Vintage Shaw Walker Aluminum/ Wood Mid Century Pro
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Published: June 17, 2016

They don't make chairs like this anymore! This Vintage Shaw Walker Aluminum/ Wood Mid Century Propeller Desk Chair is an amazing sturdy office, desk, or steno chair Vintage Shaw Walker Aluminum/ Wood Mid Century Propeller Desk Chair Superstar Universe, LLC Product Blog made by Shaw Walker. It includes an all aluminum base construction and was made circa 1940's, WWII. Shaw Walker made these chairs to be used aboard US ships (Worthpoint, 2016). The chair swivels 360 degrees, can adjust up or down for seat height, featuring an up and down backrest  as well the backrest pivots for ergonomic seating. The neat fact about this swivel chair is it has an art deco propeller base with brown vinyl something you just don't see todayy.  This chair rides on steel casters with hard rubber tires. It's about 70 years old now and made to last another 70. This is a excellent rare early unit and built like a tank. The chair mesures at 19 inches to seat and 34 top of backrest. This is a great mid century modern vintage era example of an office chair for your home, office, or studio.

In 1899, two men from Muskegon, Michigan A.W. Shaw and L.C. Walker formed Shaw-Walker and opened shop originally in the Opera House block. They had a everlasting impact on industrial and office furniture in the 20th Century (Etsy, 2016). Throughout Shaw-Walker's history, amazing advances in office equipment occurred as a result of their persistence, engineering and ideas. The Shaw-Walker Company played an integral role in the introduction of labor and space-saving equipment into the business office (Watermarkcenter, 2016). The Shaw-Walker Company was sold to Westinghouse House Furniture Systems in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1989. The former Shaw Walker Furniture Factory is now the Watermark Center, a million square feet, mixed use development like lofts and apartments, in Muskegon, Michigan. This is a first-rate example of the quality office furniture Walker and Shaw produced.


You won't find these chairs at Office Depot or Amazon since they are no longer made. These chairs are sought after, collectable, and often overlooked. While you can find them online at auction houses, it's very cool to find one in such great condition on eBay and only listed for $258 US dollars. Shaw-Walker's well designed and sturdy furniture is only now beginning to get the recognition it deserves.


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