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SSBB animated Kirby avatar by ZatchHunter SUPER SMASH FLASH ONLINE SSBB animated Pikachu avatar by ZatchHunter

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug Welcome to the Prequel area, If you see a frame made of little stars with the game link That says "SUPER SMASH FLASH" right above the game link to SSF2, this is the first & original SSF2 game called "SUPER SMASH FLASH". I just discovered that "SUPER SMASH FLASH" (or SSF for short) was based on the original "Super Smash Bros. Melee" from "Nintendo Gamecube" which that was before the new SSF2 game was made.

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug And it's also where you can also see and to play some of your old favorite Video Game and Anime All-Star Heroes and you can all play the same characters from super smash and Play the brand new playable characters from:

Super Mario / Game and Watch / The Legend of Zelda / Metroid / Star Fox / F-Zero / Kirby / Pokemon / The Incredibles / Final Fantasy 7 / Chrono Trigger / Sonic The Hedgehog / Megaman X / Tales of Symphonia / Naruto / Inuyasha / Super Smash Flash

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug From the Studio Company:

Nintendo / HAL Laboratory Inc. / Pokemon / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK Inc. / APE Inc. / Disney / PIXAR / Square Soft / Square Enix / SEGA / Capcom / Bandai / Namco / Bandai Namco / Shonen Jump / Shonen Sunday / Shonen Magazine / Sunrise Inc. / Studio Pierrot / KCA / Mcleodgaming Inc.

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug And this old super smash flash game was also created by cleod9 from! If one of you is a huge SSBM Fan or a huge Retro Game fan or you never play this super smash flash prequel game before, you know where to go and enjoy the melee brawl!:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug But first here are these simple game instruction of SSF; just write down your new user name in the space bar and press the "Enter" button on your right then you're finally in the game that's it. And then use the "key Arrows" to move then press the "O" jump and Press "P" to attack next just simply move UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT while jumping and/or attack at the same time and press "Backspace" to pause, that's it.

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug And also to unlock "THE 15 SECRET UNLOCK CHARACTERS OF SSF" (you seen them Before on the list) here's what you have to do; go to "1-P Mode", next go to "Regular Match" and then finally go to whether "Classic" or "Adventure" mode and then choose a character you like. And then all you have to do is to complete every challenge levels and defeat every foe you faced until you made it to Level 8 (the boss battle). And after you defeated Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand press continue 2X and then an unsuspected alarm & warning sigh appear on the screen that says "Warning! Challenger Approaching!" it means a New Comer is finally here and you have to defeat it first in order to unlock a new character. And After you defeated the new comer, you'll finally earned yourself a new unlock playable character of SSF! Remember finding a new challenger and facing against it is very unpredictable so it's to play the game and wait until you'll finally crashed into a new comer unexpectedly.

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug Anyone who is starting to like this original flash game version of "SUPER SMASH MELEE" (Also Known as "SUPER SMASH FLASH") then here's a "Super Smash Flash Fan Stamp" just for you:

Super Smash Flash Fan Stamp by KambalPinoy

:iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz:
:iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz:

SSBB animated Mario avatar by ZatchHunter SUPER SMASH FLASH 2 ONLINE SSBB animated Link avatar by ZatchHunter

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug "SUPER SMASH FLASH 2" (or "SSF2" for short) is a special flash game version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl where you can all play the same playable characters from super smash bros and Play the brand new playable characters from:

Super Mario / Yoshi's Island / Wario Ware / The Legend of Zelda / Metroid / Star Fox / F-Zero / Game and Watch / Kid Icarus / Donkey Kong / Golden Sun / Fire Emblem / Bomberman / Kirby / Pokemon / Earth Bound / Sonic The Hedgehog / Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy / Megaman / Chibi-Robo / Pacman / Tales of Symphonia / Naruto Shippuden / Bleach / Dragon Ball Z / One Piece

