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Pac-Man encounters a braindead Loud cartoonaboo by SuperStarfy2002 Pac-Man encounters a braindead Loud cartoonaboo :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 5 7 SMM Pac-Man Edited Sprites by SuperStarfy2002 SMM Pac-Man Edited Sprites :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 6 1 Chloe and Matoshi getting married by SuperStarfy2002 Chloe and Matoshi getting married :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 2 3 Pac and Pal (NES Edition) by SuperStarfy2002 Pac and Pal (NES Edition) :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 9 4 What if Miku breaks up with Mario by SuperStarfy2002 What if Miku breaks up with Mario :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 1 3 SuperPacKid2002 by SuperStarfy2002 SuperPacKid2002 :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 4 5 Spiral (Pac-Land Styled) by SuperStarfy2002 Spiral (Pac-Land Styled) :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 8 1 Mario Kart Arcade GP 8-bit by SuperStarfy2002 Mario Kart Arcade GP 8-bit :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 10 5 Kinky, Orson Spunky and Funky (SMM Styled) by SuperStarfy2002 Kinky, Orson Spunky and Funky (SMM Styled) :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 10 3 6 New Pac-Man Sprites by SuperStarfy2002 6 New Pac-Man Sprites :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 8 5 Simple opinion, huh. by SuperStarfy2002 Simple opinion, huh. :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 6 31 Deviantart's 18th anniversary by SuperStarfy2002 Deviantart's 18th anniversary :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 8 3 Google yourself in a nutshell by SuperStarfy2002 Google yourself in a nutshell :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 6 25 thoughts on the ARE movie by SuperStarfy2002 thoughts on the ARE movie :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 5 24 Wubbfy! by SuperStarfy2002 Wubbfy! :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 6 3 Ristarfy! by SuperStarfy2002 Ristarfy! :iconsuperstarfy2002:SuperStarfy2002 5 1
Here's some of the art I make (just like 98% of people on this site) -.-




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Keegan Khi Alexander
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Pretty Pink Requests Open Stamp by Glycyrrhizicacid :iconrequestsopen:
Hatsune Miku icon by SuperStarfy2002 Shipping Stamp -General- by Lirase Starfy icon by RedqueenAllison I am a huge starfy fan (among other things)
Likes: Starfy, Pac-Man , Kirby, Hatsune Miku, and female flatulence (don't feckin judge me! M'kay)
dislikes: anyone who doesn't respect my opinions, and people who judge me for what i like/dislike/ship/have
also i like big BUTTS and i cannot lie. you otha haters cant deny. (LOL, ya really cna't blame me, right?)

Rules of Requesting: Don't make the request too detailed or too complicated. I do Pixelated/digitally or Hand drawn, if it's fetish or sexual......i'll talk to you about it privatley ( :T

Pac-Man Stamp by laprasking Densetsu no Starfy Stamp by StampPKU Starfy and Miku 4eva icon by SuperStarfy2002 Ristar Stamp by StampPKU Stafy Stamp by GaneneTheInkling Stafy Stamp 2 by GaneneTheInkling Starfy x Miku Stamp by SuperStarfy2002 Powerpuff Girls Animated Stamp by dA--bogeyman I Hate School by Davidgtza2 Luigi X Daisy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker MarioxPeach Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Pucca stamp by Queen-of-Ice-Heart Making hate group of user is a waste of time Stamp by KawaiiFoxiez Starfiku Fan Button by SuperStarfy2002 Len X Neru Stamp by Mintaka-TK MMD Stamp [Miku Ver.] by Mintaka-TK support pucca + garu love by lucianag Starfy Stamp by Akimi-Chan15 Anti Loudcest Stamp by Wildcat1999 Anti CaillouXDora Stamp by JAH99 Gameboy | F2U Stamp by custom--boxes Pac-Man Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR You don't have to Dislike/Hate something... by BlueSteelLegend75 Hatsune Miku Button (Request) by Natakiro Hate the fetish, not the person with the fetish by Ryuuseinow Wakawakwakwakwakwkawkakwakwkwak..... by Cinus-Findus Making hate group of user is a waste of time Stamp by KawaiiFoxiez The Legendary Starfy Fan Button by MamonFighter761 Its just a joke- OH SHUT UP! by LadyRebeccaStamps In fact, you don't deserve friends by LadyRebeccaStamps BAWWW SUMWON MAED AN UNDERTAEL REFERENCE BAWWW!11! by LadyRebeccaStamps This is Annoyingly Common by Mintaka-TK KYSKYSKYSKYSKYSKYS by LadyRebeccaStamps Yeah, I have not heard THAT one before... by Little-rolling-bean OMG UR A WEABOO111!!1!!! by Ryuuseinow Ladybug x ChatNoir 1 by Rumay-Chian Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS/Wii U) - Pac-Man by LittleYoshi8 [stamp] dont be an ass (F2U) by MimiMatsu Don't Judge Me For What I Like Stamp by steamdiesel
This should also be a no-brainer. by World-Hero21 Stop playing the Hitler card by DragonQuestWes

