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Sonic 2 the Novel: Rise of the Death EggSonic the Hedgehog; Rise of the Death Egg-A Sonic 2 Novelization-覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧Writer's Note:The novelization/novella of the 1992 SEGA Genesis game known as Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which introduced Miles Tails Prower, the Death Egg and Super Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog and friends are the property of SEGA, I have no ownership, please enjoy...覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Young Miles Tails Prower walked through the forests of Westside Island, feeling saddened after being picked on again. He hated it when people bullied him about either his intellect or the two tails that he壇 been born with that earned him the nickname Tails. Either way, while his birth name was Miles Prower, he壇 embraced the name Tails as it suited him more so than Miles Prower due to the two tails and the fact that his name sounded like an annoying play on the words miles per hour. Despite having issues with bullies, he had a couple friends on the island, mostly the animals. Tails loved to be with the Flickies, often flying around with them as if he were one of them, all thanks to his amazing ability to fly. Little did the two-tailed fox know that his life here on Westside Island was about to completely change forever, even though he壇 been through some big life-changing events. But the coming adventure was going to be different compared to past adventures. Tails had fought a witch named Witchcart on his own a year ago and a few months earlier, during a vacation to Coco Island, he壇 single-handedly taken down the Battle Bird Armada Kuku Army and saved the world from their evil ambitions. Yet, little did he know that what he壇 experienced was half a taste of what he would be experiencing very soon, once he met... him. After today, Tails life was never going to be the same ever again and he would be stepping into a larger world... A gush of wind blew through the area and Tails caught a glimpse of a speedy hedgehog racing through the area, a hedgehog with white gloves and red shoes. The hedgehog stopped for a minute, breathed in the fresh air, and raced off. 展hoa! Tails breathed, 典hat guy was cool, I wonder where he went off too. In fact, where is he going? He spun his tails and flew in the direction that the hedgehog had raced off in, following the trail, all the way to the tropical, sandy beach area. That was when he saw it with his own eyes, the big, blue biplane sitting close by with the words SONIC etched into the side of it. Tails jaw dropped with amazement, not only did he hear stories about somebody named Sonic but He. Loved. Planes! He壇 seen planes fly over the island a few times, but they were nothing like this, biplanes were a very rare sight these days, especially after they had been decommissioned a long time ago. Tails wanted to get a closer look, he wanted to, but something kept him. And that was the sight of the blue hedgehog, taking a nap, right next to the plane. Tails just shrugged, he didn稚 care. By hook or by crook, he was going to look at this beauty and try to make friends with the blue hedgehog. Slowly but surely, he crept towards the plane and passed the slumbering hedgehog, who snored on through his own nap. Tails stifled a giggle, this guy was quite a sleeper, but nothing compared to when TAILS took naps or slept at night. Noticing some rust patches on the side of the plane, the fox cub decided that it needed a makeover and got out a can of red spray paint. He set to work, painting over the rust patches and then changing the plane痴 color from blue to red. Just as Tails was wrapping up, he heard a voice speak from behind him, 添o, whatcha think you池e doing, fox boy? Tails wheeled around, putting away the spray can, and found himself face to face with the now awake blue hedgehog. 展hat? Tails asked innocently, 的 can稚 give your plane a makeover? It also had some rust patches, if you added a booster to it, your plane can fly more faster than normal. 的ts fine, I知 not mad. By the way, my name痴 Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, I知 a guy who likes adventure and I知 pretty much the fastest thing alive as well as the hero of South Island. Its nice to meet a nice kid like you. By the way, what痴 your name? 溺iles Prower, Tails shook Sonic痴 hand, 釘ut I prefer Tails, since I have two tails. Its an honor to meet you. Oh and I can fly. See? Tails spun his rotor tails around and took to the air, flying a few feet above the ground in front of his new best friend, who looked amazed. 展ow! Sonic exclaimed, 添ou池e very impressive, Tails. Say, how would you like to be best friends with me and maybe we could go on adventures together? 滴ow can I say no, I would be thrilled to be your sidekick! Tails got excited, 的致e heard so much stories about you, you池e the bee's knees. That made the blue speedster chuckle. 典he bees knees, huh? I知 starting to like you a ton more and more as time goes by. 敵ee, thanks, Sonic. I like you more and more too, can稚 wait to have some fun. And so the two new buddies spent the next few days hanging out together, Tails, who壇 taken great fascination with Sonic at this point, he wanted to be just like him. Whenever Sonic took off running, Tails would follow and try to keep up with him, using his two tails. If he saw the hedgehog do a spin dash, the cub would emulate that successfully. Anything he saw Sonic did, Tails would imitate him. When the hedgehog saw his new buddy spin dashing one night while they were camping out in the lush Green Hill Zone-like area of Emerald Hill Zone, he chuckled, 滴a ha. C知on, Tails, are you really trying to be like me? 添ou bet, Tails said with a sheepish smile, 鼎知on, you池e cool and I admit, I wanna be just like you, fast and cool, adventurous, even heroic. I知 impressed with the stories I heard about you standing up to that Robotnik guy on South Island. 鄭w, that was nothin. Sonic remarked, 的 was just doing what was right. Like me when I fought Witchcart and the Battle Birds, Tails thought, he hugged Sonic and the hedgehog hugged him back before they both sat down to look up at the starry night sky. The next morning, both woke up to hear the sounds of explosions and shrieks from somewhere not too far off. Sonic leapt to his feet and looked around. 典hat can稚 be good, I better go investigate. He said determinedly, 鉄omethin tells me Eggman痴 here. ZOOM! Sonic raced off across Emerald Hill, Tails immediately right behind him, both friends racing in the direction the commotion was coming from as they saw Flickies and Pockys fleeing in the opposite direction, trying to escape from... 的 knew it! The hedgehog exclaimed, spotting the robots and the fat man in the hoverpod, 摘ggman痴 up to no good again and I gotta stop him. Whatever he痴 got planned, I知 not gonna let him try to get away with it again. Sonic charged on in, smashing Kiki Badniks, Bee Bots and Grounders along the way, Tails joined in, spin dashing a few Badniks and trying his best not to get hurt. Robotnik was busy scanning the area when he heard a voice ring out, 滴EY, EGGMAN! Wheeling around and looking down, the fat man spotted the blue hedgehog accompanied by the young two-tailed fox. A sinister smile crossed his face instead of an angry face, Robotnik chuckled, 鄭h, Sonic. Fancy running into you here, I see you got a sidekick. 泥own to business, Eggman. Sonic remarked, 展hatcha up to again? Last time I saw you, you attacked South Island. So what's your angle this time! 擢irst off, stop calling me 薦ggman, its 然obotnik. Number two, I want to gather the Chaos Emeralds for my latest plan involving my battlestation 傍HE DEATH EGG! With that station at my command, I will conquer the world with it. HA HA HA HA HA HA! 添ou池e not gonna succeed, doc. I知 gonna make sure you never launch your crazy evil battle station of doom, you池e not getting your filthy hands on those Chaos Emeralds as long as I知 around and as long as I知 kicking your flabby butt and wreckin your plans. 展e値l see about that, blue boy! Robotnik cackled, he held up a green Chaos Emerald, 的n fact, I got one of the emeralds. You want to stop me and you want this? Come and get it, hedgehog. PREPARE TO BE TURNED INTO MINCEMEAT!覧覧覧Boss Battle: Robotnik Drill Tank覧覧覧 The mad doctor pressed some buttons and a four-wheel car with a drill at the front rolled into the area, Robotnik piloted his Egg Mobile right over it as the vehicle came to a stop and then landed his hoverpod inside it, creating... 釘ehold my newest weapon! The doctor bragged, 迭OBOTNIK DRILL, GO! The drill spun to life and Robotnik drove towards a battle ready Sonic and Tails who jumped out of the way before the drill could cut them up, the only thing getting cut up was a palm tree. When Robotnik wheeled around, ready to charge at the two buddies again, Sonic ran forth and began bashing up the mech with several spin dash attacks. Tails joined in and, very soon, they were both hitting Robotnik and smashing his Robotnik Drill. It took some time, but in the end, Sonic and Tails hard work payed off as the drill fell off and the vehicle fell apart, all except the Egg Mobile. Robotnik was furious as he began mashing buttons. 