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Alright? Hows it going?
I generally dont update this journal thing because im not sure how many people actually bother to read them. I will though, on the off chance a few of you read it.
Basically I'm flattered and most pleased with all the favourites/watches and best of all comments that my comics are receiving. Either deviantart really was the way forward for ASC or you were all bloody quiet back in the old days. Im going to make a more active effort to respond to comments on my comics and visit the pages of my fans( FANS! HAH! ), its the least I can do. So keep visiting and i hope you keep enjoying the comics (even if a lot of them seem soley for my own amusement).
Also, are there any topics you would like a comic based on!? I am well aware i have missed a few games which were RIPE for parady such as (the underwhelming) sonic chronicals. Dont say "Mario and Sonic and the winter olympics" because there are enough jokes there to take me to 2015.

Nice one!
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It helps when the artist is just as friendly as their readers and I like how upon the effort you take to ensure the comics are you also take the extra step in ensureing that you answer each comment personally. That's the way to go and you have it down. Keep it up I really injoy your work.
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have you ever thought of using Brawl as a game base for a comic or two? I bet Shadow would be pretty pissed he was a "Helper trophy" instead of a playable character! I dunno... you draw the comics, man! Keep it up!
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Do more gags with Knuckles! There's a new game coming out which I think is called Sonic and the Black Knight (the one that's supposed to be a continuation of Sonic and the Secret Rings, or so I've heard) . I'd love to see your interpretation of Knuckles with a sword! :XD:
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I already found inspiration in Chip's annoying attitude and WereSonic's giant fangs. I get inspired by pretty simple things...even though I have found comparisons between Weresonic and a dog really funny.
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woot! Hey, you can ALWAYS go for another Sonic Unleashed/ SBK parody, considering that was the time when we didn't know about them. Fun, fun, fun.