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CMSN- Princess getting ready for the beach by SuperYogtendo CMSN- Princess getting ready for the beach :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 32 1 CMSN- A change of clothing by SuperYogtendo CMSN- A change of clothing :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 37 0 Team Rocket Strikes by SuperYogtendo Team Rocket Strikes :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 155 19 Eff the authorities! by SuperYogtendo Eff the authorities! :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 143 8 CMSN-One piece of candy at a time by SuperYogtendo CMSN-One piece of candy at a time :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 30 1 Cat got your tongue by SuperYogtendo Cat got your tongue :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 46 2 TF Doodles 4 by SuperYogtendo TF Doodles 4 :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 42 9 TF Doodles 3 by SuperYogtendo TF Doodles 3 :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 16 2 TF Doodles 2 by SuperYogtendo TF Doodles 2 :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 17 1 TF Doodles by SuperYogtendo TF Doodles :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 24 2 What a wonderful cute toes by SuperYogtendo What a wonderful cute toes :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 151 9 My Life As a Foot Teaser by SuperYogtendo My Life As a Foot Teaser :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 209 10 Test of rollers by SuperYogtendo Test of rollers :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 106 7 Summerbeans by SuperYogtendo Summerbeans :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 166 7 This should shut your trap! by SuperYogtendo This should shut your trap! :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 278 8 Queen's massage by SuperYogtendo Queen's massage :iconsuperyogtendo:SuperYogtendo 132 3




Update (6-30-18): I finished the first commission and going to Thunder's, also going to dwell with the Trello site and give off the info on the WIP progress there and add here!

Update 2 (8-5-18): The first batch is done!

Update 3 (9-2-18): Second batch is done and third one will start very soon, I'll verify when I get the chance
I'll start opening the next batch soon, probably later on today or tomorrow but keep in touch!

Update 4 (12-19-18): Feet commissions are closed but there's one more TF slot and after that it's officially closed altogether!

Update 5 (12-19-18): Closed, see ya next year!

Update 6 (12-21-18): Hey guys, it's me again, one person dropped their slot and now you have a second chance to get a TF slot before calling it (officially) closed!

Update 7 (12-23-18): Okay... it's finally closed for good and we can continue this later on next year, see ya and Merry Early Christmas!

Alright, here's a few things I wanted to say... firstly, thank you for being patient when I should've done ahead with this a month of so ago. Secondly, I changed my mind about the price sheet and will set this journal for the info on the prices and let the price sheet show off the examples of the art. Just so the both of them wouldn't be so much of a pain to go which is which. And thirdly, Trello site will be instead be for only a commissions list status and it'll be end up that way for good. I think having to add rules on a site that I doubt many will reconsider taking a look every so often, so I'll make it only for commissions that I have on my plate.

Price slots and the Prices (and slot count has changed again) :
Amounts of slots have now lowered to 4 instead of 6, because it's more safer to go a more less stress state to deal with. I hope you'll understand, and it'll refill after all 4 slots are done. No reload slots after only one is finished because that would lead to more work if I'm not careful enough.

$25 for Lineart
$30 for Coloring
$35 for Shading

Extra characters (same for backgrounds too) :
Lineart: $6 - 8
Coloring: $7 - 9
Shading: $10 - 12


CMSN- A change of clothing by SuperYogtendoSly's commission by SuperYogtendo01v8rclemson by SuperYogtendoTest of rollers by SuperYogtendo

Eff the authorities! by SuperYogtendoCMSN-One piece of candy at a time by SuperYogtendoSummerbeans by SuperYogtendoWilliam's commission by SuperYogtendo

What a wonderful cute toes by SuperYogtendoThis should shut your trap! by SuperYogtendoFeet: Right at back ya by SuperYogtendo
My Life As a Foot Teaser by SuperYogtendo1540246327.pinksundae Cinna S Commission by SuperYogtendo
First batch:
1.:iconmusgrave322: (Colored commission) DONE
2.:iconthunder-bolt: (Colored commission) DONE
3.:iconroyalvayvian: (Colored commission) DONE
4.Zen-Hydro from FA DONE

Second batch: 

1.:iconfiredragonpunch: (Colored) = DONE 
2. A-Toony-Cat from FA (Colored) = DONE
3. :iconthunder-bolt: (Colored) = DONE
4. ErebusOfDawn from Discord (Colored) = DONE

Third batch: (This is a one time thing where Feet and TF community can get a chance!)