Stamp: Angry Grandpa 1950-2017 by ToonAlexSora007 'umm sweaty ur ship is abusive and ur gross uwu' by axris Said another anti-shipper of some pairings. by That-Cheeky-Bastard Anti-Nazi Stamp by RGMfighter14 Nintendo Ds: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy Advance: Stamp by JazzaX Xbox360: Stamp by JazzaX Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics YouTube Stamp by TrippFoxx DS Lite Player by Nironan12 GBA SP Player by Nironan12 Stamp: Angry Grandpa 1950-2017 by ToonAlexSora007 Stamp making. by MandyLandy62 GameCube: Stamp by JazzaX GameBoy Sp: Stamp by JazzaX This is Annoyingly Common by Mintaka-TK Matthew-kun Fan Stamp by MatthewDaAnimeFanboy Paint User STAMP by Drayuu Photoshop User  STAMP by Drayuu Stamp - MSPaint User by firstfear MS Paint User Stamp by iPPG Photoshop User Stamp by iPPG Anti-Mario x Miku Stamp 2 by SuperStarfy2002 Shipping Wars are totally legit stuff guiz by PendulumWing

Team Buttons:
Pac-Man Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Kirby Fan Button by ButtonsMaker The Legendary Starfy Fan Button by MamonFighter761 Hatsune Miku Fan Button by ButtonsMaker


i went to Video Games Etc. and bought 4 games!

Pac-Pix, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for 3DS (i'll explain that later), Pac-Man World 2 and Pac-Man Fever. and i beat Pac-Pix as soon as i got it. (some one else owned the game...of course.

about the PMATGA game, i bought the game, but when i got it out, it was the sequal! and the box said "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures" so now i own 2 of the same game....
Simple opinion, huh.
he says that it's a simple opinion yet he and his friends said and is probably still saing shit like, "OnG This Is GONNA Spread Cancer and peoiple will Doie from it " or NO oNE withA bRian would wanna see this" or "OMG THIS SHIT SHOULD BURN INTO FLAEMS!!!!" OR "PeoplE mus t be rlt sad to ship DEEZ SHEEP". so if it's a simple opinion, then what about about the stuff you guys have been saying in the Starfiku Hatebase? it's more of an over-exaggerated opinion to me. if it's was a simple opinion, then it'd be things like  "it's not my cup of tea" or "I don't like it, i respect your opinion" and i know you'll be calling me a hypocrite fior doing it, too. but it doesn't even come close to how much you guys have been doing it. jesus christ. 

also that part about Kirby, if the person isn't a dickhead about his opinion like you guys, then I'd take it.

edit 8-19-2018: also i'm calling you stupid because because you seem to bitch about the fact that Starfiku is on the internet. and no. i'm not gonna end it just because it pisses you guys off
Pac-Man encounters a braindead Loud cartoonaboo
i honestly got bored this whole day so i decided to make something about bart-toon (irrelevant or not i find this bart-toons hate kinda funny)

Pac-Man: so...i heard you hate japan.

Bart-toons: yes, i mean it.

Pac-Man any...particular reason

Bart-toons: Japanese animes= bad and US cartoons= whooo-oooo

Pac-Man: that doesn't even make any sense.

Bart-toons: i'm sorry, but i mean it?

Pac-Man: you're even dumber than Clyde. 

Bart-toons: i mean it.

Pac-Man: mean what? 

