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SC 6 - Can't let you DO That

Spark Comic #6 - Can't let you DO that!

FINALLY got another Spark Comic out. I seriously need to raise the frequency of releases for Spark Comics. I started doing comics in December 2009 and now have only released my 6th comic. That's bullshit. I've had several comics like this one drawn for a long time... I've just been too lazy to do them.

Anyway, this is just a wacky spin on the "Can't let you do that, Star Fox!" meme. I will always love Star Fox 64. I have it on Virtual Console and will get Star Fox 64 3DS, even though I really shouldn't, when I get a Nintendo 3DS (With the $250 price point on that thing, I'm NOT getting it around launch time).

I found the ambiguity of "do that" in the meme to be open to interpretation and came up with this cockblocking idea. I've always found this concept to be hilarious and I've never seen the meme used quite like this (Besides that VG Cats comic for Star Fox, that one is somewhat close to this concept.) I made the script for the first 2 panels on the spot before I finished and tried to stick in a few alterations of Star Fox Quotes for good measure. I think it turned out great.

Too bad Wolf stopped Fox from doing Krystal before he could do a Barrel Roll. He is such an asshole. :P

Anyway, enjoy! :)

P.S. I have posted some slight variants of the bottom panel that you can view via the links below.
Variant A: [link]
Variant B: [link]
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Newcomer24's avatar
What’s Wolf going to do to them?
redeye1524's avatar
you are a legend
kkamj0ng's avatar
*Starwolf theme comes on* "Can't let you do that, Star Fox!''
Nevermind0309's avatar
"Can't let you screw that, Star Fox"
SuperSparkplug's avatar
If you didn't know, that's one of the variants I put at the bottom of the description. :)
Nevermind0309's avatar
kaizerwilliam's avatar
krystal looks like a dude.
kirkgunx's avatar
Use bombs wisely!
IDOZ-957's avatar
WOW What the hell??
CAMurray's avatar
Yes, but why is Wolf speaking with a pseudo-English accent?
veitcho's avatar
He should have done a barrel roll
TheSonicFox's avatar
XD Too funny and too awesome!
MDTartist83's avatar
I guess Wolf wants in on the action!
ChaosFoxFire's avatar
This is so hilarious and cute at the same time! :lmao:
OfficialDM's avatar
This is so great, you used the references so well.
Kaeru-Hime-Chan's avatar
Gotta love the quotesXD
janus-006's avatar
Fox gets cockblocked in awesome style. Wolf is way better than Fox IMO.
NekoKittyKitsune's avatar
lol, but you might want to consider censoring for sexual reference .

I've seen the VG cats Fox and Falco comic, very clever, but it KILLED ME.... I'm not a yaoi supporter.
Crazy91's avatar
"cant let u do that star fox" great choice of words lol nice job
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