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Fire Emblem Awakening Meme

List of people who did the meme so far! So many new and old Fire Emblem fans! :la:

- YoungLink19 (This one's interesting, it's in Flash, so check it out! :) )
- NinjaMatty
- supertimer (me)
- Great-Aether
- saranara12
- saranara12's friend
- chevaliers17
- Staargazer
- Hofftits
- Gigi-FenixPhoenix
- theLostSindar
- luicei375
- Asujoll
- Jackswell-Jay
- pwnagekirby
- Ernoma
- Sammichiii
- Shiruba-Wakahisa
- JennyBound (some spoilers in it!)
- Runforthestairs
- DJPiplup
- jake-wolfermelon
- JustAnotherCecilFan (some spoilers in it!)
- Ka-dinaru (slight spoilers!)
- wallaroo42
- Tinnyhammer
- FutonRumps
- Blazemaster97 (some spoilers in it!)
- AthenaWyrm
- TheJAPStudios (some spoilers in it!)
- bleachfan190
- NeijiKaoru
- SparxPunx (some spoilers in it!)
- Airumel
- Meiani
- AliceTheBRabbit
- LolipopCandii
- TsukiAnimeGirl (some spoilers in it!)
- PuzzleProfessional
- Random1Rawrz
- Growleaf
- firehea
- Art-minion
- SniperGYS (some spoilers in it!)
- AnimeLoveFoEva
- Ryoukashi (some spoilers in it!)
- Tsuki-Lune
- Mediarama
- doggyfong007
- Bishifan1 (some spoilers in it!)
- lightfox847
- EnigmaAerion
-… by houkougirl13
-… by Stevey-Burnside
-… by harblkun
-… by Hofftits (second one)
- thebirthdaymuffin.deviantart.c… by 
TheBirthdayMuffin… by roseannepage… by Laulaubi… by Emixandra
-… by FumikoMiyasaki
-… by SleepyNekoChan… by Anonymations… by KawaiiJoltic… by Zhu-Yintai… by Allviran… by lunarstar7… by Monet0001

Update on Wednesday, December 18th 2013: AGAIN, SORRY, I DIED. Hopefully, I shall not die again. Also, WHAT'S UP WITH THE NEW DA? I can't even link using a username anymore!

So, this game is now my new favorite Fire Emblem. Just to let you know, I thought the game will fail because of all the amount of animu materials, the art style and many other stuff that depart from the older games. I am glad I was wrong (I still think the game has too much animu material, but it's very bearable, lol).

So I created this FE13 meme for all of us on dA who'd like to have fun with it. And I also would like to know how is everyone's MyUnit.

I recommend doing this if you've finished the game already and mention spoiler at the start if your meme contains spoiler! :iconwarstarplz: I also did not put the tag thing most of memes have at the end because no one likes to be tagged, lol. Just do the meme if you want to. :p

The meme is also free to use and you can slightly tweak it if you want. Just spread the Fire Emblem love! Just be sure to link back to this page so people can find the template to start on if you're doing this meme! :la: So many time people are doing a meme without linking back to the original blank meme, making it difficult to find the original one, lol. So yeah, no credit needed, just give the link. :dummy:

Did this in short time in Photoshop, even during college time. :/


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Sorry! I forgot to link you to the finished meme, it was very fun to do! :D :la:
(Spoilers) Fire Emblem Awakening Meme
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Oh boy!! :3 can I use this??
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Finally found this!!! Ive been wanting to do this!!! I'll be sure to link back to this page! Thanks for doing this!!!!
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Done! I'm going to color it eventually but I have schoolwork due tomorrow I need to get done XD It was really fun tho!
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I did your Meme. It was a lot of fun to do.…
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How do I make a Meme? :(
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I thought about doing this meme, but I can't draw. Any chance this meme can be done in comment form?
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How are you supposed to try it?! ;-;
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I'm doing this... you know, if anybody notices... :iconkellamplz:
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hmmm.......Hehehe  this Look like fun ^^
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May I do that too? ^^
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So how do I get this I want to try to do one key word being try it might not be that good i'm no artist :(
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i do that ^^
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I'm doing this!!!
TheFiremblemaster's avatar
How do you even do this?
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And I have a tableeeet!!!!
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I have to do thiiiiis! And I wiiiiiill!!!!
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I HAVE TO DO THIS asdfghjkl all of sudden, motivation.
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