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Ronald McJoker

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Click Here To See The Comic I Eventually Used This In: [link]

I've had the drawing of this in my sketchbook for MONTHS and finally got to doing it.

This is actually going to be used for my next SparkComic. I was gonna upload it when that was done, but oh screw it I'll upload it now.

This was initially inspired by a picture I took at anime north a few years ago of someone's artwork with Ronald McDonald with the Joker face that they were sale (Yeah I know I shouldn't take pictures of other people's art but I was young and I didn't give it to anyone... that and said picture was sold out). So now, I've made my own rendition of the concept. I love how creepy and sadistic that smile is.

Make sure you don't show this one to kids or prepare to have their childhood ruined. XD

Why so Happy?!
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he looks so mad lol nice one, I think the concept fits Ronald
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The Joker is more beautiful,elegant and not creepy like that!!!
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Hahahhaaha I love it
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lol who wants a happy meal?
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Why so damn delicious?
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HO good it look like I am not sleeping tonight.
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I always thought that clown was one creepy mofo, but now that he's revealed to be a distant relative of the Joker, who knows what he will do? :sprint:
this scares me... no offence or anything but why put it up for sale... its scary man! whos gunna by it XD unless its someone whos gunna buy it to then tape to their face and run about scaring people with clown phobias XD
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Well it's BASED off a drawing I saw that was up for sale. When I saw their picture back then, the Joker-Ronald McDonald Picture was all sold out, so it seems that a lot of people would buy it. XD
*shivers* alot of f**ked up people XD oh well if you are making money off of it hats off to you XD
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I'm not making money off it. I was inspired by SOMEONE ELSE'S drawing I saw for sale.

Of course, if you want me to make money off it, you can always buy a print. XD
i read that part about being INSPIRED

lol im good ta... clowns freak me out XD
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