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3 and a half years since I submitted my last comic and still people are adding faves, commenting and watches. Maybe time to start up again. Cheers!

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It's been a while since i uploaded a true new comic, I know this and am looking to correct it! That is all.

Interesting bonus fact, entering sonic comic into google image search brings up quite a lot of my pieces. A few on the first page even, not too shabby. You've already seen em though.

EDIT: Wow Supersonikku brings up all my stuff! Some of nomads stuff at the end too. This is probably quite obvious but some of the wonders of the internet still manage to amaze me.
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Alright? Hows it going?
I generally dont update this journal thing because im not sure how many people actually bother to read them. I will though, on the off chance a few of you read it.
Basically I'm flattered and most pleased with all the favourites/watches and best of all comments that my comics are receiving. Either deviantart really was the way forward for ASC or you were all bloody quiet back in the old days. Im going to make a more active effort to respond to comments on my comics and visit the pages of my fans( FANS! HAH! ), its the least I can do. So keep visiting and i hope you keep enjoying the comics (even if a lot of them seem soley for my own amusement).
Also, are there any topics you would like a comic based on!? I am well aware i have missed a few games which were RIPE for parady such as (the underwhelming) sonic chronicals. Dont say "Mario and Sonic and the winter olympics" because there are enough jokes there to take me to 2015.

Nice one!
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That post about the history of ASC has been up for ages hasnt it, if anyones really interested they can go to the blog or look at my journal history.

How are you? Did you have a good day? You look nice today.

Thanks to everyone visiting my comics and, more importantly, enjoying them.
If i had the time i could have a new one up every minute, theres a million ideas for comics and it takes no time at all but its hectic being me! This is also why i dont get chance to come to the pages of everyone who comments/favourites my comics and give them a big virtual hug.

What are you having for dinner tonight? Good to be chillin out on the internet isnt it? I like your style

So keep coming here and dont think I dont take every bit of feedback. Whats your favourite character in the comics? Who would you like to see more of? Whats your favourite comic? Also, everyone should favourite my scrap "Shadow plays xbox" and make a scrap of shadow playing xbox the most popular piece of art in deviantart history. Thanks to Sonic1997 and StarScout-lost for starting that.
Finally to everyone in forums or on the internet generally moaning about sonic unleashed/chronicals etc about absolutely nothing, generally being negative and bitching about the tiniest detail and how its "bound to suck" for no reason apart from they have seen other people doing it, shut the f*ck up and join a different fandom.
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go here to see all 40 comics of Series 1 of "Another Sonic Comic"

ASC has been running for a long time, years and years in fact. I started with a rubbish little website with the first 5 of so comics on there and i was pretty pleased with it. The first comics were done in lectures all starting with the "spinning in the rain" image. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster since then! If you can be bothered reading on, theres a history lesson ahead.
Proud of my 5 stupid little comic and rubbish website i started emailing about to try and get affiliated. I took a gamble and sent one to the guys at They were back within the day saying how they enjoyed the comics but needed a better website, they would certainly affiliate with me. Im not sure if those guys check here anymore, they might have moved on a long time ago. I re-designed the website and it was actually pretty cool. There was a lot there, considering the actual amount of content i had to provide! With my new affiliation and a "big up" on the front news page of ( which was technically my first appearance on google! sort of) came a couple more affiliates and i was getting a few dozen hits a day which was quite frankly amazing! When i set up originally i didnt think anyone would actually visit the website. I plodded on with this, a steady stream of comics filtering out and a steady stream of hits. Google listed the website which was a happy day and the amount of "questions for sonic" was great ( thats a special comic from series 1 if you dont know) I still get the questions and received one about a week ago, that was a lot of fun and i wish i had the time to get them all up there with answers but its all gone a bit pear shaped. Thank you to anyone who has ever submitted a "question to sonic" You have provided me with more amusement than you probably know. I would answer questions as a dim-witted sonic as a permanant position of employment if i could.
One day a website called "Sonic Basement" emailed me saying they would sponsor my comics, i accepted and for a link to their website they had a damn good link to mine. Hits sky-rocketed up to over 60 uniques a day which was phenominal. Good comics done in this time, a happy time! Thanks everyone who sent an "Elkian Lionblood is a whiny bitch" comment. That was a highlight of this whole thing for me. This period of lots of hits, lots of comics and lots of fans went on for a long time! Didnt last though..
After this i got worse with updates, i did some travelling and generally had less time to spend, i decided to make the website into a blog which would be easier to update. The blog was used for comics and for, what i considered, a witty look at current sonic related news. Didnt go down a storm and i got a lot of moaning and complaining about my "negative" view of what was happening with the sonic franchise. I quickly got sick of this and removed all posts that werent comic related from the blog. This seemed to open a window for moaning and people got whiny about the comics themselves! I havent checked the ammount of hits to the site in years but pretyt much assumed they were at an all time low. Deflated, the comic output rate was at an all-time low despite the comics themselves being (in my opinion) at an all time high. Art wise and humor wise.
Since then i have trickled out comics to this blog, at the same time posting them on deviantart. The popularity on deviantart appeared to be so much greater than here on the blog i have decided to completely re-locate to deviantart.
I might be way off the mark and i might still get hits here, but if thats the case then you lot certainly are quiet! Thats where ASC is going though. Its been a hell of a time and I'm sad to be giving in the website but right now, the amount of effort it takes to upload here is a incredible compared to the simplicty of deviantart.
Its been a pleasure.

Special thanks to all my affiliates, the fans and the non-fans for giving me something to complain about.
See you on deviantart.