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Drew least what I think he would look like when he's older. He's got the eye and ear scars from his fight with Alaric. And he's wearing Laura's locket. :3

Tried to make him look as epic as possible. I'll let you decide if he is or not. =P

Also: this picture was drawn almost entirely by tablet. Most of the lines (except for the swords and the shading) are all done freehand with the tablet stylus. So this is new for me. Tell me how I did with it. :3
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More like "Badass Keith" ;)
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Epic is a good word to describe it. :)
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ooOOOOoooo.... Shiny.
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Everyone loves the shiny :meow:
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The chest armour looks too flat, and the shading on the legs seems a bit weird to me :-\

Overall though, good work :D
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Not your best work, but the armor is pretty cool.

It does make me wonder however if he will have permanent scars from his battle...
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I'm just assuming that he'll have the scar on his right eye at least. Don't know about the ear.

It'll be kinda cool, because his scar is on the opposite side of Alaric's. Kinda like how Squall from Final Fantasy 8 has a scar that goes the opposite direction on his nose than Seifer's :meow:
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The ear is more likely than the eye, beings it was sliced clean through at the top.
However, it would be epic if he did have the eye scar.
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You have now made the journey to tabletland - before you lie the verdant fields of pencil-less glory!
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Hehe, well now it's really just the fact that I don't need MS Paint anymore. I can outline on SAI now X3
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Everyone always talks about it that awesome?
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It's pretty cool. Although it will cost money.
(unless you find it for free that is *cough cough*)

I like how it can help you do smooth lines by hand and even then it has vectors so you can do perfect straight/curved lines for props and backgrounds that need it. :3
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2x the swords, 2x the awesomeness!!!

I approve, very epic
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Yes, and thanks X3
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