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BillDip Fluff: Stomach Ache
"Pinetreeeee~" a voice laced with mock affection called from downstairs.
Dipper mumbled something and shifted on his bed, evoking minuscule, defiant creaks that echoed in the emptiness of the room. His blankets were everywhere; on the floor, about to fall on the floor, strewn all over his bed. They were everywhere but on his body. He pulled one over his head and tried to ignore the dream demon downstairs that was calling him. 
The beckoning had stopped and Dipper gave a small smile before burrowing deeper into his mess of blankets, happy for silence to settle over the Shack once again. Then a sound of heavy footsteps started and got louder and louder as Bill, Dipper presumed, walked up the steps to his room. Dipper was too tired to prepare himself for the demon's antics and just kept his eyes shut. He had been up late last night in order to work on the first draft of an article he was writing for the Gravity Falls local newspaper.
Then the door slammed open, as part of Bill
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First Kiss [BillDip Oneshot]
[Latin to English translations will be at the bottom! ^^]
        “Who’re you gonna have your first kiss with, Dip?” Mabel asked me, a smile on her face. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
   “Who’s to say I haven’t kissed someone already?” She just looked at me for a moment before bursting out laughing. I raised an eyebrow. “What’s so funny?”
   “I know my own brother, Dipper. You haven’t had yours yet. Trust me, I can tell when someone’s had their first kiss.” She crossed her arms and grinned knowingly.
   “Oh come on, how is that even possible?” I asked skeptically. “There’s no way you can-”
   “I have my ways. And how I know is a secret, so I’m not telling you.” Her phone then went off, making her look down at it. “Oh! I’ll be back soon. Pacifica wants me to meet her in to
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Hi, I’m SuperSprinkle17 and I’m semi-new to drawing.


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