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Gimli...colours by Bakanekonei

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An old-ish piece today, coloured up by Bakanekonei. What stood out to me about this piece is the style, not normally seen anywhere near undiesman lines. So i hope you like

lines: Me
fantastic colours:

Gimli (c) J. R. Tolkien
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Great work realy nice
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So good.
(also Nei's coloring is perfect as always)
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an angry Dwarf is a deadly foe!
wonderful work!
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Awesome!! THIS is how Gimli should haven been in the movie!
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Thats pretty awesome! I love the tones.
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Gimli's axe looks like it's going to fall apart. O_O
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featured here: [link]
Have a nice day ! :wave:
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Soon master hobbit, you will know the hospitality of the dwarves!

Roaring fires, malt beer! Ripe meat off the bone!

... and they call it a mine. A MINE!
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Must... show... Gimli... love... :+fav:
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awesome dude. love it. faved ^^
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There's hardly any more LOTR art out there anymore, and seeing Gimli done up in pure comic book style is so kick-ass.
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isn't it J. R. R. Tolkein?
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Oh man, that kid is all set to pwn some children.
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"Um... I just want you to know that I never liked Azog, and was nowhere near Moira at the time!"
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Woah, really great! I especially like the helmet, something about it just pops out of the page it seems.
The porportions are just great! I don't know what dwarves are supposed to look like, but if I had to guess, I'd say you hammered it right on the mark!
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wow awesome rendition of the charectar you should do one of legolas
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