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I've reached 1000 deviations!!! by SuperStarfy2002 I've reached 1000 deviations!!! :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 0 0 Ristarfikurisk??? by SuperStarfy2002 Ristarfikurisk??? :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 5 4 Pac-Man Pokemon by SuperStarfy2002 Pac-Man Pokemon :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 4 2 Principal of the Ships by SuperStarfy2002 Principal of the Ships :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 3 3 SSK02 logo by SuperStarfy2002 SSK02 logo :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 1 0 Now It's Payback Tiiiiiiime! by SuperStarfy2002 Now It's Payback Tiiiiiiime! :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 4 1 Dedede x Queen Ripple Stamp by SuperStarfy2002 Dedede x Queen Ripple Stamp :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 9 3 R.I.P. Toys ''R'' Us (Ft. Star-Kids) by SuperStarfy2002 R.I.P. Toys ''R'' Us (Ft. Star-Kids) :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 9 4 8-bit Mareach Stamp by SuperStarfy2002 8-bit Mareach Stamp :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 15 1 6 new OCs by SuperStarfy2002 6 new OCs :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 7 30 Starfiku Sweet Kisses Meme by SuperStarfy2002 Starfiku Sweet Kisses Meme :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 7 7 by SuperStarfy2002 :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 2 2 5 Trios by SuperStarfy2002 5 Trios :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 7 0 That One Immature Undertale Brat by SuperStarfy2002 That One Immature Undertale Brat :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 6 3 Happy National Kissing day pt 2 by SuperStarfy2002 Happy National Kissing day pt 2 :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 12 7 Happy National Kissing Day pt 1 by SuperStarfy2002 Happy National Kissing Day pt 1 :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 6 6
Here's some of the art I make (just like 98% of people on this site) -.-


Seven Years Strong by Allstarman
Mature content
Seven Years Strong :iconallstarman:Allstarman 14 2
Videl buttcrush facesitting big butt by nightmarexbx
Mature content
Videl buttcrush facesitting big butt :iconnightmarexbx:nightmarexbx 17 1
Role reversal spanking zelda by panpraiser Role reversal spanking zelda :iconpanpraiser:panpraiser 3 0 Respect by panpraiser Respect :iconpanpraiser:panpraiser 1 0 Scrapped axel rosered art by panpraiser Scrapped axel rosered art :iconpanpraiser:panpraiser 1 0 Zelda spanking samus by panpraiser Zelda spanking samus :iconpanpraiser:panpraiser 3 1 Gerudo spanking by panpraiser Gerudo spanking :iconpanpraiser:panpraiser 3 0 I praise Matoshi Akasaki by MatthewDaAnimeFanboy I praise Matoshi Akasaki :iconmatthewdaanimefanboy:MatthewDaAnimeFanboy 4 1 Big butt girl after a long day by panpraiser Big butt girl after a long day :iconpanpraiser:panpraiser 1 0 More Gwen Big Booty by Dmmendez90 More Gwen Big Booty :icondmmendez90:Dmmendez90 56 5 Mimi [Fart Fetish] (scat in description) by PepperspotSunshine
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Mimi [Fart Fetish] (scat in description) :iconpepperspotsunshine:PepperspotSunshine 174 4
Chichi buttcrush facesitting big butt by nightmarexbx
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Chichi buttcrush facesitting big butt :iconnightmarexbx:nightmarexbx 52 0
Thicc Caulifla by bxBLAZExd Thicc Caulifla :iconbxblazexd:bxBLAZExd 83 4 Caulifa Unaware ButtCrush 2 by stiffheadz1 Caulifa Unaware ButtCrush 2 :iconstiffheadz1:stiffheadz1 37 3 Peachy by Daisy-Pink71
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Peachy :icondaisy-pink71:Daisy-Pink71 172 43
Hatsune Miku and Super Sonico Butt Expansion by Andrew5459
Mature content
Hatsune Miku and Super Sonico Butt Expansion :iconandrew5459:Andrew5459 418 5


SuperStarfy2002's Profile Picture
Keegan Khi Alexander
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Pretty Pink Requests Open Stamp by Glycyrrhizicacid :iconrequestsopen:
Hatsune Miku icon by SuperStarfy2002 Shipping Stamp -General- by Lirase Starfy icon by RedqueenAllison I am a huge starfy fan (among other things)
Likes: Starfy, Pac-Man , Kirby, Hatsune Miku, and female flatulence (don't feckin judge me! M'kay)
dislikes: anyone who doesn't respect my opinions, and people who judge me for what i like/dislike/ship/have
also i like big BUTTS and i cannot lie. you otha haters cant deny. (LOL, ya really cna't blame me, right?)