1.:iconinkicrow: (Inked)
2. :iconthunder-bolt: (Colored)
3.:iconxtkl: (Colored) = DONE
4.:icontheurgewithin: (Shaded) = DONE

1.Annyomous (Colored)
2.:iconmxbb: (Shaded) = DONE
3.:iconmxbb: (Shaded) = DONE
4. ZeroOZDS from FA (Shaded)

What I can draw and won't draw:

Will draw:
Anything that have to do with feet: Tickling, massaging, licking, teasing, you name it (though, I do have a few setbacks on this in a bit)
Transformation (I'ma bit rusty but can try it in the simplest terms)
Weird stuff (want this object with feet, no problem! Also depends)
Macro/ Micro
Growth (Only feet and only)
Characters like Furries, Ponies, Humans, OCs, etc etc (It depends if I can accept it or not)
Chubby (yes, even the thicc needs a highlight)
Simple Character Pinups
Cute and simple stuff
Basic backgrounds

Will not draw:
Extreme fetishes (Scat, Diapers, Vore, Inflation, Gore/Death, Muscle, etc, etc)
Extremely detailed characters (For Example: Muscle characters and characters with many armor pieces)
Underage characters in extreme sexual situations (feet is fine but it's very limited when doing so)
NSFW (Breasts are fine, as long there's a bra on)
Feet with horrible hygiene (toe jams, fungus, tears of skin, foot odor, yellow toe nails, etc etc)

Anything else I forgot or needed changes will be added on either list

How to commission me  (repost from previous journal because I'm not going to retype every single point that I already said and done. But, I'll add a few tweaks from last time.)
1. Communication :

 DA notes, FA notes, Skype, and Discord are the way to contact me and if you want the info please ask me for it so we can discuss further about it.

1.5. Updates:
I will do my best ability to update your commission as much as possible, especially in the sketching phase. Since I'll be going back and forth on my commissions, there's times where I tell you I'm working on yours or I'm working on a different commission from the list. If I'm not updating as I used to be, again I'll try my best ability to update you as possible when I get the chance.

2. Details (
Please have your idea and characters ready when we start the process, because I would love to have a clean and straight forward process without having to deal a 30 mins to 1 hour waste on an idea you could've made set up moments ago after you'd agree on it. Keep in mind, once you've placed the details and agreed these are final, you cannot ask for more details to be added. So please, be prepared. 

2.5. Changes:
If you want things to be altered, I am happy to fix it for your commission, but I can only do this in the sketching phase, and asking for changes during the lineart or coloring phase. I have to kindly ask you for a fee to make it happen (If its a small change then it won't be affected, however if the change is large to a point I have to take longer to fix it than I originally intended, its getting a fee).
Fee: $5 for each change 

After we've agreed to the commission don't throw the money at me just yet, all commissions must be fully sketched before going to payment. If payment isn't bring towards when the sketch is fully made, then I'll have to put it on hold until further updates about the payment. That means, I won't show the sketch and if so I have to place a watermark from a prevention of possible scamming.

3.5 Payment Options:
I can only take Paypal and that is all. No gift cards please.

4. Finishing it:
Once I get the payment, I'll try my best ability to get it done, and please be patient because I can be slow depending on how complex the commission is. If you rush me, I'll go right back to yours and get it done as you wanted, but don't start get all upset when the quality isn't good as you wanted. That's what you'll get for rushing me on my time and the art, I take my time wisely and I don't like to be rushed.

4.5. Lineart coloring:

No, you can't color my lineart without my permission and you may not post the colored piece on your gallery either. Doing so will make me ask you to take it down, and let's not make it harder than that.

5. Aftermath:
I'll send you the commission and would give my thanks, and if you want to post it on your page. I'm more than happy to let you post my drawings, but be sure to link my page at all cost.
I'm very sorry for the long time, I haven't done much on the price sheet so instead I'm going to make a journal to make my life a little easier and possibly gives me some lay off about worrying about the price sheet. Granted, this could hinder my extension of working on the price sheet when more commissions starts to come in but I need someone's awareness that I'm always open for commissions and waiting a good close to a month isn't my best show of being responsible. For now on, a journal of the commission info will be settled for a placeholder until further notice on the price sheet, and I'll get started as soon I finish posting this journal today (or late, depends tbh). Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you'll have a great day!
If you want to suggest any character or stuff like that, send it here!
Here's the other sites!


Okay, one person dropped their slot and there's one more TF slot before calling it a close, if you're interested take a look at the prices and note me!…
Two slots for feet commissions and one more TF slot before calling it a close!
Send me a note if you're interested!
Finishing some art I owe and possibly doing doodles to keep me occupied 


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I draw feet and cute stuff.



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