It's been awhile since a journal was last posted in this group but thank you all who are still submitting and joining this group. I'm still working on a few projects for this group so they may take awhile. If I have the chance, I will make a contest for about $20 on a fall theme drawing of your choice, so look out for any details about it.

I'm also considering on looking for another co-founder for this group. I might have to look at the contributors for that since we have plenty of them running this group c;

Also, there might be a huge gallery clean out for some of the folders. I'm been thinking of this for awhile now. Not all the folders are completely specific of one another and it can easily confuse someone on where things go. So there will be a change to some of the folders that will be placed in this group. Please note that not all the deviations that were posted in the past are not going to get removed in this process. So keep an eye out for that.

Also this group's tumblr page is now up so if you have a tumblr, go ahead and follow Also, admins. If you want to help run this tumblr account, please send me a note on my account asking for the email and password for it. I would love it if I can see people contributing to this page. So advertise it if you would like too ^^

Also if you want to suggest something that might benefit the group, please comment below. I would love to contribute some of your feedback for the group's projects ahead.

Thank you reading

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I'm following the page ^^
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