敵RRR! You値l both regret this. He growled, vowing vengeance Sonic and Tails watched as their nemesis flew off, but not before they managed to get their hands on the Chaos Emerald that Robotnik ended up dropping. Sonic took notice to the all-too familiar Egg Capsule with imprisoned animals sitting nearby. 滴ey hey, look at that, Tails. The hedgehog remarked, 迭obotnik left behind a prison full of poor animals for us to bust out. Betcha love forest life, huh? Tails nodded. 展anna do the honors of setting the animals free? The button痴 right there, little bro. Tails flew over the Egg Capsule and landed on the yellow button atop it, the pod opened slowly and Flickies poured out along with several penguins, pigs and squirrels who all took off in various directions, relieved that they were safe. 哲ow lets go get that fat man. Sonic quipped and zipped off at top speed in the direction that Robotnik had gone in, Tails was right by his side in seconds and never looked back to see that the lush, green and lovely scenery of Emerald Hill was far behind. They followed Robotnik痴 trail all the way to a completely different place that Sonic and Tails never expected to find, Chemical Plant Zone 泡n industrial oil refinery cityscape full of metal, purple water and Spider Badniks, but where was Robotnik? 展hen did the doc get all of this set up so soon? Sonic questioned, 的n fact, could this place actually tie into his plans for his battle station he calls a Death Egg? Whatever is going on, its up to us to take care of this. Watch out, Robuttnik, because here we come! Swallowing their fear and nervousness, Sonic and Tails charged in at high speed, trashing robots and making sure not to fall off any narrow ledges into the muck bellow, all while going through chutes that took them to other areas in the city. Whenever Sonic often fell off a ledge, Tails made sure to catch him and fly him back to safety, all to the amazement of the hedgehog who was thrilled that his newfound friend was looking out for him. Could this kid become a hero in his own light just like me? Sonic thought. As they went deeper and deeper into the heart of Chemical Plant Zone, Tails and Sonic had several more close calls with the elaborate, set up traps laid out by Robotnik, consisting of unstable platforms, muck shooters and hordes of Badniks. Despite the odds, the bros made it through all of the traps and soon reached a small area overlooking a huge pool of chemicals, which made Sonic nervous as he feared that any second, he would fall off and possibly drown without his buddy to help him. Just then, Robotnik arrived in his Egg Mobile, smiling villainously as a water pump with a gun attached to it emerged from the bottom of his hoverpod. 展e meet again, Sonic and Tails. The doctor chuckled, 典o see you made it this far, you are quite the survivors. 展here致e ya been, Eggman? Sonic quipped sarcastically, 的 betcha anything you were probably checking up on your Death Egg, huh? Ha ha, by the way, what is that ridiculous contraption you just whipped out of your Egg Mobile? 鄭 ridiculous question, you annoying sack of spikes! The doctor snapped, 典his is my Mega Muck Sucker-Shooter Machine, it sucks up amounts of liquid and then sprays it anywhere. In fact, I知 gonna use it on you and that two tailed toddler. 典ODDLER? Tails yelled, 的知 not a toddler, I don稚 even toddle! I don稚 even need to be in school right now, I知 very smart. I bet ya anything that you don稚 know that the square root of 199905095623 is 447107.4765903608! Robotnik痴 eyes widened with shock and outrage, 展HAT? HOW DID YOU...? I can稚 believe this, the great Doctor Robotnik with an IQ of 300 outsmarted and schooled in math by a young boy. It doesn稚 matter, I樽 GOING TO DESTROY YOU ALL!覧覧覧Boss Battle: Robotnik Mega Muck Sucker Shooter Machine覧覧覧 The madman began his usual button pushing and the weapon came alive, the pump lowered into the muck and the heroic duo of Sonic and Tails watched as the tank filled up and, soon as the pump came up, Robotnik pushed a button and... SQUIRT SQUIRT SQUIRT! Sonic and Tails ducked just as the Mega Muck Sucker Shooter Machine started spraying Mega Muck at them, Sonic hardly got a drop on him but Tails ended up getting hit in the face and he shrieked in alarm, 的T STINGS! 徹k, nobody hurts my little buddy. Sonic sprang into action, attacking the Egg Mobile and smashed away at the MMSSM before it fell to pieces into the purple water. Robotnik shouted with fury, vowing vengeance as he flew away, dropping the yellow Chaos Emerald. 鄭fter him! Sonic cried, taking the emerald and giving chase with Tails at his side, they smashed another Egg Capsule and freed more animals, who expressed their gratitude before scurrying away to safety, before resuming chase after the insane Eggman. Leaving Chemical Plant far behind, Sonic and Tails were in for a big surpise when they found themselves in a woodland-esque area full of grass land and tall trees. While Sonic was surprised, Tails wasn稚. 展elcome to Wood Zone, The fox said optimistically. 鼎ool! Sonic remarked, 添et this place is big, how are we gonna find the doc? 滴ey, don稚 look at me, I don稚 know where Robotnik is and its been ages since I even last visited Wood Zone! Tails replied innocently, 展hat matters is that you池e the hero, I知 the sidekick, the doc is the bad guy and we池e chasing him and trying to stop him. 滴eh, whatever you say, Miles. Uh, I mean, Tails little buddy. Lets get movin, the emeralds ain稚 gonna find themselves nor is the Death Egg痴 launch gonna stop itself and neither is the whole world gonna save itself from Robuttnik痴 reign of terror. And just like that, Sonic and Tails carried on through Wood Zone, passing by tree houses and evading saw blade traps (probably set up by Robotnik) while smashing Grounders, Buzz Bombers and Crabmeats scattered across the area, rescuing more Flickies and Rickies. In the process, as they traveled through the area, the two heroes searched high and low for the villain and asking any of the hiding locals if they壇 seen 殿 fat man with a moustache and a yellow cape in a flying hoverpod. Every time, Sonic and Tails came up empty. Eventually, after minutes of searching, they found Robotnik waiting for them in an upgraded Egg Mobile with buzz saws attached to it along with tank treads. 滴A HA HA! The doctor cackled, 典here you are, meet my latest mech: THE EGG TREESAW! 天ery creative, doc! Sonic remarked, 鏑ets go already, give us another emerald!迫覧覧唯oss Battle: Egg Treesaw覧覧覧 Robotnik pressed a series of buttons and the buzzsaws came alive, spinning dangerously as they cut through several trees and knocked them down. Sonic and Tails jumped out of the way, making sure not to get crushed or chopped up. Pushing forward on the gas and the lever, Robotnik痴 vehicle came towards them, the buzzsaws spinning like wild. Coming up with a plan, Sonic had Tails airlift him into the air and they flew over Robotnik痴 head, descending behind the Egg Treesaw, ready to strike. Soon as they were completely in position, Tails threw Sonic, who curled up into a ball, and the hedgehog attacked the Egg Treesaw痴 engines and began bashing up the arms connecting the blades to the vehicle itself, completely surprising Robotnik. 摘GAD! The fat man cried furiously, he pressed a big button and pulled a lever, 泥EFENSE MODE ON, YOU坦E NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS, SONIC! Sonic retreated just in time as the Egg Treesaw produced more buzzsaws and tons of lazer cannons. BZZZZZZ BZZZZ BLAM BLAM BLAM! The Egg Treesaw went all out, razor blades spinning wildly and lasers firing indiscriminately, taking out a few trees and lighting patches of grass on fire. Tails received a hit to the shoulder and he cried out in pain. 典AILS! Sonic screamed, concerned about his buddy痴 safety. He glared at the cackling Robotnik and saw an opening in the mech痴 defenses, acting fast, Sonic spin-dashed like wild and flew at the Egg Treesaw, banging away at it before finally breaking it to pieces. The doctor dropped the blue Chaos Emerald, roared with rage and flew away in his Egg Mobile as Sonic checked on Tails, making sure he wasn稚 too badly injured. 的値l be fine, The fox cub said, 的 can carry onward, lets get that fat monster. Soon as Tails recovered from the injury, he and Sonic smashed the nearby Egg Capsule with more of Westside Island痴 animals and gave chase after Robotnik, who lead them to a place nobody expected to see: Casino Night Zone. Casino Night was one huge city full of neon-lit buildings, casinos and pinball bingo machines everywhere, the whole town looked lively for a place located on an island under attack by the maniac known as Doctor Robotnik. 