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Wolf Raine

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Catchy title, amirite? :P

This is some fanart for TwoKinds I decided to make.

This is the character Raine in her wolf form.

This is also going straight to my desktop. ;)
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good picture but I just feel its too much unless she is supposed to be alone.
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The pose is a bit weird, as I can't really see anyone holding their arms like that, but it's a good piece.

Well done shading and colours. Though her anatomy is a tad off. Her rib cage would be almost connected to her hips in this piece. You have to extend that area to make sure there is enough length and room for the stomach. Her legs are also kind of long, especially in comparison to her short torso area.

But these aren't overly distracting problems and the pic still looks good over all. Well done, Super.
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Super, your works great, I really like her face :3. If I wasnt gay..or if I didnt have a mate...

jaykay X3, but really, its good!!!
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-Wet naked awkward hug-
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ho mai your desktop? X3 Super, you dawg XD

not to jump on the bandwagon, but yeah dude, you really have gotten a lot better :3
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Yep, my desktop! ^^
My friend Holy even made a desktop-specific version with Photoshop, and now I'm using that. XD

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lol, thats awesome and yet so silly XD

and no problem, dude :3
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Nicely done, only thing I have an issue with is the muzzle, it should be a bit thinner for females...

Other then that it's awesome though!
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The hands and face look fantastic! I love the way you show the eyes through the fringe.
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Awesome work, Supe! ^^

Is it just me, or is the fur on her legs smoother than elsewhere?
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She must be using some kind of new conditioner or something. :P
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I seriously envy your talent there super. Atanomy's perfect, you're getting better at shading (and I remember you saying you would only ever shade your comics).

Bit inspiring too.
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Need some practice but that's better than Lonewolf so this is a good pic.
Oh and is she dancing on "What is love" by Haddaway? XD
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Nah, she's just stretching.
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Cute! X3 Is she doing the Caramelldansen? :meow:
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Nah, just sorta stretching....or something.
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