Rules of Requesting: Don't make the request too detailed. I do Pixelated/digitally or Hand drawn, if it's fetish or sexual......i'll talk to you about it privatley ( :T

Pac-Man Stamp by laprasking Densetsu no Starfy Stamp by StampPKU Starfy and Miku 4eva icon by SuperStarfy2002 Ristar Stamp by StampPKU Stafy Stamp by GaneneTheInkling Stafy Stamp 2 by GaneneTheInkling Starfy x Miku Stamp by SuperStarfy2002 Powerpuff Girls Animated Stamp by dA--bogeyman I Hate School by Davidgtza2 Luigi X Daisy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker MarioxPeach Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Pucca stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart Making hate group of user is a waste of time Stamp by KawaiiFoxiez Starfiku Fan Button by SuperStarfy2002 Len X Neru Stamp by Mintaka-TK MMD Stamp [Miku Ver.] by Mintaka-TK support pucca + garu love by lucianag Starfy Stamp by Akimi-Chan15 Anti Loudcest Stamp by Wildcat1999 Anti CaillouXDora Stamp by JAH99 Gameboy | F2U Stamp by custom--boxes Pac-Man Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR You don't have to Dislike/Hate something... by BlueSteelLegend75 Hatsune Miku Button (Request) by Natakiro Hate the fetish, not the person with the fetish by Ryuuseinow Wakawakwakwakwakwkawkakwakwkwak..... by Cinus-Findus Making hate group of user is a waste of time Stamp by KawaiiFoxiez The Legendary Starfy Fan Button by MamonFighter761 Its just a joke- OH SHUT UP! by LadyRebeccaStamps In fact, you don't deserve friends by LadyRebeccaStamps BAWWW SUMWON MAED AN UNDERTAEL REFERENCE BAWWW!11! by LadyRebeccaStamps This is Annoyingly Common by Mintaka-TK KYSKYSKYSKYSKYSKYS by LadyRebeccaStamps Yeah, I have not heard THAT one before... by Little-rolling-bean OMG UR A WEABOO111!!1!!! by Ryuuseinow Ladybug x ChatNoir 1 by Rumay-Chian Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Pac-Man by LittleYoshi8 [stamp] dont be an ass (F2U) by MimiMatsu Don't Judge Me For What I Like Stamp by steamdiesel
This should also be a no-brainer. by World-Hero21 Stop playing the Hitler card by DragonQuestWes

Stamp: Angry Grandpa 1950-2017 by ToonAlexSora007 'umm sweaty ur ship is abusive and ur gross uwu' by axris Said another anti-shipper of some pairings. by That-Cheeky-Bastard Anti-Nazi Stamp by RGMfighter14 Nintendo Ds: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy Advance: Stamp by JazzaX Xbox360: Stamp by JazzaX Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics YouTube Stamp by TrippFoxx DS Lite Player by Nironan12 GBA SP Player by Nironan12 Stamp: Angry Grandpa 1950-2017 by ToonAlexSora007 Stamp making. by MandyLandy62 GameCube: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy Sp: Stamp by JazzaX This is Annoyingly Common by Mintaka-TK Matthew-kun Fan Stamp by MatthewDaAnimeFanboy Paint User STAMP by Drayuu Photoshop User  STAMP by Drayuu Stamp - MSPaint User by firstfear MS Paint User Stamp by iPPG Photoshop User Stamp by iPPG Anti-Mario x Miku Stamp 2 by SuperStarfy2002 Shipping Wars are totally legit stuff guiz by PendulumWing

Team Buttons:
Pac-Man Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Kirby Fan Button by ButtonsMaker The Legendary Starfy Fan Button by MamonFighter761 Hatsune Miku Fan Button by ButtonsMaker


I've reached 1000 deviations!!!
I've finally made 1000 deviations on DA! and i've made a few characters NES-ified even the Star-Kids!

i also included some of my friends vinhchaule Pac-Man357 MatthewDaAnimeFanboy and DestinyNazario 

and yes, i'm gonna get some requests done.
Ri-Starfiku-risk....try saying that 3 times fast :3

and if you haven't already guessed it's the husbands and wives fused (Starfy and Ristar fused and so did Miku and Frisk)

Ristarfy and Friku?? (i dunno, m8. do you have a better fusion name?)
Pac-Man Pokemon
based off that Puckman Pockimon game. It's pretty much a bootleg of Pac-Man and Pokemon with the main stars, Pac-Man and Pikachu. Gotta eat em all Pikachu waves the iconic Pac-Pose 
Principal of the Ships
i think we all know where this is going right? ha....just in case...

No shipping Starfiku in the hallsBaldi's Basics- Principal Of The Thing 

inspired by the memes of Baldi's Basics and The "No (blank) in the halls" meme

note: i made this for a joke....and it's funny and accurate. so don't be complaining and flipping out over it....if anything be glad that Jesse Coronado wasn't dragged into this. 
welp. only 9 more days until my birthday, mate.  ̄U ̄
Now It's Payback Tiiiiiiime!
replaced with a Dedede Sprite from Kirby's Adventure....I might do the GBA versiojn next..and i didn't wanna bother doing Kirby and/or Meta Knight
Dedede x Queen Ripple Stamp
this is a ship war free zone! and feel free to use

credit goes to Starlequin and the amazing Queen Ripple sprite
R.I.P. Toys ''R'' Us (Ft. Star-Kids)
Look. i know i'm nearly over 2 weeks and 3 days late, but i made it anyways...with that aside, I miss Toys "R" Us as much as you guys do, and i felt dead inside after that happened, but didn't stop me from making post. (i was listening to Jungle Zone Classic Remix on youtube)

and you can already see that The Star-Kids were very sad that this happened. 

