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Since I actually do have some subscribers/followers here and I haven't art in ages I guess you deserve an update.

There have been few art posts because I've been working nonstop on my novel "The Motorman".

Its nearly complete, but the actual process of submitting it and getting it picked up by a publisher and getting it to a final purchasable book is a long one.

A lot of the art I've submitted here and faved here is related to The Motorman, so if you thought Doorworms and Lunarians were interesting enough to keep an eye on my art and commissions over, you may wanna check out The Motorman as I go through the process of getting it to market, especially since aside from art and some recreational "graphic design" stuff visual art isn't really my strong suit, writing is.

So in short, thanks for checking out my toon worms, but if you like those, you'll probably really love the book I'm writing.

Its website can be found at www.motorman.supertrainstation…

Thank you.
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Submitted on
August 19, 2011