展ho likes gambling, huh? Sonic remarked, 的 really don稚. 釘ecause we池e too young? Tails asked, 釘ecause gambling is illegal. 撤retty much, yeah! No gambling, not cool, no wasting money. Nodding in agreement, both heroes got to traversing the city streets, looking for their egg-shaped foe and smashing Bouncer Badniks while trying to avoid ending up in the pinball and gambling machines, not wanting to get distracted by anything. Sonic and Tails ran into a few human beings and animals visiting the city, often asking if they壇 seen 鍍he Eggman anywhere and if one of the people here was a fat man in disguise. Much to their relief, none of the friends they made was a villain hiding in plain sight. However, finding the doctor was their top priority, not to mention maybe getting some more answers out of Robotnik about his Death Egg project even though they already knew that he was building a villainous space station superweapon of doom. At one point, during their exploration of the city, Sonic fell into a bingo machine and winded up playing some bingo, only escaping when he got three Sonic heads in a row, earning himself several gold rings in the process, much to Tails delight. 添ou池e a lucky champion! The fox cub exclaimed, trying to keep himself from laughing once Sonic had gotten out of the machine. 添eah, yeah, yeah! The potbellied speedster replied, rolling his eyes, 泥on稚 rub it in, fox boy, and don稚 tell anybody else. 徹H HO HO HO HO! A voice cackled, 典HIS WAS VERY HILARIOUS!覧覧覧覧Boss Battle: Robotnik Bingo覧覧覧覧 Robotnik had emerged in a new Egg Mobile, one that looked like some sort of flying, neon casino bingo machine with bumpers attached to the sides. The fat maniac glared down at Sonic and Tails, who prepared for battle, as a crowd gathered to watch. Many citizens and visitors were placing their bets on who was going to come out on top, would it be the hedgehog and the fox or would it be the crazy madman? Nobody had to wait long as Robotnik launched the first attack, dropping a BINGO Bomb. BOOM! Sonic and Tails rolled out of the way, evading the exploding projectile as the crowd oohed, ahhed and gasped with fear. 典ake this! Robotnik thundered and slammed some levers, the Egg Mobile Bingo unleashing a flurry of electricity all over the place. Thinking fast, Tails lifted Sonic into the air and they high-fived, spinning into a ball in mid air together before flying at Robotnik and smacked the Egg BINGO Mobile, decimating it within seconds, all to the amazement of the cheering and applauding onlookers. 鄭RGH, I CAN探 BELIEVE THIS! Robotnik shrieked, dropping the white and red Chaos Emeralds onto the ground for Sonic and Tails to obtain, 添ou値l be regretting this soon, you will regret this very much. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, FOOLS! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Robotnik flew away as fast as the Egg Mobile痴 engines could go, Sonic and Tails in hot pursuit again, leaving Casino Night behind as people waved goodbye to them. As they ran like mad after the doctor, Sonic and Tails shared a high five and a fist bump, smiling. Their pursuit of the villainous maniac soon led them to the weedy and rocky caverns of Mystic Caves, which seemed to be like a labyrinth as Sonic and Tails tried to traverse it and find their foe, who壇 taken advantage of the place to hide somewhere, mazes sucked. As the two explored the Mystic Caves, they remained on alert, keeping an eye out for dangerous traps and hiding Badniks waiting to ambush them. There was also a chance Robotnik could ambush them anytime, the heroes could not take any chances. However, despite being on alert and keeping an eye out for traps, the duo eventually did not watch where they were going and tripped over a rock, falling down a large, seemingly bottomless hole that took them to a completely different place... Sonic and Tails fall seemed to last minutes until... they landed in what looked like an underground palace, full of rocks and giant gemstones, metal and bricks. 展hoa! Tails exclaimed, 典his must be Hidden Palace Zone. 滴eh, Hidden Palace, huh? Sonic remarked, 展ho could致e thought there would be some underground ancient ruin full of gemstones? The ancients knew how to set things up, didn稚 they? What other ruins can we find on the island after we beat Robuttnik? 鼎an we focus on our mission here please? Fist bumping and nodding in agreement that getting distracted wasn稚 great, the hedgehog and the cub trekked on, trying not to trip over any rocks or fall into spike pits so they wouldn稚 get extremely hurt. There weren稚 many enemies here, save for a few Badniks. A couple of Burrow Bots and Grounders emerged from the rocky walls and smashed through a couple of the giant gemstones throughout the area, going straight for Sonic and Tails, eyes narrow and nose cones spinning wildly and dangerously. Despite the Badniks attempt to be intimidating, they were no match for the duo as they ended up getting trashed and the Flickies and Rickies powering them were freed. However, the presence of Badniks was enough to let Sonic and Tails know that Robotnik was here. The deeper they went into the caverns, the more sparkly giant gemstones they saw and the more Badniks they encountered. Eventually, Sonic and Tails stumbled across a huge pipe organ, bigger than the average piano found in a church or anywhere else. No sooner than the two adventurous heroes had arrived, Robotnik came down in his Egg Mobile with large trumpets attached to its sides. 鄭h, welcome, Sonic and Tails. He mused, 展ere you looking for moi? Well, ya just found me and MY EGG TRUMPET! HA HA HA! 添ep, we池e gonna get you good this time, Robuttnik! Sonic quipped. 的TS ROBOTNIK, YOU BLASTED HEDGEHOG! 鄭h, who cares? You池e a Ro-butt-nik! 敵rrrrr, you値l regret insulting me, you hated ball of fur!覧覧覧覧Boss Battle: Robotnik Trumpeter Mobile覧覧覧覧 Pulling levers and pressing buttons, the madman steered his Egg Mobile into a large opening in the Pipe Organ and, in seconds, the Trumpets began blaring and the organ began making noises, shaking all of Hidden Palace. 釘WAHAHAHAHA! Robotnik cackled, watching Sonic and Tails cover their ears and struggle to formulate a plan to defeat him like always, 泥idn稚 expect to have a real concert? Too bad, PREPARE TO REEEEAAAALLLLY FACE THE MUSIC! Oh ho ho ho ho ho! The doctor began pressing more buttons, attempting to set the music volume up full blast, this unfortunately for him caused the Robotnik Trumpeter Mobile to malfunction and short circuit all to the delight of Sonic and the amazement of Tails. 的 CAN探 BELIEVE THIS! Robotnik howled, 溺y machine is short circuiting, whats the meaning of this? GRRRRRRRR, this can稚 be happening, HOW? Sonic took advantage and began smashing Robotnik痴 Pipe Organ with help from Tails, wrecking it completely. The pipes shattered and the organ sparked, even the trumpets on the Egg Mobile started falling off, greatly infuriating Robotnik. 的 HATE THAT HEDGEHOG... The scientist yelled, 鄭S MUCH AS I ALSO HATE THAT TWO TAILED FREAK FOLLOWING HIM AROUND! Fuming and reeling from his defeat, Robotnik flew away even as he dropped the purple and dark blue Chaos Emeralds which Sonic took before he and Tails gave chase after their adversary, but not without breaking open the nearby Egg Capsule to free more animals... Leaving Hidden Palace far behind and feeling the sunlight on their faces again, Sonic and Tails pursued Robotnik across the open grasslands all the way to a huge refinery full of oil, seahorse robots, flame pits and pools of oil, they壇 arrived in Oil Ocean Zone. One look at this place and Sonic knew full well that this was meant for something, probably connected to Robotnik痴 Death Egg one way or another. Just then, the hedgehog hit himself in the head, realizing something very important... He hadn稚 tried to get any answers out of the doc about the Death Egg yet! Rolling his eyes and shrugging, Sonic decided to take care of that as soon as he could, once he and Tails found the Eggman again. They trekked across the seemingly dangerous landscape, trying not to fall into the oil that seemed to be very hazardous. As for the furnaces in the area, they were no big deal as Sonic and Tails easily used the green caps, that shot up whenever the oil plant痴 flame jets activated, to get to even higher surfaces all while smashing the Badniks guarding the facility, rescuing more critters. The air was filled with smoke and the disgusting scent of Robotnik oil along with the sounds of foot tapping on metal ground as Sonic and Tails traversed Oil Ocean, jumping over large gaps and trying not to get themselves badly hurt. Rest was not an option, much was at stake and Robotnik had to be stopped at all costs, he could not succeed, he never ever would as long as there were heroes around to stop him. As he followed Sonic, Tails almost mentally compared Robotnik to the Battle Bird Armada. To be more specific, Tails nearly thought that the doctor was just as nuttier than Doctor Furukokov and the Battle Lord combined. Even the thought of Sonic痴 nemesis having a flying fortress nearly reminded the fox cub of the Battle Birds Flying Fortress. For one minute, Tails began to imagine what remained of the Battle Bird Armada joining up with Robotnik to form a partnership. Man, that would have been bad news if that happened, two world-domination hungry faction teaming up, what a nightmare. And speaking of Robotnik... A large rumbling shook the area as a humongous octopus robot piloted by Robotnik emerged from the oil, in front of Sonic and Tails breaking most of the platforms they were on with all of its gigantic strength... 