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22: What Happened to Ray?

By supersonikku
The hillareous and exciting adventure which took place in my previous comic prompted one fan to question "how did Ray die?"
Well heres the shocking part, if you're a probably saw it happen. You might have seen it happen many times infact. I guess its my duty to show you the events that took place on that fateful day, see'ing as Sega seems reluctant to.

Hello everyone, hello fans. I hope you enjoyed this comic although I realise to completely appreciate it you need to be aware of Ray and SegaSonic Arcade and the plot of Sonic Adventure 2. Thanks Female-Spy for comment question that inspired the comic.
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KeenTeen24's avatar
That's gonna leave a mark.
Sabrinathetiger100's avatar
ouch.....that gotta hurt...
Hey,are you a anti ray fan?
And whoa....A drinking 14 year-old squirrl....:O_o:
Wait I think he's 15...
ShadowAndChaos's avatar
Sorain26's avatar
Hahahaha really funny, poor Ray XD
mabpanda's avatar
that is so funneh but at the same time so sad. a moment of silence for our fallen flying squirel *bows head for a moment*. my friends dont even know who he is!!!! i can be like "hey guys i know how ray the flying squirrel died!" and they can be like "who?"
supersonikku's avatar
Thats the tragedy I guess! His name lives on in our hearts....

...what was he called again?
OH RAY! Right right...
mabpanda's avatar
lol, right! roy will always live in our hearts.

my cousin: i think u mean ray, not roy.
me: yeah ray that's what i said! ;)
cooperthehedgehog's avatar
wow 2 weeks and i just saw this...anyways its so freakin' funny...XDDDDD..

i lauf..i lauf haud :iconhappyiamplz:
FemaleSpy's avatar
:rofl: That's REALLY bad timing, Ray! :XD:

My pleasure! =D
Shadowworship's avatar
OMG poor Ray...That's do mean yet strangly so hilarious! I feel bad a little but
supersonikku's avatar
Nah it would be mean for him to fade away quietly, its kinda nice that everyone knows the truth
Shadowworship's avatar
Crest-Zionerias's avatar
Right guy, Right place, Right time?

Bloody brilliant. Sonic Adventure 2 > Ray Side > Bad End.
supersonikku's avatar
Thats it excactly, its a shame everyone thought there was only the Hero story and Dark story to SA2. Ray story was ace.
DrakotheBlackDragon's avatar
Well, that explains it...
AdamGoodenough's avatar
Ray, as soon as he saw the cannon's beam coming at him: "With my dying breath, I curse Naaaack!"
supersonikku's avatar
Maybe Nacks curse will be the next comic!
Not that I'm suddenly into torturing forgotten sonic characters or anything...
lennythehedgehog's avatar
for some reason I dont feel sorry I got blown up
supersonikku's avatar
Its because you know the truth now and that always feels good :)
slythehedgehog's avatar
what a nice way to lose a life and bet that was his last one
supersonikku's avatar
Indeed, i beleive thats what we call GAME OVER in the industry!
slythehedgehog's avatar
true, wonder how bark and fang kicked the bucket
3rd-eye-potatoe's avatar
lol you should have just left it with "people of earth" we would have filled in the blanks lol anyways this was just awesome, great job man... but whatever happened to fang, bean, and bark?
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