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug From the Studio Company:

Nintendo / Rareware / Camelot / Intelligent Systems / Hudson / HAL Laboratory / Pokemon / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK Inc. / Ape Inc. / SEGA / Disney / Square Soft / Square Enix / Capcom / Konami / Bandai / Namco / Bandai Namco / Sunrise Inc. / Studio Pierrot / Shonen Jump

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug As in you get to play one of your favorite Video Game and Anime All-Star Heroes in the actual flash game of super smash. If one of you never heard of this flash game version of "SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL" before then go to it's "Game Link" with a frame made of giant spinning stars that says "SUPER SMASH FLASH 2" it will take you to the game you like to play and it's free, enjoy the flash brawl!:




Smash Ball Animation by Neslug And to log in SSF2 online, the purple Icon may says "ONLINE" in the "MAIN MENU" (which that's where you can sign in online) but :icondamian2841: (or Steven the co-creator of SSF2) says "Have you made sure you're account has been activated yet? SSF2 needs to be added to your MGN Library before the game recognises your account. Chances are you may also be expierencing some network troubles, so you may want to check your ping settings to see if the game can run optimally. Furthermore, MGN is currently expierencing quite some strain due to all the new users pouring in, and we're acttively working on improving the website to accomodate all the users. but remember that an MGN account is not a McLeodgaming Forums account. You need to have signed up for an MGN account from the link on the main website in order to play SSF2 online. And as I mentioned before, you also need to have the game added to your MGN library (you should have received an e-mail about this)". But if you don't feel like signing in to the online game of SSF2 it's okay 'cause you can always still play the SSF2 game for free whether you were signed in or not.

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug But there's one thing, in case if there was a glitch or an error in the game link to "SUPER SMASH FLASH 2" here's why Steven says "Now about the links not working; Cleod9 (the creator of SSF2) set it up that way to prevent the game being hosted on other sites and fancy stuff like that. Your best bet would be to link to the McLeodgaming Game Page, rather then the direct link to the game itself" he knows that 'cause he works for Cloed9! But other than that, here's how you can fix your glitch problem; Steven also says "Make sure you regularly check the "McLeodgaming home page": (Cleod9's studio website) as patches containing glitch-fixes and additional balancing come out rather frequently" which that's the only way to fix your glitch problem.

Smash Ball Animation by Neslug And anyone who is starting to like this awesome flash game version of "SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL" (Also Known as "SUPER SMASH FLASH 2") then come join in our group and get yourself a "Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Stamp". And anyone who always love to come visit to then get yourself a "Mcleodgaming Fan Stamp" and if anyone wants to support Cleod9 or the SSF2 developing team here's a "Supporting Cleod9 Stamp" and a "Supporting The SSF2 Developing Team Stamp" just for you too:

Super Smash Flash 2 Stamp #2 by KenysuStar Super Smash Flash 2 Fan Stamp by KambalPinoy Mcleodgaming Fan Stamp by KambalPinoy I Support Cleod9 Stamp by KambalPinoy I Support The SSF2 Developing Team Stamp by KambalPinoy

:iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz: :iconpokeball-plz:
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Jak and Daxter - Jak series - Pixel Art by Playstation-Jedi THE GROUP'S PLOT Ratchet and Clank - R-C series - Pixels Icon by Playstation-Jedi

:playstationlogo: by BLUEamnesiacHere let me explain the group's plot about SuperSmashAllStarsAcademy and no I'm not making a story about it, it's just only a plot I made for my own group:

:bulletblue: It's about their worlds have been held captive by both Master Hand, Crazy Hand and Polygon Man (or "Master Crazy Polygon Man":… for short) and it's up to the SSB and PSAS characters to save it but they were captured and sent to one big school building (made of purple crystals, blue crystals, Hexagon crystals and other stage parts from the boss arena) that is placed and found at the “Final Destination” stage. This big school building is known as “Super Smash All Stars Academy” and it was build and founded by Master Crazy Polygon Man themselves.

