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Gallery Folders

Sabrina Anita Acorn (2017) by misfit2588
Sally in F.F. uniform by misfit2588
Death of Sonic the hedgehog 16' : Sally Acorn by misfit2588
Death of sonic the Hedgehog 16' by misfit2588
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic's jelly bean body by chibiirose
See you soon ! by Yoshi4044
Hey!! Cut it out!! by CreamsFriend
2018 - Sonic Channel: Sonic with ring by RGXSuperSonic
Miles "Tails" Prower
2019 - Miles Tails Prower (Sonic X) by RGXSuperSonic
Request: Let's make it official... by SkippyP008
Miles 'Tails' Prower - Pixel Quickie by FierceTheBandit
Birthday Present: Dark Tails by grimlock1997
Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles by Marfilertis
Knuckles The Echidna Pixel Quickie by FierceTheBandit
Knuckle Sandwich (Dine and Dash event) by TrishRowdy
Knuckles - SPD Emergency by RedStriker23424
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Doodle by KokoaMinto
Amy Rose: Tokyo 2020 by LeaRicchan
Amy Rose. by CyroRush
Awaiting action by Pesky-Pincushion
Eggman and Eggman Nega
Eggman by Yoshi4044
NFF Eggman by Pesky-Pincushion
Summer Time Mischief by Pesky-Pincushion
Dr Claw's Agents - Robotnik by CCB-18
Shadow the Hedgehog
Tajimamori Shadow by Shad-kun
king shadow the hedgehog by ChunkyTheLunatic
Infinite A Shadow by lv-a42
The Ultimate Sticker by Starlitzart
Rouge the Bat
.:StH:Rouge - Aphrodite Goddess of Love:. by Blizzard-Chill
Rouge (sonic) by catlightning77
Rouge reads stupid comments by ShanahaT
Pink Heart by yutakira99
[F2U] Wave Pagedoll by BlazinMyra
Super Sonic Gif (Check Description) by SAJ-Man
Princess Sally by Pesky-Pincushion
Robotropolis Run by Kilcra
Saying hello to uncle Tails (commision) by ShanahaT
::smile:: by Morning-Strawberry
Sally's happily ever after by ShanahaT
Goals And Checkpoints - PG06 - #1 by ReiUsagi
Silvaze Week: Day 2 - Lunar Lantern Music by AZ-Derped-Unicorn
Official Character Group Artwork
Beach gals by Echosillustrations
Fan Character Universe 2010-2014
Art Trade for Mostwanted06 by misfit2588
Fan Character Universe 2014-2018
[G] Right Time by Punanormal
Silver the Hedgehog
2019 - Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic X) by RGXSuperSonic
Blaze the Cat
2019 - Blaze the Cat (Sonic X) by RGXSuperSonic
Tikal the Echidna
Tikal by Shad-kun
Sally Acorn
Sal by Pesky-Pincushion
Other Official Characters
Goo Life by Ora-Allagis
Sonic Civil War: Please Comment Suggestions Below by Winter-Phantom
*~ Mutated Chao OC Adopt (CLOSED) ~* by Pompom-Pomowo
Logos, Development Art, Bases, and Tutorials
Sonic Adopt 69 [OPEN] by Skyhedgyy
Silvaze Week: Day 3 - I can show you the...World!? by AZ-Derped-Unicorn
Egg Pawn Fighter by venjix5
040 - Green Hill Zone tileset by WilsonScarloxy