滴A HA HA HA HA! The doctor cackled, 鏑ooking for me, Sonic? Here I am again and, guess what, I知 gonna make sure my Oil Octopus defeats you for good. No more having to put up with you and your annoying little wisecracking quips, rodent! 釘efore we do this, doc! Sonic shouted, 鼎are to tell me more about your Death Egg? 徹h, Sonic. Robotnik purred, 展hat do you wanna know about my glorious battle station aside from the fact that it痴 a space station and its purpose is to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies as I conquer the entire planet with tremendous power via the Chaos Emeralds? 哲YA HA HA HA! Oh, hedgehog. You are not going to live long enough to see it, I知 going to blast you and Tails to bits and then I知 taking back the emeralds you took from me and then I知 going to use my battle station to achieve my ultimate evil dream. 添ou池e not gonna get far, Eggman! Tails yelled, 添ou池e gonna lose, so bring it!覧覧覧覧Boss Battle: Robotnik Oil Octopus覧覧覧覧 A glowing, red bomb shot from the octo-mech痴 mouth, heading straight for the heroic duo, who narrowly got out of the way before the explosive hit a large tower and exploded, causing most of the area to erupt in flames and more oil to spill all over the place. 填gh! Sonic groaned, noticing that a few drops of oil had landed on his head. He shook off the oil drops, cleansing himself, and glared at Robotnik, returning focus to his enemy before launching an attack on the Oil Octopus, going for the beak and the top of the head. Tails joined in on the attack, kicking and smacking the giant mech, even going for the pilot seat area where Robotnik was and proceeded to punch him in the face before turning around and slapped him with his two tails. 徹of! Robotnik exclaimed, feeling Tails smack. 哲ice one, dude. Sonic gave the fox a thumbs up when he saw Tails fist punch and tail smack the fat scientist in the face, since he didn稚 know about the fight with Witchcart and the Battle Bird Armada, Sonic thought the kid had tons of potential to be a hero like HIM. 典hanks, Sonic! Tails replied, flying away from the mech after hitting Robotnik in the face enough times, 溺eans a lot coming from you, besides, I致e had a bit of practice over the years and thanks to hanging out with you while fighting this guy a few times earlier. Unfortunately for Tails, he let his guard down long enough for Robotnik to take aim at the flying fox and press a button, the Oil Octopus fired off a lazer beam which hit Tails and he went plummeting to the ground flat on his back! 滴A HA HA HA! Direct hit! Robotnik whooped, 的 got the fox, I got the fox boy! 典AILS, NO! Sonic screamed, terrified to see his little buddy get injured for a second time. He glared at Robotnik, face full of anger and determination, before going all out, attacking the Oil Octopus like wild, smashing the eyes and tentacles until the mech was in pieces. With Robotnik痴 new mech taken down, Sonic lunged at the mad doctor and punched him in the face. 典HAT担 FOR HURTING TAILS! The hedgehog shouted angrily, 釘ig no no, Eggman! I値l hurt ANYBODY who hurts my friends! Robotnik waved nervously and took off in his Egg Mobile, but not before dropping the purple emerald, the last of the seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic obtained it and put the gemstone away for safekeeping, thrilled that he壇 gotten all the emeralds. Without the emeralds, the doctor couldn稚 launch and use his Death Egg. The only thing left to do was, of course, defeat Robotnik, drive him off the island and make sure that his flying battle station was neutralized before it could come online. Before giving pursuit of the doctor, Sonic took out the nearby Egg Capsule containing some imprisoned animals before headed over to where Tails lay, making sure he was going to be ok. When the hedgehog checked the young fox痴 heartbeat, he breathed a sigh of relief. Sonic tapped the fox on the back and started doing CPR on him, in seconds, Tails recovered and sat up, looking into the eyes of his hero. 填gh, what happened? The cub muttered, 展here the heck am I and, um, what was I doing again? 哲ice to see you池e still kicking, dude. Sonic gave a thumbs up, 展ay past cool! Now lets go chase down the Eggman known as Robuttnik, put him and his Death Egg project outta commission and make sure we drive him and his forces off the island. 添ou got it, big blue! Tails stood, shaking Sonic痴 hand, 鏑ets speed! Sharing a big buddy, little buddy high five, the blue hedgehog dashed off in the direction that Robotnik had gone, jumping over the broken platform with Tails flying right behind them. They soon left Oil Ocean far behind and soon spotted a large city in the distance. Getting a good look at it as they got close and seeing the banner of Robotnik on some of the buildings, along with a sign that clearly read 迭obotnik Metropolis, and Sonic and Tails pieced together that they were now entering Robotnik痴 new city base of operations. 展ell, Sonic quipped, 典his is nothin compared to Scrap Brain Zone back on South Island, especially with the infrastructure and everything else that was set up there. But I値l give Robuttnik all the props if we can make it through here in one piece. The two amigos dashed through the metallic city streets, avoiding crushers and spike traps while avoiding exploding robo starfish Neurons and taking out the blade throwing robot grasshoppers known as Slicers and freeing the animals inside the robots. Looking for Robotnik within this mechanical city of doom seemed to be a lot more tougher than searching for him in Scrap Brain or Casino Night, but Sonic could sense that his arch foe was around here somewhere, even when the doctor痴 voice came over a P.A system. 鄭TTENTION ALL BADNIKS! Robotnik boomed, 展E HAVE INTRUDERS IN MY CITY, DESTROY AT ALL COSTS, DO NOT LET THAT HATED HEDGEHOG MESS UP MY PLANS EVEN MORE, ESPECIALLY WHEN I樽 CLOSE TO LAUNCH MY GREATEST CREATION OF ALL TIME! Upon hearing their master痴 commands, almost every Badnik in the city assembled and fortified their positions at once, prepared for when Sonic came at them, a line of defense ready. In fact, it seemed as though the whole city had become one fortified death trap. 鏑ook at all of those Eggman robots! Tails exclaimed as soon as he saw a large army of Slicer Badniks and Clawmeats ahead of him and Sonic on one street. 鄭h don稚 worry, the hedgehog said assuringly, 展e値l just blast through at SONIC SPEED! The chaos that followed was huge, Sonic and Tails charged the line of robots head on, smashing Badniks and freeing forest animals left and right like wild, going all out with the spin dashing and making sure nobody was badly hurt. Sonic seemed to be the most invincible thanks to his spin dashing and his super speed, even as Tails received a few bleeding scratches on the arms and legs due to the Badniks claws and weapons, the injures weren稚 too terrible, they were minor and could heal slowly. The deeper they got into Metroplis Zone, the more resistance Sonic and Tails encountered from Robotnik痴 forces. For Sonic, this was hardly comparable to Scrap Brain Zone. For Tails, it was almost like the storming of the Battle Bird Armada痴 Fortress all over again. No, the fox mentally shook his head, stop comparing Robotnik to the Battle Bird Armada, there痴 no connection and this is also nothing like Witchcart. She was a crazy meanie who was just stirring up trouble with her fellow witchcarters, ok? Let it go, Tails. 添EOW! Sonic cried, narrowly evading a boiling lava pit and a hidden flame thrower along with a huge, active electric grid of doom, 典alk about too close for comfort, Eggman is gettin way more serious, looks like I致e underestimated him again. 的 sure have... AND ITS ROBOTNIK! Robotnik shouted, arriving from somewhere within the city in his Egg Mobile with several egg-shaped capsules surrounding him. Sonic and Tails came to a halt, finding themselves in a large avenue free from any defenses set up. 典here you are, fatty! Sonic yelled, 展e sure have been lookin for ya, might as well give up, we got the emeralds and there痴 no way you池e gonna successfully launch your satellite space station of doom with or without those colorful gemstones you lost. 敵RRRR, first you call me Eggman and then Robuttnik, NOW YOU DARE CALL ME 詮ATTY? Robotnik ranted, getting irritated with Sonic痴 nicknames, 添ou have quite the nerve for a potbellied blue hedgehog, you池e the most irritating person ever. 