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By supersonikku
Rejoyce Oldbies! You probably remember first reading these comics at WWW.SONICCOMIC.CO.UK but a couple of months ago I let it expire, I let it wither and die and maybe a few more cynical folks thought the end must be near but HAVE AT YOU naysayers as soniccomic.co.uk is back in action and...well..linking to this deviantart at the moment.
I can always tell the Oldbies as most of them still refer to the series as ASC, I like that.

Newbies, this comic series used to live on a real website ya know...then a blog, but that was all a bit of a blur to be honest.

I miss having a website a lot actually but its too much work and I grew out of having enough time to maintain it. I'd consider returning to blogdom, part the reason I came here is because I didn't think people were reading my stuff anymore, but coming here has rallied up new fans and made the old ones who never came out to comment, come out of the woodwork (forgive the expression) and thats great. If I thought I'd get as much feedback on the blog as I do here...I'd ditch deviantart and go back to it in a moment.

Pretty good times being hosted by Sonics Basement too, which seems to have died a death...damn, someone make me a site.
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get a freewebs account...you can still kinda own one...but i think its only .com :(

i have liek 2....don't use em though
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I use Dreamweaver to build and Freewebs to host when I want to host a website. Its not I don't have the resources, I just don't have the time!
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