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3D Portrait Project

Last week, as the final project for one of my courses, I presented my 3D Portrait project.

It took a week to finish on varying amounts of sleep. My grandmother was staying with us for a vacation and the day before she went back to home in the maritimes, I asked my grandmother if I could scan her for a project, because how often do you ask your grandmother to help with your project using that new fangled technology? ;)

I scanned her with my newly bought Kinect (I had to take scans of her from different angles), spent several days painstakingly stitching her model together in Maya, vertex-by-vertex (The Kinect is also a TERRIBLE 3D Scanner. All my scans were incomplete, full of holes, and I had to make up most of her hair myself since barely any of it showed up in the scans), added extra detail in Zbrush, and used Maya again to look over and re-format the model into a 3D-Printable .STL file.

I also created that low-poly body model from scratch and completely from memory (no image references) as a backup in case my grandmother's print failed (I used the 3D printer once before, last year, and my model printed out horribly, intersecting with itself, so this was Plan B). After all of that, I finally went and 3D printed it using Ryerson's epic 3D Printer.

Usually, 3D prints take about half a day - a full day to finish. Then they have to be put in a chemical bath for 1 - 3 days to dissolve all the black support material that initially comes with it. Then all you need to do is wash it off and it's done.

My class seemed pretty impressed with it. It was a LOT of behind the scenes work, but in the end, it was worth it and now I have quite a few models of my grandmother to give to her and my family. :)
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