鄭ll I ever wanted was to realize my dream utopia, Robotnikland, the ultimate city and amusement park. But I haven稚 come close to fulfilling that lifelong dream of mine BECAUSE YOU KEEP GETTING IN MY WAY, YOU STINKING HEDGEHOG! 典HIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL SEE YOU AND THAT TWIN TAILED BUGGER ALIVE, AFTER I ANNIHILATE YOU, I WILL TAKE BACK MY EMERALDS, PREPARE YOURSELF! Sonic and Tails prepared for battle and Robotnik began working at the control console with his button pressing, firing lasers as the small egg capsules opened up and transformed into Robotnik clones who swarmed the duo like mad, attempting to hurt them. While the heroes tried to deal with the clones, the real Robotnik pressed a big blue button and a giant magnet appeared out of the bottom of the Egg Mobile, glowing with great power and humming loudly. Tails took notice to the magnet and tried to warn Sonic. But it was too late, all of the Chaos Emeralds that Sonic had managed to obtain were pulled right towards Robotnik in his Egg Mobile, the doctor laughed maniacally as he went into retreat, flying upwards towards a humongous object in the sky. 添OU LOSE, FOOLS! Robotnik bragged, 的 GOT MY EMERALDS BACK AND NOW I樽 GOING TO USE MY DEATH EGG TO CONQUER THE PLANET, GYA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sonic dealt with the clones and stomped his foot, 泥amn it, I thought we had a chance. 的 don稚 think we池e done yet, Tails remarked, 的 think we can still chase down the Eggman, remember your plane that you left on the beach? Why don稚 we get back to the beach and use it to chase down the fat man? 敵reat idea, Tails. Sonic gave a thumbs up, 鏑ets get that loser with my plane.迫覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 The journey from Metropolis Zone back to the seaside didn稚 take too long, especially when Sonic was the fastest thing alive, he and Tails just had to watch their step, especially with the traps they壇 already evaded earlier in those various areas. When they got there, Sonic was relieved that his plane was untouched and still present aside from the fact it still had the paint job that Tails gave it a few days earlier. But now that they had the plane, they could chase down Robotnik and get the emeralds back. 滴ow about I fly the plane? Tails offered happily, 的知 great at many things. 鉄ure you can, little buddy. Sonic pat the fox on the shoulder, 的壇 be delighted. Seconds later, Tails was at the controls of the Tornado and Sonic was standing on the wing as the plane took to the air with the fox mastering the controls like a pro (mostly thanks to practice with piloting a submarine during his battle against the Battle Bird Armada). As they ascended high into the sky, Sonic watched as the surface of Westside Island seemed to shrink and fade from sight, enjoying the view before looking forward at the bright blue and cloudy sky ahead, keeping an eye out for arial Robotnik badniks. So far, initially, nothing seemed to come up aside for... Sonic got out some binoculars and immediately alerted Tails to incoming eagle-looking Badnik robots and flying turtle-bots, also making sure to notify the fox that he壇 spotted a flying fortress in the distance. Full speed ahead, Tails pressed a red button and the booster on the bottom of the plane activated, accelerating the Tornado痴 flight speed. As the robots approached, Sonic took action and leapt forward off the wing of the plane, going for the robots. BANG, SMASH, BLAM, CRASH and BOOM! The hedgehog spin dashed the incoming enemies like there was no tomorrow, freeing Flickies from within the confines. A couple propeller robots with rabbit faces on them appeared, dropping bombs randomly. Tails saw the incoming bombs and swerved the plane left and right, evading the explosives as Sonic took care of the Badniks and freed more of the robots. Robotnik痴 flying fortress was just up ahead, it looked like a battleship with propellers and lazer cannons on it. Making sure there were no more robots to trash, Sonic and Tails chuckled in delight as they headed towards Flying Fortress at top speed. It was just then they heard Robotnik shrieking orders over a P.A and the lazer cannons took aim at the two, opening fire. Red and blue lazer beams streaked towards the Tornado as the mad doctor attempted to take down Sonic and Tails, just as they got close enough to the battleship, the hedgehog made the jump from the plane痴 wing onto the battleship痴 deck... Just in time too, no sooner than Sonic had boarded Sky Fortress, a lazer hit the Tornado痴 wing and Tails shrieked in terror, crying out for help, Sonic watched in horror as Tails plummeted towards the ground again and called out to the fox to get out of there. 的値l be fine... Tails cried, 笛ust go get Eggman! A more determined and angrier look crossed Sonic痴 face as he turned and took off across the deck, charging and smashing the line of Badniks waiting for him as he began searching for Robotnik. Alarms began to blare across the flagship and a robotic voice blared over the loudspeakers, 的NTRUDER ALERT, INTRUDER ALERT, ALL ROBOTS PREPARE FOR BATTLE! THE INTRUDER MUST BE DEALT WITH AT ONCE, INTRUDER ALERT! Bring it, doc. Throw every Badnik you got at me, Sonic thought as he spotted Cluckoids pop out of the turret hatches, guns at the ready, every lazer cannon rotating into position and many more battle-ready Badniks emerging and prepared to follow their master痴 orders. The battles were fast as lightning and over in seconds, the blue blur sped through the defenses, evading lasers and smashing every last robot Robotnik could throw at him. Sonic felt like an unbeatable deity, especially when he was spin dashing and running at top speed. He made a mad dash towards the upper decks before leaping down through a hatch, making his way towards the ship痴 bridge where Robotnik was obviously waiting for him. The trip didn稚 last long and Sonic soon came face to face with the fat man himself... Robotnik stood at the far end of a large metallic room at a small platform just near the control room, smiling sinisterly at the sight of Sonic, who came to a stop in the middle of the room, nearly meeting the doctor halfway. Both foes glared at each other. 擢ound you, Eggman. The fastest thing alive growled, 的致e come to take you down and make you pay for shooting my best buddy out of the sky. 鉄till determined to stop me as usual, I see. Robotnik sneered, 展ell, I値l be changing that in seconds, you annoying, robot trashing, name calling hedgehog. Roboton Fortress Defense Force, attack and destroy the spikey hedgehog! A large orange bulb emerged from the ceiling and a force-field activated, separating Sonic from Robotnik while trapping him within the area he stood in. Not long after, spinning, spikey dishes came down from holes in the ceiling and spun towards Sonic. ZZZAAAAAAAAP! The bulb fired off a lazer and nearly struck the hedgehog, missing him by inches just as he dodged out of the way at the last second and narrowly avoided the spinning blade dishes. 展ow, this is nothin like Scrap Brain. Sonic commented. 添ou池e right, hedgehog! Robotnik agreed, having overheard the speedster, 典his is NOT like Scrap Brain, especially when you were lucky the last time you were trapped in a room with me, surrounded by a force-field and facing certain doom. This time, you will fall! 的 don稚 think so, doc. Sonic quickly formulated a plan just as he evaded another lazer blast, he ducked under the spinning blades and kicked one of them upwards toward the ceiling... right into the lazer bulb and severely damaged it... much to Robotnik痴 chagrin! 的MPOSSIBLE! The doctor cried, face full of rage as the force-field deactivated automatically thanks to Sonic smashing the bulb, 的 CAN探 BELIEVE THIS! D弛h, it doesn稚 matter, my Death Egg has launched anyway, I WILL HAVE MY VICTORY! Robotnik raced out of the room with Sonic chasing after him, the doctor reached the control room, pressed some buttons and jumped down a hole but not before the hedgehog caught up and began smashing the control console, causing the ship to start failing. Sonic followed Robotnik down the hole and outside onto the front deck just as the doctor got into a space shuttle and started up the engines, Sonic gave chase and narrowly managed to cling to the side of the shuttle just as it launched. Inside the spaceship痴 control room, Robotnik smiled with glee as he looked back to see Sky Fortress falling and believed that Sonic was trapped on there, doomed to go down with it. But when he spotted the hedgehog, he was shocked. 