(thinking): i swear some arsehole in the comment is gonna say some things that make em sound like an arsehole.
8-bit Mareach Stamp
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario World

Luaisy is gonna be made in the future...
6 new OCs
i now bring you 6 more new OCs and i'm too lazy to make their own BIO Journals so...(also i might add some more info on these guys in the future)

Chloe (Age 19): she adores pretty much any canon couples or fan couples on TV/Movie and Internet. She's always at an adorable state, but she can get mad if there's someone insulting her for liking that couple (Ex. KG hates Starfiku and said that we need better taste, we have no brains, we have low standards and that we sleep in our mother's basements..."simple opinion" my arseGrump ) and when not around couples she's either making people happy or doing the things she loves doing. and she is a Starfiku/Star-Kids fan and friends with ShippingStarfyKid

Trevin (Age 13): he's pretty much the guy who is at a "ehh it's not too bad" even on the Emoji Movie, but that's his opinion of course. i mean it's common sense to say "it's fine i respect that" for literally EVERYTHING! (I wish the world was like that)

Don (Age 12): He often questions on things that wouldn't be scientifically possible, like the physics in Spongebob Squarepants, Mario and a whole lot of cartoon and shippings...though on couples he's neutral on most couples (just so he doesn't get involved in ship wars)

Connor (Age 17): a person with an oversized baby-blue bowtie with mix between a British and Australian accent who doesn't support couples that are shipped with characters that are underrated or overrated. but he enjoys golfing, and watching GradeAUnderA and

Gabe (Age 10): He says an over the top thing, but then regrets how harsh about how he treats the person and after some thought, he thinks it's kinda good. harsh at first, but kind of a nice guy...just give it some time.

Rye (Age 6):  Take every every over-exaggerated comments/opinion on Starfiku plus everyone in the Starfiku Hatebase and THAT is his personality, a whiny rabid little brat. he does nothing but complain about how much something is sooooo bad that he has to take it to a level WAAAAY outta proportion (gee doesn't that sound familiar) his life was the same as anyone in any ship war: WASTED! he hates ShippingStarfyKid with a passion and harasses the Hatsune Family till the end of time. and not only that but he would LOVE to murder/abuse the Star-Kids and hope people praise him for doing so. and when at full rage, he screams like a DINOSAUR!

overall he is a psychopathic little wanker loves loves to start a RYE-IT

anyway wich OC is your favorite? and if you wish to use them, then please give credit.wink grin 
anyone remember the comic i did 10 days ago:  The 6 Types Of Reactions and Opinions On Ships by SuperStarfy2002

and i showed those 6 people to adoring compliments to dinosaur rage? I decided to introduce them all. 
Tagged by :icon3dmarioworld:

1. What kinda video games do you play?
Classic Video Games, and I still do.
2. If you could make your own animated series, what would it be called & what would it be about?
If i had an animated'd probably be based of the crap i had to go through almost 2 years ago.
3. Who's your favorite Superhero/Supervillain?
don't have one...
4. If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
Wish 1: a crossover video game with Starfy and Hatsune Miku ;3
Wish 2: for a Starfy and Hatsune Miku plush,
Wish 3: for people to not only realize that ship wars are a waste of time and didn't have anything to do with it in the first place, but stop giving people crap for having fetishes, because it's god dang annoying.CURSE YOU! 
5. If you were able to time travel, tell me what you'd do.
probably get the Starfy merchendise they had back in 2002-2009, and get that Action Replay for my DS.
6. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?
X-ray vision 
7. What underrated video game series do you wanna see make a comeback?
The Legendary Starfy, of course. i mean sure he has been in Super Mario Maker as a costume, but no new Starfy game...
8. Who's your favorite music band?
don't have one.
9. If you made your own planet, what would its name, governmental system, and flag be?
i...have no idea, honestly.
10. How long have you been on DeviantArt & have you enjoyed your time on it so far?
I've been here for 2 years and I do kinda like it here.

Tagging the following: 

My Questions:
1. What's your favorite Disney video game?

2. What is your opinion on Ship Wars?

3. Who was the first hater you had?

4. Got any favorite couples/OTPs you like?

5. What's your favorite animal

6. Has anyone harassed/exposed you on the internet?

7. if you wanted any game(s)/show(s) to be translated to English, what would they be?

8. what were some inspirations you had, and who?

9. if you have any weird kinks/fetishes, what are they?

10. Did you ever have a CORE membership at one point? 

note: you do have the option not to get tagged, just let me know if you didn't want to in the first place.

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