Random from Featured

Egg Bot - Sonic Chronichles by HyperMetalix Egg Bot - Sonic Chronichles :iconhypermetalix:HyperMetalix 51 10 Hope Sonic is Okay by segasonic360 Hope Sonic is Okay :iconsegasonic360:segasonic360 85 85 Sonic The Hedgehog by sergio-borges Sonic The Hedgehog :iconsergio-borges:sergio-borges 236 45 Team DARK by sergio-borges Team DARK :iconsergio-borges:sergio-borges 1,017 164 Hyper Emerald Chamber by RoseRei Hyper Emerald Chamber :iconroserei:RoseRei 173 29 Knuckles HD by SillyJonna Knuckles HD :iconsillyjonna:SillyJonna 269 32 The Demon's Lies - The Whisper by Hazard-the-Porgoyle The Demon's Lies - The Whisper :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 395 73 The Absolute of a Ruined World by Hazard-the-Porgoyle The Absolute of a Ruined World :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 194 33 The Hammer Queen's Fury by Hazard-the-Porgoyle The Hammer Queen's Fury :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 303 63 Chaos Set Below the Sunset Sky by Hazard-the-Porgoyle Chaos Set Below the Sunset Sky :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 352 81 Impossibility - The Angel's Chaos by Hazard-the-Porgoyle Impossibility - The Angel's Chaos :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 249 52 The Calamity of Nonaggression by Hazard-the-Porgoyle The Calamity of Nonaggression :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 188 33 Steps Above the Dying Worlds by Hazard-the-Porgoyle Steps Above the Dying Worlds :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 442 89 Undersea Base Battle by Hazard-the-Porgoyle Undersea Base Battle :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 165 22 ...The Creator... by Hazard-the-Porgoyle ...The Creator... :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 276 98 Running Down the Laser Bathed Road... by Hazard-the-Porgoyle Running Down the Laser Bathed Road... :iconhazard-the-porgoyle:Hazard-the-Porgoyle 190 39
Some of the group's favorite pieces of work. Some may have already been submitted to this group.


Some of the groups that have been affiliated to this group. If you would like to affiliate your group with ours just send a message and we here will see to it.

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Group Info

Welcome to the SuperSonic-Fan-Zone!

We strive to be a Sonic Fandom variety group. This fandom has spawned a plethora of great artwork of the official characters and their escapades, as well as a great deal of artwork featuring fan characters and their adventures. We serve to unify all these pieces of artwork under one roof.
Create and submit, fans of the Sonic series, we want to see it all!
Founded 9 Years ago
Feb 3, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

1,265 Members
1,153 Watchers
68,743 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Group and Gallery Rules


Group Rules:

1. We don't want to see explicit nudity. We strive to generally keep this an all-ages group.

2. As for pieces containing gore and obscene language, we advise that they not pass the PG-13 threshold. Nothing excessive, please.

3. Pieces should almost exclusively be Sonic related, owing to the nature of the group, but we do have a folder established for crossover pieces if you wish to submit those.

4. Generally try to only submit your own pieces to the main gallery folders. Recommending others' pieces for submission raises a bit of a dilemma, seeing as it removes the artists' wishes from the equation. We may provide exceptions for the Group's Favourites section, as that's a different kind of showcase.

5. We prefer that work be custom made. Pieces should generally not incorporate official renders, artwork, etc. (That's kind of a general rule for dA, really, and we plan to adhere to it.) Also, photographs of Sonic merchandise are not encouraged. If you're submitting a photograph, it should be of something you made.

6. Try not to submit multiple versions of the same piece. If you have sketch, outline, flat color, and fully colored versions of your piece, just pick one to submit.

7. Submit to the proper folders. See the following for some assistance on that matter.


Gallery Rules:

In order to keep this group's gallery organized, here are some rules and descriptions of how the gallery folders work:

First, a message to the admins: If you see an artist's deviation is in storage or their account is now deactivated, remove it from the group. The featured folder should now be used for the truly feature worthy work. It should not be a general dumping ground as it was in the past. When work is put here (presumably from the other folders) it should be copied over, not moved over. We still want people to be able to find it in the folder that best matches its content.