哲o way, he痴 not getting away with this! The doctor howled, 釘ah, it doesn稚 matter, the Death Egg will be where he will face his final battle. I will be victorious in the end, Sonic will lose and I shall reign supreme AS EMPEROR OF THE WORLD, OF MY ROBOTNIK EMPIRE! Grabbing on tight, Sonic desperately tried to swallow his nausea as the rocket flew upwards, going higher and higher until... until he was way above the clouds and the blue sky changed to a starry sky as the hedgehog realized... HE WAS NOW IN SPACE! Looking past the rocket, Sonic痴 eyes widened as he spotted something in the distance getting larger and larger as the shuttle approached it... ball-shaped, metallic and with yellow eyes and a Robotnik moustache, was this the Death Egg? One way to find out, the speedster thought, watching the satellite get larger and larger until the shuttle went into a docking bay-looking area that reminded Sonic of the spaceship hanger bays in old sci-fi movies that he壇 seen in his younger days. Then it dawned on him, since Robotnik was almost capable of modeling his bases after stuff out of millitary bases and labs from science fiction, could his Death Egg and the interior of it be based off something from science fiction as well? BUMP! The shuttle landed and the engines deactivated, Sonic let go and dropped to the ground on his knees, gasping for breath. He recovered from his space ride, relieved that he壇 survived the journey, before chasing after Robotnik, who壇 already left the shuttle. Heading down the hall ahead and leaving the hanger, Sonic soon found himself in a large room full of blinking red lights and a large, closed door at the end. At that second, Robotnik痴 face appeared on a nearby monitor, cackling villainously. 典here you are once again, Eggman! Sonic yelled, 的 betcha anything that this place is your Death Egg that you池e blathering about, why don稚 ya come out and fight me like a man or are you chicken and afraid that I知 not gonna spare your life? 的TS ROBOTNIK! Robotnik shouted, 鄭nd yes, this is my Death Egg, you stand in my ultimate weapon. Within minutes, after I take care of you, I will use its power to roboticize most of the planet and achieve my dream of a world ruled by my empire! 展hile I壇 love to fight you soon enough, I have a challenge for you, can you stand a chance against a robotic double OF YOURSELF?!覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧Boss Battle: Silver Sonic aka Mecha Sonic覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 BAM! The wall burst open and a hulking, gray metallic, robotic version of Sonic emerged, tall and with a glaring red eye. The machine set its sights on the blue hedgehog and rocketed towards him, its claws outstretched and shining dangerously. 添EOW! Sonic cried, narrowly evading the first few attacks, 展ell, I did not expect Robuttnik to create a robotic clone of me, but challenge accepted, fat man. I壇 be thrilled to take on something like this any day, anytime, anywhere, even here. 滴edgehog: Priority One! Silver Sonic buzzed, 泥estroy Sonic, destroy the hedgehog, must obey wish of my master. Sonic must be destroyed, cannot allow him to trash my master痴 plan. Doctor Robotnik痴 dream must be fulfilled, Doctor Robotnik痴 vision must be achieved. Robotnik cackled with glee, watching with eagerness as the two Sonics fought. The real blue speedster was almost terrified, but could not let his fear get the best of him. Silver Sonic had to go down pronto, so, he searched for a weakness and soon found one. While Silver Sonic was formidable, he was big and bulky, Robotnik had made him too top heavy and the head seemed to be bigger than the body itself. Sonic finally thought everything out and went for the head, spin dashing Silver Sonic in the area above its eyes. BOOM! Sonic hit the robot so hard, it caused the head to go flying off as the rest of the body short circuited and exploded, Silver Sonic痴 head smashed into the nearby closed door and blew up, damaging the door beyond repair. Sonic sped through the broken door and, to his luck, found Robotnik on the other side and the doctor was shocked, outraged and peeved about what had happened. 鄭GH! Sonic痴 nemesis cried, running as fast as his legs could carry him, 泥ON探 TOUCH ME! 敵et back here and face your punishment like an Eggman, Eggman. Sonic yelled, pursuing the doctor. They ran through a hallway into another large hanger bay area where Sonic could catch a view of the planet through the window, as for Robotnik... The doctor jumped into a hatch, sat down in a seat and the hatch lid closed over him, but this was no ordinary hatch, Robotnik was getting into the pilot痴 seat of his newest mech. Sonic took his eyes off the view and noticed what was going on just in time.覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧Final Boss: Death Egg Robot覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 A large rumble shook the room as a huge mech resembling Robotnik emerged from the floor, Tall, bulky, red and yellow with black eyes and an orange moustache, a round torso, big legs and small but hulking robot arms. Sonic looked up at the mech, absolutely shocked. 鄭h ha ha ha ha! Robotnik cackled from inside the giant robot, 釘ehold... the Death Egg Robot, prepare yourself, Sonic, get a load of this! With the power of this giant mecha, I shall finally ensure my ultimate victory. Muhahahahahaha, are you ready, hedgehog? 釘ring it on, Robuttnik. I知 ready to kick your flabby butt again just like in Scrap Brain. Sonic remarked, 的 don稚 care if this will be tough, I know I can do this. Ya think you can scare me, you池e flat out wrong, I will never lose. The Death Egg Robot began its slow march towards the battle-ready hedgehog, Robotnik working at the controls, the ground shaking with every step the battle robot took and the arms moved up and down as the Death Egg Robot walked. 的 WILL FLATTEN YOU! Robotnik shouted and began pulling levers wildly, the Death Egg Robot jumped up, jet boosters activating and flew over Sonic, slamming into the ground, feet first. The hedgehog narrowly dodged, spotted a weak spot and hit the robot in the butt. 徹h no you don稚! The madman cried and pressed a button, a hatch opened up and up to five bombs resembling Robotnik痴 face popped out, surrounding Sonic. The hedgehog narrowly had time to dodge before the bombs, the explosion knocking him into a wall. Robotnik痴 mech wheeled around and took off with its jet boosters just as Sonic recovered, the blue blur spotted the shadow of the Death Egg Robot looming over him and rolled out of the way before it slammed into the ground, shaking the room. 添ou池e good, Robotnik purred, 釘ut I知 better, the party痴 just begun, rodent. You may be fast, but not fast enough. Every second and every minute brings you closer to defeat as I get closer and closer to my ultimate victory despite my efforts, boy! Sonic jumped forward and tried to attack the Death Egg Robot in the front only to get punched several feet into the wall again. 鄭RGH! Sonic groaned, yelling in pain again when the Death Egg Robot痴 fist detached and flew at him, hitting him right in the gut. 徹H HO HO HO HO HO HO! Robotnik cheered, 鄭t last, at last, SONIC担 ON THE ROPES! YES, YES. NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW, NOT EVEN THE POWER OF THE CHAOS EMERALDS, THEY SERVE ME. YES, ROBOTNIK REIGNS FOREVER! GYA HA HA HA HA HA! Wait a second, Sonic thought, his eyes widening as an idea clicked in his mind, The Chaos Emeralds. Their power can help me, ok, gotta focus hard and summon them somehow. He closed his eyes and thought hard, wishing upon the emeralds to give him strength. He could feel them close by, waiting for somebody to call on their power. Sonic focused with all his mental strength and voila, the seven colorful gemstones surrounded him and he felt himself get lifted into the air, the emeralds glowing brightly and... Sonic felt a renewed sense of strength course through him as his furr transformed from blue to gold, his back quills standing up. He wasn稚 normal Sonic anymore, the emeralds had made him SUPER SONIC and he had the strength to defeat his enemy. Robotnik stopped rejoicing and spotted the scene, eyes wide with shock. 展HAT? He raged, 哲o, HOW! The emeralds serve ME! They power my Death Egg, they have given me the power to achieve victory. WHATS THE MEANING OF THIS? CURSES! 鼎haos can稚 be controlled, Robuttnik. Super Sonic quipped, 摘ven if you got your hands on the emeralds, they would never truly serve somebody as cruel as you. Now say your prayers, Eggman! I知 trashing you real good along with your Death Egg! 敵RRRRRRR! I CANNOT LOSE! The doctor bellowed, slamming his fists on the control console in desperation, 鄭ND ITS ROBOTNIK, YOU SPIKEY BASTARD! I HATE YOU, ALL OF MY HATE! WHY CAN探 YOU JUST... RRRRGH, I... HATE THAT HEDGEHOG! The golden hedgehog rushed at the Death Egg Robot and attacked it, smashing the arms and beating up the legs while trashing its jet boosters along with the head until the robot sustained heavy battle damage beyond repair it was too damaged to keep fighting. 