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14: Sonic Unleashed Plot Leak

By supersonikku
Well heres the first comic exclusive to Deviantart! Not much to say really apart from the fact its brilliant.
This is the real way Sonic Unleashed begins, dont listen to those pesky people online who say otherwise with their "evidence" and "screenshots".
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© 2008 - 2021 supersonikku
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NayuSiminova's avatar
Just kidding I know your not, neither is Knuckles. But, if Sonic is, someone slam him!
NayuSiminova's avatar
Wonder if Eggman realized this? Or was he high on drugs too?
NayuSiminova's avatar
WONDERFUL! No wonder he was soo messed up! This, this is freakin wacky!
AJInu-Okami's avatar
LOL! And a banana, so priceless!
BlackCeiling's avatar
Knuckles should have been playable Sonic Colors.
supersonikku's avatar
You reckon?

Yeah, why not :)
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
hm... I always thought there was a striking resemblence between Weresonic and Donkey Kong.... the banana explains it all! :noes:
mabpanda's avatar
lol uber sonic XD

me an knux chat on the internet :meow:
sonicfreaky's avatar
can you shows us what sonic would look like if he used all those things
supersonikku's avatar
Not a bad idea at all!
Tails-Doll-Slave's avatar
...and a shouldn't listen to Knux anymore
supersonikku's avatar
He's gone off the rails since Tails showed him how to use a computer..
Tails-Doll-Slave's avatar
gambling does that to you, lol
DANYANTTO's avatar
yeah the banana part is the beeter followed by the explanation ^^ hahaha
sensum's avatar
Odd enough to work) Thank you Knukles)))
slythehedgehog's avatar
Ex010lvr's avatar
I wonder why they always lose the chaos emeralds becuse kunckles gambles with them on tha internet XD
Cometgamer's avatar
memory-the-hedgehog's avatar
It makes perfect sense! It must have been teh banana!
Orumon's avatar
Now it makes sense.
ChocoboRacer's avatar
question-mark-man's avatar
LOL, omg that is so f'n wrong. XD
BrasingaTheFox's avatar
ilike the bannana part the best
Nenilein's avatar
Bananas are evil!
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