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7-Zip 9.32 Icons

Download 7-Zip 9.32 from the Sourceforge forum page.

Binary Update: 9.32

Rewrote icon patcher using Anolis Resourcer: binaries should be
much more stable now.

DropBox: ver. 9.32

CRC32: 4ABAC226
MD5: C55FB8461CFEB65456CD80DBDFE6E9D9
SHA1: F1D256DC997EF28D5889CC3443F925CD25DAEA0D

Latest Update: 2013-03-02
Original Work: WR2PLbo 7-Zip 9.20 FK; New 7-Zip Icon
Copyright: Igor Pavlov 1999-2014; Kuromaru Fukayama 2009-2014 (inspiration); fediaFedia 2008-2014 (7-Zip icon)
© 2010 - 2021 superweapons
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onurtag's avatar
Great icons.
Still works on 15.05 beta using the patcher.
Dont replace the .dlls, use the patcher.
GrzegorzJZD's avatar
Any chances for version 9.30 in this year? [link]
keriket's avatar
7-Zip 9.30 alpha was released quite a while ago, it would be great if you could update it. Thanks =)
Nice work!

But I cannot open 7z/zip-files any more with version 9.28 (64bit).
superweapons's avatar
Sorry for the late reply! I only visit deviantArt to update my work.

I occasionally have this problem too. A temporary workaround is to reinstall 7-Zip. Not ideal, I know, but I don't have any idea about what could be causing it. I haven't run into this problem in a while though.
Spark9's avatar
Pretty slick. Nice work :)
superweapons's avatar
Aww, should've checked the release page before responding to the message.
Jones2012's avatar
I have a slight problem. It works fine within the program, but when I go out to the normal explorer, it's the default icons. I made sure that my backup of the original was in a separate location.
superweapons's avatar
You mean in Windows Explorer? So icons for specific file types (zip, rar, 7z, etc.) are still relying on the old, default graphics?

Also, what OS are you running (specify x86 or x64)? It works fine on my Windows 7 32-bit system; I don't have an x64 installation to test with though.

Sorry about the delayed response.
Jones2012's avatar
Nevermind, it fixed itself, it just needed to refresh.
Leto4rt's avatar
Thanks again ~superweapons for your hard work.

Now I'm glad to let you know that ~fukayama-couple's latest version has been released!


Borix's avatar
I cannot open 7zip files after using your modifications :(

I use W7 64 bit
superweapons's avatar
What kind of error do you get? I'm blindly compiling the modified source and hoping it works since I don't have an x86-64 test system. The compiled file size is unexpectedly small compared to the x64 binaries found in a vanilla installation. In the mean time, you can use the patcher to get most of the features in release.
szalski's avatar
Hi, i have exactly the same problem as ~Borix described. Also using Win7 x64. Used the patcher you have linked to.

The error says "Cannot open file '[path/to/archive.ext]' as an archive"

Happens after replacing .dll file. Had the same problem with 9.19 beta version (also x64 binaries).
superweapons's avatar
Was it okay with 9.18? I switched over to automated patching with 9.19 and 9.20--now that I've done more thorough checking, it's a bit buggy even with the x86 binaries.

x64 binaries repackaged manually like 9.18 and older releases: x64 fix
szalski's avatar
Hi, thanks for the reply. I've tried the x64 fix and everything works great :)

Btw. I have not tried 9.18, seems like it has something to do with the automatic patching as you have indicated.
Borix's avatar
Thanks for the fix! :)
superweapons's avatar
v2 includes the improved Windows 7 taskbar features for x64 binaries (as well as some minor fixes to the x86 binaries). Download the deviation above or choose a mirror.
ammersee's avatar
That is what i need. Thanks. Great job.
I have repacked the installer
Serede's avatar
Nice work!
Why don't you make a patcher? So we wouldn't have to wait when a new version releases. Just make a backup and replace the resources of the files. If you don't know how, I can help you a bit I think, I'm a beginner programmer but I can investigate how to do it.

superweapons's avatar
I've been considering doing that via a ResHacker script or something. But one of the issue is that it'll be difficult for me to integrate Dougov's Windows 7 recompile. And you'll still have to download an updated script to get any updates to the icons.

Nevertheless, I'll roll out a ResHacker script plus the modded binaries I usually make for anyone interested, hopefully by the next 7-Zip update.
Serede's avatar
Understood. Thank you.
sorry,but your download archive gave me erros when unpack with 7z : 7-Zip cannot find the code that works with archives
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