哲OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Robotnik howled, narrowly getting out as his Death Egg Robot exploded, 鼎URSE YOU, SONIC! CURSE YOU, BLUE BEAVER! AHHHHHGH! Explosions soon began rocking the Death Egg, Sonic痴 battle with the Death Egg Robot had done something. Somehow, maybe because Sonic utilized the power of the Chaos Emeralds, it had triggered a self destruct mechanism in the flying battle station. No time to think, Sonic had to escape. Luckily there was an airlock nearby, maybe he could use it. Not bothering to think too long, the speedster raced through the nearby doorway, down the hallway, right through the airlock and into space just as the space station went up in flames behind him and the shockwave dazed Sonic as he began his long fall to Earth. 徹h no! The hedgehog cried, taking notice to the fact that he壇 just lost his super form and wasn稚 flying anymore, 的知 falling and there痴 nobody to catch me! What痴 gonna happen? How am I gonna survive, somebody help, my life痴 flashing before my... BUMP! Before Sonic could finish that thought, he landed on something metallic and quickly recognized his own plane, seeing Tails at the pilot seat, even realizing he壇 just landed on the wing of the Tornado. 典ails, you池e ok! Sonic exclaimed as a group of flickies surrounded him, 徹h man, thanks for the catch. Ya saved my life, thanks dude. Now that Robuttnik痴 been defeated again, why don稚 we go chill somewhere and get a sweet chili dog! 的壇 be thrilled, Tails said happily. With that, the two adventurers flew off into the sunset to find a place to rest and eat before even beginning to rejoice the latest defeat of Doctor Robotnik and the aftermath of another crazy battle.The End
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Adopted Final ChapterBrownie p.o.v.I have woken from my sleep and I started my morning off with the last look at my room. This is my finale day here before I go back to the orphanage. I had so much fun here, I've made so many different mobians. I didn't want to leave, I want to stay here, I want to stay here with Eclipse and Venus but I wasn't sure if they want me as their son, would they? I sighed to myself before I heard a knock on my door. I opened my door to see Eclipse and Venus I gave them a smiled. "Good morning Brownie" they said to me "Good morning" I said to them. We walked down the hall I was about to go to the dinning room until Venus said "Brownie why don't you go outside?" I gave her a confused look. I didn't ask any questions, so I walked outside to see a party that was going on. Everything got all set up, was this all for me?I looked at Eclipse and Venus and pointed at me. They nodded. "why?" I asked them. Eclipse kneeled down to my height. "Because this is your last day with us, and we thought we could throw you a goodbye party" I tried to hide my frown "Oh thank you" I said to them."Hey Brownie, wanna play with us?" Ask Luna. I gave her a nod and went to hang out with them. I join them in a game of hide and seek. Of course they knew that today was my last day, they want to make every moment count. I'm really happy that they are doing this to me. While we were hiding I tried my best to not cry, I want to make a enjoyful day as possible.Eclipse p.o.v.Venus and I saw Brownie playing with our nieces and nephews. We both smiled that soon we will tell Brownie that he will be adopted by us. It was possible because we had to sign some papers, not only that but Venus and I were aliens. It was complicated but we made it through. We are going to tell him once that everyone is here. We also told the orphanage that we are going to adopt Brownie, everyone was happy including Serena, she was waiting for this moment to come, so we invited her but Brownie doesn't know. I hold hand with Venus and look at her. "It's almost time to tell him" Venus nodded while tearing up. Nobody knows this excerpt for Shadow and Serena. I can't wait to announce it to everyone.It been about 4 hours since we started this party for Brownie. It wasn't noon yet. Serena should be coming by now."Hi Eclipse"I turned to see Venus with Serena. "I'm glad that you showed up today" I said to her. She gave me a smiled "I wouldn't wanna miss this". Serena looked over to see Brownie playing with the kids. "I see that Brownie change a lot hasn't he" "Yes he has. He made a lot of friends with our nieces and nephews not only that but our friends kids" said Venus "I'm very proud of Brownie, I can see he going to be so happy that your going to adopt him" said Serena. I nodded at her words.I then saw Shadow walking towards us. "It's time" he said. Everyone is here including Serena to see this moment. She was waiting for this moment just like the other kids in the orphanage, waiting for them to be adopted. I gave Serena a nod to go find Brownie. Venus and I hearts started to get nervous.Third p.o.v.Serena walked towards Brownie and the kids. "Hi Brownie" she said to him. Brownie turned to Serena with a widen eyes. "Serena!" He said and gave her a hug. She hugged the 7 year old brown cat back. Then they broke the hug and Brownie introduce her to his friends. She kept smiled at this. Tears started to form into her eyes. "Serena? Is everything okay?" Brownie said in worried. Serena wipe her tears away. "I'm fine Brownie, I'm just so happy for you. You've made great friends here, you meet new Mobians, you've have grown" Brownie smiled at her words but then frowns. "Are you going to take me back to the orphanage?" He said with a sad tone. I shook my head no "Not yet but I want you to sit over there" Serena said while pointing at the direction. Brownie nod and took a seat where Serena told him.Shadow got everyone attention. Brownie got confused by this. ' What's going on?' he thought. Eclipse and Venus walked towards Brownie, their hearts was pounding of nervous. Before Brownie could say anything Venus started to talk "Brownie, we want to tell you something but first you'll have to listen" Brownie nodded. "Brownie, you are a wonderful child to have, you've made a lot of friends along the way that cared deeply about you" she said. Now it was Brownie heart started to pounding. Venus started to tear up "Before we thought of adopting a kid way before, we couldn't have a child because of me. Then Eclipse found an idea to have a child even though it's not ours but we will loved it no matter what" Brownie started to have tears in his eyes. Everyone at that party started to tear up as well, they knew what was going on. It was Eclipse turn. "When I first met you at the park I knew there was something wrong with you. Then when we came to the orphanage and saw you, I finally knew why there was something wrong" Eclipse couldn't find the right words to say but continue. "After these couples of weeks, spending time with you. I felt like something connection with us. Everyone in this party that you see today, they cared about you like we do. So we want to ask you this question" Brownie became more nervous. Eclipse and Venus were holding hands and look each other, then nodded. They turned to Brownie and ask him. "Brownie we want to adopt you, we want you to be our son" they said through tears. Brownie broke down in tears and leap, and hugged them. Brownie nodded while wiping his tears. Eclipse and Venus cried and hugged their new son Brownie.Everyone clap and cheered for their new member of their family. Blue and Stripes flew in through this and gave Brownie and hug. Serena smiled and teared through all of it. She couldn't be more happier, she seen these moments many times but nothing like this. She walked up to them and said "congratulations Brownie" he looked up at Serena and gave her a hug. "Thanks for no giving up on me" said Brownie. "Your welcome" replied Serena.Soon Maria took a picture of Eclipse, Venus, Blue, Stripes and their son Brownie. Today was the greatest day of their lives, that they won't forget.10 years laterAfter those many years, there is a tall Brown cat that was known for Brownie. Brownie was writing in his journal about his adventure that his cousin did yesterday. He then remembered something special today, the day that he was adopted by Eclipse and Venus. He couldn't be more happier than this. Blue and Stripes were flowing above his journal. "It's been 10 years hasn't it, since I got adopted" said Brownie. The wisp nodded. He smiled and looked down at two photo."Brownie! You coming?!"Brownie heard his Mom calling him. He closed his journal and put it inside his packback. "Ready for another adventure?" He ask his wisp. They nodded with excitement. Brownie then look at the two photo one more time. He smiled and went off to see his parents were waiting for him. "Sorry that I was late" he said "Come, today is special day" said Eclipse. Brownie nodded and whisper "yeah special". The family walk away but there were two mobians that were watching them leave."Look how big he's gotten" said a cat another cat nodded. "That's our son" "Venus, Eclipse. Thank you for taking care of our baby boy" they said"We love you Brownie"The End
Rizo2612 Studios' Orbot and Cubot Drawing 2 by Rizo2612Studios
Pumpkin Hill  by Shadow2000s