:bulletyellow: So in order to save their worlds they must do what Master Crazy Polygon Man says. I mean Polygon Man said like "So you're smart enough to stop us before huh? Well let's see how smart you are now by passing through the tests and challenges we put up for you which is why we know the perfect place for you and that's attending our academy, it's a place where you must prove to us what you're capable of then we will spare your worlds. But we only spare your worlds if you pass our tests and challenges perfectly but you must do it before graduation or else your worlds will be ours. Oh and if you ever think about getting yourself suspended, expelled, dropped out or even plotting to escape 'cause if you do your worlds will be ours anyway”. So they have no choice, for the safety of their worlds they must attend to their school, have perfect grades and show them what they're capable of before graduation.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Nathan Drake - Uncharted - Pixel Icon by Playstation-Jedi THE "NO" RULES Sly Cooper - Sly Series - Pixel Icon by Playstation-Jedi

:playstationlogo: by BLUEamnesiacAnd here are some few "NO" rules. Except unnecessary artworks and group affiliations like Mature Contents, Sexual Stuff, Vores, Bloody Gores, Yaois, Yuris, Antis, Offensiveness, Racists, Etc. Are never ever I mean never allowed in this group. But if one of you accidentally submit a wrong & disturbing kind of artwork without following the rules, I'll immediately remove one of your artworks from the "Gallery" and "Favourites" by pressing "Removed from This Folder" but only when I let you know first. And I'll be the one to decide which of your artworks are allowed in this group or not:

:iconredxplz: Mature Contents (Except Popular Comics & mangas with Mature content chapters)

:iconredxplz: Stolen Artworks, Fake Shots, Sexual stuff, Sexual Expose, Nudity and Pervy scenes

:iconredxplz: Meme faced/Meme headed icon (like the troll face, the fuuuck face, the forever alone face, Etc.) fan characters and parody references

:iconredxplz: Creepy Pasta, EXE and South Park fan Characters/parody references

:iconredxplz: Transgenders/Gender Benders, Ginjikas, Animal/furry Versions and Men in Girl Clothes/Costumes

:iconredxplz: Ugly Mutation & Fusion, Ugly Scenes and Real life hideousness

:iconredxplz: Sad Stories With Unhappy Endings, Broken Hearted Artworks

:iconredxplz: Hideous and awkward Photo manipulations, Manips & editing Arts (like Bad picture editing, Hideous Character Fusions and Awkward Head-Face-Body Swapping/Replacement)

:iconredxplz: Bloody Horrors, Cruel Sick Humors, Actual Skin Tattoos and Drug Arts

:iconredxplz: Too Much Nastiness, Grossness, Bloodiness, Goriness, Creepiness, Ugliness, Freakishness and Weirdness

:iconredxplz: road kill, Pants, Wedgie, Nuts kicking, Tickle, Bagged & Gagged, Nudity, Boobs, Butt, Foot, Feet, Etc. Fetish Arts

:iconredxplz: GT Arts/Giant-Tiny Arts, Vore and Hard Vore

:iconredxplz: Blowt Bodies, Expansion Bodies, Brest Blowts, Butt Blowts, Stomach Expansions, Fatness, M-Pregs, Muscle Growth, Muscle Blowts, Brawn Expansions and Buff Muscled Fan Characters

:iconredxplz: Yaois, Yuris, Porn Screen Shots, Hate, Anti and rude Artworks & stamps

:iconredxplz: Fan Artworks That Would Offend someone's Religion or something racist

:iconredxplz: Ridiculous Mismatch Pairings and Ridiculous mismatch Crossover Pairings

:iconredxplz: Fast & Colorful blinking Lights/Hype Arts, Pixels, Sprites, Emotes, Icons, GIFs, Sprite Sheets, Flash Animations and GIF Previews (Warning: for the safety of those with seizure conditions)

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