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Spend my last few days to search for German Artists on DA. These are my results, hope you like it.

:star::star::star: P H O T O G R A P H Y :star::star::star:
:thumb83950470: :thumb25773008: --Alina-- by A-l-i-n-a _ in search of ... by adeadrockstar fog and the blackforest nr. 01 by Abwassergolem
:thumb74419122: I didn't find Neverland by anarchiekueken lunch. by anxt sensuality............. by cherrykizZ :thumb36605892:
:thumb89771569: cherrykizz. by cherrykizZ Squirrel by arbitrary White Star by AvengerSX Red Flower by AvatarStyles
Sand - Plant - Animal 10 by atheist-soul Kelebek 0 Butterfly 676 by bbraun :thumb34669696: me myself and I by BlackMamba2 big butterfly by Bloody-chan
Knife by Bloody-chan Stars watching by Bunnyflavour road fall by brandybuck Freeway at night the 2nd by Bloody-chan Mountain Cloud Formations by aobaob
yuk2008 by cherry-sheep o-saft by cherry-sheep :thumb97462170: China bridge by Crank0 sunset by creativegrafix
:thumb30759625: yummy peanuts by d3r-t love by d3r-t into the blue. by dark-liz Hidden Angel by DeathOfFantasy
just jump by derDommy the dude by derDommy :thumb97268114: automatism: human by dieglocke :thumb54672288:
...always... by destinys75 butterfly by DiveSurfer :thumb99323763: Chill out by Dray-sen Hippie Girl by Dray-sen
no one 's here by e1sbaer Can you see the truth? by elischen :thumb101061037: :thumb94578712: Ipod by exsoon
Katharina 1 by extelligence-inspert MOAR II by Sigurd-Quast :thumb75218671: :thumb75220117: Pathfinder by Sigurd-Quast
thanks for the flight by Fel1x Lovedrop by Finvara Nur ein Hauch von Leben by Finvara Wallcloud I by FrederikM Awake by fraumars
Sad Eyes Never Lie by FS600 Dreaming by ginger1985 Lucky by gfx-elfe Johanna IV by Hasche Toxic Girl. by CarolineZenker
:thumb102984083: moi by h4t30rlOv3 :thumb102945175: :thumb72402459: Barley II by K4PP4
Mesmerize by Karakuji :thumb81875878: Frankfurt in the evening by kine80 Infrared Landscape Part IV by knechtrootrecht The Eleventh Hour by KrausePSD
:thumb96395021: ich by lintu-reve :thumb100608201: love it. by LenaCramer :thumb101561245:
see the colours. by LenaCramer Simply the Outsider by ab-origine :thumb99755253: :thumb58041055: :thumb62087360:
OOHAAA. by m0nyet lion eyes. by Miss-infamOuz Fire ? by mitlichtmaler ice and fire by Moramarth eye wide shut by Moramarth
devID 07 by MorningAir : P a r a d i s e  Wallpaper : by myINQI :thumb79898875: Deep in the Woods by NetGhost03 :thumb94338873:

Mature Content

music lover by nymphchen
Sunny by oetzy on wire... by oetzy :thumb50723381: :thumb96834449:
feeling violet - not blue. 2. by Palandurwen watch,watch,watch,watch,watch by palatina92 Here comes the wave by Picavinci needled by photomachine Broken Up by Pinkmango77
Twilight: Breaking Dawn by Pinkmango77 s y m p h o n i e by Pinkmango77 One of many. by Pinkmango77 Cherry by Pinkmango77
:thumb82599276: :thumb54333592: New Born nr1 by protectiongel - Rot - by prettentony keep it gangsta by pure-pink
fire by pure-pink Vain by Profiratte Hooded by Z740 Caterpillar 01 by Z740 :thumb93679988:
:thumb78937519: violet close up by Yue-kuro ... by UweJohannsen little surprise by XxNightflower Beauty in Venice by XxNightflower
grandma's flowers.. by xBloodRedCheRrYx :thumb95777029: a grubby Harlekin by webcruiser :thumb99758675: :thumb101532130:
cactus by Wolkenhase road to nowhere by Wundenkuessen checkmate by Raemed The Fly by MarcoHeisler Sensual_ by RR-Photoart
Vanessa by RR-Photoart :thumb69559569: parallel universe. by RUN4W4Y :thumb61196882: My Green Romance III by Rotschweif
maelstrom by tadayou Awake in Paradise by TeamBundy always in my head by talmi The Dying Season by The-Demon siblings by ThisIsForKeeps
Kitty by ThisIsForKeeps terpsichore by Tyziel days before you came by toko w by toko splashed I by s-meier
sk8 or die I by s-meier . dagtylonien . by SadisticMelody Truth by SailorOfTheSky Rain Drops I by SailorOfTheSky drops by Schleifchen
Fs Air by Scout2k6 Marco Polo terraces by Scout2k6 Sweet Escape III by Scout2k6 I love to touch your face by senfbeu :thumb99992955:
head over by senfbeu are you afraid of me? by SimonKonrad :thumb33373648: :thumb95323278:
far away by ssilence rays of reflection by ssilence words by ssilence London Streetlife 2 by Stegie The burning sky is coming by SXPS
relacionados by SXPS

:star::star::star: D I G I T A L :star::star::star:
AERIODINAMIK graffiti tag by artbort-co-nr December workaholic II by ArcAngelTyrael

Mature Content

serc kills by BailsFZK
h o m e by B4LU just a little present... by bcor
the lake of the lost souls by bcor mischen impossible 2 by bcor little helpers by BlackMamba2 :thumb86428674: :thumb87374003:
someday by bloodyslash :thumb88944152: DECENT GIRL by cybaBABE HITMAN - Mr. Bruce Willis by cybaBABE :thumb86313305:
:thumb93339066: Watersamurai by Hawk4 :thumb46242051:
Dawncitywhales by Kamikaye Human's Bequest by ErikShoemaker Empire Falls by ErikShoemaker Glowin Balls by knorke :thumb95445494:
waste by krynnie :thumb101800213: Fronkey by mceric Demons inside your soul by MetaMephisto Tears of Hate by mrgraphicsguy
:thumb40126197: :thumb47566052: mushrooms everywhere...colo by NEPi :thumb55395191: Let's Dance Into The Fall by p-h-o-e-n-y-x
Kitsune Noir Wallpaper by p-h-o-e-n-y-x Lensflair by Pretty-Angel big bertha bath - closeup1- by zigshot82 :thumb58316358: :thumb36200060:
:thumb62457836: Landscape Reloaded by R3ds0Ld13r naked by rattattart :thumb70303953: Teamkiller by Tacimur
:thumb19754193: Afficionado by Themrock Flamingos by Themrock Eat Dirt by Themrock Beauty in the Pond III by Themrock