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Group Info

Welcome to the SuperSonic-Fan-Zone!

We strive to be a Sonic Fandom variety group. This fandom has spawned a plethora of great artwork of the official characters and their escapades, as well as a great deal of artwork featuring fan characters and their adventures. We serve to unify all these pieces of artwork under one roof.
Create and submit, fans of the Sonic series, we want to see it all!
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Feb 3, 2010


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Group and Gallery Rules


Group Rules:

1. We don't want to see explicit nudity. We strive to generally keep this an all-ages group.

2. As for pieces containing gore and obscene language, we advise that they not pass the PG-13 threshold. Nothing excessive, please.

3. Pieces should almost exclusively be Sonic related, owing to the nature of the group, but we do have a folder established for crossover pieces if you wish to submit those.

4. Generally try to only submit your own pieces to the main gallery folders. Recommending others' pieces for submission raises a bit of a dilemma, seeing as it removes the artists' wishes from the equation. We may provide exceptions for the Group's Favourites section, as that's a different kind of showcase.

5. We prefer that work be custom made. Pieces should generally not incorporate official renders, artwork, etc. (That's kind of a general rule for dA, really, and we plan to adhere to it.) Also, photographs of Sonic merchandise are not encouraged. If you're submitting a photograph, it should be of something you made.

6. Try not to submit multiple versions of the same piece. If you have sketch, outline, flat color, and fully colored versions of your piece, just pick one to submit.

7. Submit to the proper folders. See the following for some assistance on that matter.


Gallery Rules:

In order to keep this group's gallery organized, here are some rules and descriptions of how the gallery folders work:

First, a message to the admins: If you see an artist's deviation is in storage or their account is now deactivated, remove it from the group. The featured folder should now be used for the truly feature worthy work. It should not be a general dumping ground as it was in the past. When work is put here (presumably from the other folders) it should be copied over, not moved over. We still want people to be able to find it in the folder that best matches its content.

Next, a rundown of the folders and what priority they have over other folders:

Character-centric folders: In these folders, the characters should be alone, or with an alternate version of themselves. (Modern and Classic Sonic together would be fine for the Sonic folder, for example, and should not go in the Group Artwork folder.) If the character is in a new outfit or is modified (vampire Shadow, for example), they should be here. However, if their new outfit is based on an existing intellectual property, (Sherlock Holmes Shadow, for example) they should go in the Crossovers folder.

Official Character Group Artwork: If two or more official Sonic characters appear together, and there is no depiction of romance or a battle, the piece should go here.

Couples: For pieces that depict two official Sonic characters being affectionate to each other.

Battles: For pieces that depict battles between official Sonic characters.

Fan Character Universe: This folder overrides a lot of the other ones. If a fan character appears in the piece in any way, it should go here.

Animation: Fan character pieces are allowed here. Other than that, it's a little tricky to define. See the folder for examples of what's accepted there.

Comics: For multiple-panel pieces/comics. Fan character submissions are also allowed here.

Chao: For chao centric work that doesn't depict just Cheese. He'd go in the Other Official Characters folder.

Logos, Development Art, Bases, and Tutorials: Kind of a tricky folder to define. Just go by the title and the work contained within.

Literature: For pieces submitted in dA's Literature category. The actual content can vary - fan character profiles, stories, poems, etc., it all goes here. That said, please refrain from submitting personal journals, commission information, or adoptables' profiles here. Try to limit your submissions to narratives.

Machines: For the Sonic series' machines, vehicles, battleships, etc. It'd probably be better for the series' important robots (Metal Sonic, Tails Doll, EggRobo, etc.) to go in the Other Official Characters folder. Badniks should go in this Machines folder. This folder can also be used for the series' boss machines, if no one is visibly operating them, and the piece does not depict a battle.

Zones: For pieces specifically depicting the locations found in the Sonic games. Characters can appear in these pieces, so long as the main focus seems to be the location.


That all said, have fun, create, and submit!


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TheJudgeX Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2020
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This group seems interesting.
I,m a sonic 3D modeler and animators ( mostly focusing on Sonic X) , and, if my works is up to the standards of this group, I'd like to join!

Which begs another question: I have several deviations I,d like to sumbit, bt their classification is...uhh...tricky.
Some of them are turnaround animation of a 3D character, some are animated poster, and some are full blown episodes of animation ( 10 minutes).

So, really,I'm not sure where to put them. An animation of Eggfort for instance, vehicule or animation?
MorthriL Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2019  Student Digital Artist
It was brought to my attention that I didn't actually fix the folder issue by simply creating new folders.  The new folders' options had to be edited to actually have work submitted to them.  Not sure why that's the default for dA, but now for sure it should be working.  Sorry fellow SSFZ members!
InactiveEcto Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2019
The fan character folder is full. 
MorthriL Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2019  Student Digital Artist
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Awesome, thank you very much!
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Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
CreatorPolymART Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello everyone, Sonic fans, i made a video in my YouTube cannel to how make a mini tails in polymer clay, feel free to check ^^…
UltimateEquilibrium Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Quick question: So recently I made a video guitar cover recording of myself performing "His World", and made a journal about it here:

Would something like this be acceptable to this group, knowing it's Sonic-related?
MorthriL Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Severe apologies for the late response.  I've been busy with academics, and did not put forth any time into deviantArt in a long time until now.  Yes, of course you can.  I'm a bit surprised we can get music submissions through this tiny group.  Submit it to Literature.

Also good job on the cover, it was nice listening to it! 
extremespeeds Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Drat, I submitted a file to the wrong folder...
MorthriL Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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