Bart-toons: cartoons=yay japan animes= suck

Pac-Man and i'm guessing you'll be like Leni and Luna x Lincoln= yay and any other ship= suck

Bart-toons: that's right. incest=hurray canon/fan ships= sucks

Pac-Man: *4 seconds of silence* no wonder everyone hates you
everyone's dream of having King K Rool, Shovel Knight, and Bomberman being in smash bros finally came true. now you just need Shantae, right? possibly an assist trophy in my opinion. 

oh and I also start 11th grade in 3-4 days. hopefully my new school computer has photoshop
SMM Pac-Man Edited Sprites
I gotta say i love editing sprites like this. and the Japanese Pac-Land Sprites (Pac-Man of course) 2 of my faves on here is the iconic pose and the death pose.
Chloe and Matoshi getting married
requested/asked by MatthewDaAnimeFanboy 

its his persona, Matoshi getting married to Chloe. my OC

UPDATE: added 3 characters

Starfy Junior as the Ring Bearer

Funky (Pac-Mania) as the Minister

Sue (Pac-Land/Pac-Mania) as the Organ Player
Pac and Pal (NES Edition)
inspired by ThomasTheHedgehog888 when he made Super Pac-Man ON THE NES (here: ) now i have suggested it nearly  8 months ago but nothing...i mean he did say when he had time but he had more time on stamps. (not that i'm mad. i was very patient) anyways. ENJOY!50x50 Icons - Pac-Man 50x50 Icons - Miru 
What if Miku breaks up with Mario
after this i'll make a self aware post. (exactly like this)

and you can already tell i don't like this ship.

cred and original: TheLoudHouse1998 
I was gonna put EvilStarfyKid666 here,

ghosts: KG, Ernster1337, redballio, and Rye.

I made this for inspiration, fun... shets and giggles so don't be complaining just because someone you like is treated like this...or something like that
Mario Kart Arcade GP 8-bit
anyone remember the arcade version of Mario Kart? I sure as hell do. and it's one of my favorites. mainly because my favorite character(s) are in it.

and yes i will do the DX version as well
Kinky, Orson Spunky and Funky (SMM Styled)
like it says in the sprite sheet. orignally made by EmRuHire, and credit to him. I loved the way he made the Ghosts. It was 5 times better than mine. 

My original SMM Pac-Ghosts:

These are basiclly remakes of some sort. and i haven't done Orson at all yet...well till now.

List of other Pac-Man characters:
Ghosts (Pac-Man World version)
1982 Hannah Barbera Pac-Man
Modern Ghosts (probably/possibly excluding Inky)
Powered Up Ghosts (Pac-Man Arrangement)
Pac-Man With his hat
I got tagged by PacManFan1980  These will be the answers that I'll give on this guy's questions.

You have to post ALL the rules.
Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
Choose 12 people.
Actually tag these people.
Can't say you don't do tags. 
Tag backs are allowed.

1: If you could get an amiibo, what character would you get, and what series would you prefer?
I already got 2 Amiibos, Pac-Manthe iconic Pac-Poseand KirbyKirb says hi and what series? Starfy, Vocaloid, Pac-Man, and DuckTales

2: Who is your favorite Dream Friend in Kirby Star Allies?
The Animal Friends, Gooey Adeleine and Ribbon

3: What is the first Nintendo console you've ever had?
The Game Boy Advance (and I'll add this as a bonus: my first GBA game was Pac-Man World/Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness)

4: Do you play video games by yourself, or with friends?
by myself

5: Will you plan on getting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it comes out?
hopefully i have enough to buy it.

6: Who is your favorite YouTuber?
i dunno, there's a crud ton of them...Prince Vegeta and Bulma Bunny? :shrug: or :dunno:  

7: What is your favorite Nintendo 3DS game?
Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions and Kirby Planet Robobots

8: What is your favorite Nintendo Switch game?
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus

9: If you went to a thrift store, what would you get?
[F2U] Chara shrug icon  i honestly don't know

10: Who is your favorite protagonist of a video game franchise?
Starfy from the Legendary Starfy series (i'm sure all of you knew that right?)

11: Which video format do you prefer, VHS, DVD or Blu-ray?

12: What is your favorite anime TV show?
Kirby Right Back at ya, Pokemon XY/XYZ

Here are my 12 questions:

1. what's your opinions on Ship Wars?
2. which one of your pictures was an inspiration?
3. what is your OTP?
4. Nintendo, Capcom Sega, Namco, or all?
5. what's your favorite animal(s)
6. What meme do you like from 2017-2018
7. opinions on the Paul Brothers? 
8. is there or was there a song stuck in your head?
9. Apple or Android or both
10. opinions on the Loud House fanbase?
11. what is something that annoys you?
12: are you proud of who you are?

I tag:
  • Listening to: Sr Pelo
  • Watching: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  • Playing: Sonic Boll

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