabeths-Reality
Anneke 1 by Irene-K Isabelle by Irene-K Carina 05 by Irene-K La Mer by b-and-m Weird emotion's by Beav-Art
:thumb108394890: Carry Me by woodfaery Body landscape by Schmollmops Sunday Morning by Schmollmops Zeche Zollverein - klimb up by Lissalicous
:thumb108536807: :thumb108536105: :thumb108606011: :thumb108380956: :thumb98850992:
atempausenhof by SimonSawSunlight portraits by SimonSawSunlight :thumb97876402: Dunst .5 by bugx muziekgebouw by bugx
:thumb94302917: :thumb94303111: Grashalm by powerschulzi Uphill by powerschulzi Cat in vase__ by Picturelove
:thumb88294536: :thumb105813537: :thumb60897837: :thumb37536008: :thumb102360235:
:thumb101537212: :thumb108153303: :thumb106857398: :thumb108213543: :thumb104371144:
:thumb104785398: :thumb103680317: :thumb107695229: :thumb107583697: :thumb58064784:
:thumb65349952::thumb57658973: :thumb92769885: :thumb92834811: :thumb80524145:
:thumb103664991: :thumb89311852: :thumb72790678: :thumb109001990: :thumb108178434:
:thumb92753219: :thumb74050285: :thumb31914514: :thumb47223508: :thumb92701930:
:thumb95858582: :thumb95858752: :thumb38330769: :thumb38330831: :thumb94838406:
:thumb51661092: :thumb35162109: :thumb24015292: :thumb20058828: :thumb13758980:
:thumb92915443: :thumb91562361: :thumb101463663: :thumb94526065: :thumb89620938:
:thumb105946879: :thumb51644334: :thumb27305071: :thumb104773212: :thumb99015321:
:thumb109568305: :thumb108104521: :thumb109294596: :thumb104572649: :thumb105388093:
:thumb101182849: :thumb100836032: :thumb100791566:

:star::star::star: D I G I T A L :star::star::star:
:thumb102196670: :thumb100055263: :thumb77942099: :thumb78393952: :thumb51216021:
:thumb84541556: :thumb88645705: :thumb82197270: :thumb43154061: :thumb38946221:
:thumb4443160: :thumb18327952: :thumb28880201: :thumb60135029: :thumb17948578:
:thumb102591113: :thumb101119497: :thumb104238761: :thumb108509592: :thumb107159396:
:thumb103019332: :thumb62733167: :thumb99887694: :thumb104983810::thumb104983686:
:thumb102729559: :thumb104316670: :thumb109040666: :thumb89307404: :thumb101068937:
:thumb65998718: :thumb56017060: :thumb69230407: :thumb74278850: :thumb86243268:
:thumb53302546: :thumb65994528: :thumb100178953: :thumb94125468: :thumb80676514:
:thumb36210557: :thumb37744900: :thumb107841299: :thumb108178797: :thumb106426390:
:thumb55365170: :thumb98197934:

:star::star::star: T R A D I T I O N A L :star::star::star:
:thumb81302589: :thumb81785030: :thumb78650233: :thumb104797738: :thumb56185252:
:thumb97189359: :thumb28774740: :thumb65822298: :thumb46594452: :thumb37141385:
:thumb107663349: :thumb107524964: :thumb107922581: :thumb108235764: :thumb107840433:
:thumb101436440: :thumb109041722: :thumb99760104: :thumb109208066: :thumb109550321:
:thumb104102455: :thumb69296071: :thumb104572351: :thumb53556265: :thumb59148348:

:star::star::star: M A T U R E C O N T E N T :star::star::star:
:thumb98200014: :thumb96386731: :thumb96386619: :thumb38050219: :thumb45684082:
:thumb65414522: :thumb48781822: :thumb35722098: :thumb35784964: :thumb98956360:
:thumb97058516: :thumb80635496: :thumb77431564: :thumb65527292: :thumb76891480:
:thumb93775196: :thumb93774255: :thumb109039959: :thumb103208576: :thumb103208696:
:thumb103208612: :thumb95988183: :thumb96586179: :thumb15848517: :thumb79636577:

Hope you enjoyed this! Bringing all together: :icondeutsch:

.FLy :eager:

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cairesj's avatar
Oh vielen Dank! :heart:
Hab ja jetzt erst gesehen das ein Bild von mir dabei ist..

Ich finde es sind viele schöne Bilder dabei~
pulsiv's avatar
nech ööbel! :)
wartebank's avatar
vielen dank!
auch wenn ich es erst jetz bemerkt habe.
freut mich sehr <3
seelenmord's avatar
spät gesehen, huch.. dankesehr :)
CommanderKeks's avatar
Von mir auch ein herzliches Dankeschön :)
DieAnni's avatar
Toll, danke :D
Echt schön zusammengestellt.
Liebste Grüße
behindcrimetape's avatar
Danke schön! Tolle Auswahl!
TheRealKugelfischi's avatar
Vielen, vielen Dank für das Feature!:hug: Ich hab mich total gefreut, als ich das gesehen hab:) Konnte leider nicht früher antworten:(

Sehr schöne Bilder..muss gleich mal richtig angucken (hab ich ja noch was vor;)
ushah's avatar
sehr interessante zusammenstellung! : ) wird gleich gesternt!
und dickes danke fürs gefeatured-werden :)

weiter so mit deiner auswahl ; )
.^. svea
salvaro's avatar
Eine echt schöne Auswahl!

PS: Vielen Vielen Dank
Miraaa's avatar
Ich finde die Auswahl auch super. Vielen Dank fürs Feature!
un gute auswahl ^^
pocra's avatar
danköschön :D
fussball-fotos's avatar
für mir ebenfalls danke fürs aufnehmen :)

ist auch mein "erstes mal"
wi77ler's avatar
vielen lieben dank :) hervorragende auswahl.
DreamsfromAngel's avatar
klasse, echt toll...klasse idee und tausend dank...:worship:

FROGone's avatar
ich finde auch, die auswahl is super frisch! Zu der diskusion über die fotocommunity und DA kann ich nur sagen das ich euch vollends zustimme. hatte da auch n account und hatte ziemlich schnell die schnautze voll von den dieversen einschränkungen die auf einen zu kommen wenn man sich nicht ein abo kauft. Is schon dreck!
Ich liebe DA und ich liebe dieses Feature.. :iconpresentsplz: