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21: The Winter Olympics

By supersonikku
Argh, this was such a ruch job. I had an idea, and now less than an hour later, its drawn and inked and uploaded and here online. Hope its good enough...............hope its funny!!
Also, if youve been watching the comics for a while you should totally check out this fanart by Nomad


I wish i could do the fancy links to his own profile and all that but I have no idea how nor do i have the time to learn! =D
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AJInu-Okami's avatar
Lol! Shadow is actuall really good at doing figure skating... even though he was still wearing his shoes on the ice!
Also, ribbons ftw!
Twilightwolf4's avatar

Yes...I wonder what Knuckles' secret love is...

probably also skating
DeidaraBuddies4ever's avatar
Shadow would sooooo kick ass at Figure Skating! His rocket boots practically grant him an all-win pass! Plus, he has a lot of experience, he skates EVERYWHERE!
Sorain26's avatar
LOL in the game, Shadow does pretty well, ribbons LOL.
sensum's avatar
He really has a soul of an artist. Somewhere...
PuppetChaos's avatar
Awesome. Just awesome.
Shadlay's avatar
Shadow skates everywhere anyway.

Whee! Chaos powered bobsled...
Solar-Twist's avatar
lol chaos powered bobsled
J-Foxfire's avatar
It reminds me of a flash thing I saw on Newgrounds. Shadow plays the role of Brian Boitano and reinacts many of Brians exploits mentioned in the song "What would Brian Boitano Do?"
supersonikku's avatar
I love that video! I watched it a lot back in the day.. it must be at least 4 years old now, time flies.
Orumon's avatar
That makes sense.
Hmm, I would have guessed hockey, which has happened.
AdamGoodenough's avatar
Your comic inspired this comic: [link]
supersonikku's avatar
haha! Great job!
I myself feel inspired by sonics "nancy" card..
Shadowworship's avatar
Funny enough I could totally see Shadow figure skateing. ^^
supersonikku's avatar
Absolutely, you know that guy has dreams other than 'ultimat chaos powa'
FemaleSpy's avatar
I could just see Shadow ice skating with ribbons. :XD:

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games? That would make for one of the longest titles ever. :XD: *steals Shadow's chaos powered bobsled*
supersonikku's avatar
hahah hi there femalespy, just so you know, this HAS been announced! But not as "mario and sonic at the winter olympic games" which makes sense but as
"mario and sonic at the olympic winter games"

FemaleSpy's avatar
Wow, I can hardly believe they're actually making the game. The title is still ridiculously long, though. :XD:
nomoreblue's avatar
XDD Another excellent comic. I love the way Shadow is portrayed in these.
XD Bobsled.
supersonikku's avatar
Good! I got an email yesterday complaining that I make shadow stupid and asking for me to try and get his personality better.

nomoreblue's avatar
XD Ah, because having the characters exactly as they are in the games is humourous in any way XP
Not-Afraid's avatar
Personally, this is my favorite of you comics. I've always had the image of the sonic gang going skating, and everyone falling flat on their faces except for shadow, who instead is doing perfect pirouettes and routines.

Lol! shadow probably would train regularly.
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