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Commission - Sailor Venus by SuperSparkplug Commission - Sailor Venus by SuperSparkplug
I was commissioned to create this Sailor Moon/Venus inspired piece by a client and completed it last month.

Recently, my client discovered my work through Facebook asked to commission an art piece. Some time ago, their little daughter was going through a difficult time for reasons I can't disclose. However, their daughter absolutely loved Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus in particular. They knew someone who knew Stephanie Morgenstern (the voice actor of Sailor Venus in the 90s) and she sent their daughter a signed card that gave her the courage to work through her struggles. Ever since, they've been trying to find someone to commission artwork from to include in a thank-you letter to Ms Morganstern. I was happy to create artwork for such a touching purpose and they commissioned me to make this piece of their daughter and Sailor Venus, which should be on its way to Ms Morganstern right now! :)

I enjoyed making this piece and it shows the amazing power of the shows and media we consume. Their themes and characters can inspire a profound sense of strength that helps us thorough our darkest hours. There are so many characters I love that have helped inspire me over the years and who I still sometimes turn to for strength. I'm glad that Sailor Venus was there to inspired my client's daughter, on the screen and in real life.
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Cloudcuckooman Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2018  Professional General Artist
Best wishes to that girl.
mylesterlucky7 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice one.
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