Next, a rundown of the folders and what priority they have over other folders:

Character-centric folders: In these folders, the characters should be alone, or with an alternate version of themselves. (Modern and Classic Sonic together would be fine for the Sonic folder, for example, and should not go in the Group Artwork folder.) If the character is in a new outfit or is modified (vampire Shadow, for example), they should be here. However, if their new outfit is based on an existing intellectual property, (Sherlock Holmes Shadow, for example) they should go in the Crossovers folder.

Official Character Group Artwork: If two or more official Sonic characters appear together, and there is no depiction of romance or a battle, the piece should go here.

Couples: For pieces that depict two official Sonic characters being affectionate to each other.

Battles: For pieces that depict battles between official Sonic characters.

Fan Character Universe: This folder overrides a lot of the other ones. If a fan character appears in the piece in any way, it should go here.

Animation: Fan character pieces are allowed here. Other than that, it's a little tricky to define. See the folder for examples of what's accepted there.

Comics: For multiple-panel pieces/comics. Fan character submissions are also allowed here.

Chao: For chao centric work that doesn't depict just Cheese. He'd go in the Other Official Characters folder.

Logos, Development Art, Bases, and Tutorials: Kind of a tricky folder to define. Just go by the title and the work contained within.

Literature: For pieces submitted in dA's Literature category. The actual content can vary - fan character profiles, stories, poems, etc., it all goes here. That said, please refrain from submitting personal journals, commission information, or adoptables' profiles here. Try to limit your submissions to narratives.

Machines: For the Sonic series' machines, vehicles, battleships, etc. It'd probably be better for the series' important robots (Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, EggRobo, etc.) to go in the Other Official Characters folder. Badniks should go in this Machines folder. This folder can also be used for the series' boss machines, if no one is visibly operating them, and the piece does not depict a battle.

Zones: For pieces specifically depicting the locations found in the Sonic games. Characters can appear in these pieces, so long as the main focus seems to be the location.


That all said, have fun, create, and submit!


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TOA316XDNUI-OFFICIAL Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
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If you got any questions, feel free to ask.  Enjoy your time here. :D
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Hello everyone, Sonic fans, i made a video in my YouTube cannel to how make a mini tails in polymer clay, feel free to check ^^…
UltimateEquilibrium Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
Quick question: So recently I made a video guitar cover recording of myself performing "His World", and made a journal about it here:

Would something like this be acceptable to this group, knowing it's Sonic-related?
MorthriL Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Severe apologies for the late response.  I've been busy with academics, and did not put forth any time into deviantArt in a long time until now.  Yes, of course you can.  I'm a bit surprised we can get music submissions through this tiny group.  Submit it to Literature.

Also good job on the cover, it was nice listening to it! 
extremespeeds Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Drat, I submitted a file to the wrong folder...
MorthriL Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Fixed.  :D
extremespeeds Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks ^^;
wr024190 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015
Would you accept Sonic fusions?
MorthriL Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
These type of deviations would be sent to "Official Character Group Artwork" if they're fusions of the main Sonic cast, like Shadic. 

"Fan Character Universe 2014-2015" does work too, especially for the instance that the fusion is with a fan/main or fan/fan fusion.

If it's a fusion of a non-Sonic character from a different franchise with a Sonic character, then it goes to "Crossovers."

Thanks for asking! :D
wr024190 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
You're welcome!
LordOfAllDucks Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015
I need some help, there's no "contribute" button on the literature page. Sweating a little... 
Hazard-the-Porgoyle Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have reviewed the settings for the literature folder, and they appear to be set correctly. Are you a member of the group? If not, that might be what is inhibiting your ability to contribute.
thegreatrouge Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
sorry i submited my oc into the offical characters folderSweating a little... 
MorthriL Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've relocated all the misplaced deviations.  :D  Good to have them back in their proper place.
Miss-Tomboy Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
so two of my deviations went into the couple section by accident? I'm sorry. I would like to get those out so it doesn't mess things up xD
MorthriL Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've moved the single character deviations over to their corresponding folder.  Normally I would say "No problem," but it was a problem.  It'd be more accurate to say it's not a problem anymore. :D 
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