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Sharpied Xbox Controller

This was done with sharpie permanent markers, please leave your feedback :)
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XxVirtualxVirusXx's avatar
Did it start to rub off or did you put protective coding on it?
It has came off completely now unfortunately, but some protective spray literally arrived in the post today so I've started off a new design!
XxVirtualxVirusXx's avatar
snakeyjake666's avatar
This is pretty sweet! I have an xbox of my own, and I must say I'd love to have this design on one of my controllers, through the sharpee would eventually rub off but thats beside the point. nicely done
Mischief--Chaos's avatar
that looks awsome! to bad it will wear off if you use it
It is actually surprisingly hard to rub off, with my previous design, I used it frequently for a period of around a week and a bit, and there was hardly any fading, it took ages to get off, had to use hairspray :P
Mischief--Chaos's avatar
thats good, totally custom controler, too bad they cost so much, you could make some money doing that
Haha that would be an awesome job! xD
Mischief--Chaos's avatar
i custom toy horses, why not controlers? lol, again, the cost of the controler kinda sucks
Yeah true. I suppose I could just customize other peoples controllers,would be easier than buying new ones :P
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