As of today, I have relinquished my role as Founder of this group. As much as I wanted to do more, I can't stay that I brought enough to keep this group functional. Without futher adieu, the new founder of this group is XenoStateOfMind c:
I know that he will be a great founder for this group and provide a fun experience for all fans of Sonic.

Now for some big changes:

-5 Contributors aren't a limit to vote for the "Featured" folder in this group anymore. It was seen as a problem and many deviations of the folder's own calibur were not accepted. The number of that has been changed to 2. It didn't make sense while some of contributors are slightly inactive and barely check the group notifications.

-Folders will be changing to accommodate the many deviation put into them. Hopefully that can be pushed out at a later time.

- This group needs 2 New Co-founders and New Contributors. We need people to help run this group so come and apply. Send this group a note into why you should be considered as a Co-Founder and or Contributor. The reason for this is that I'm going to be leaving DeviantArt (I'll possibly come back in the near future once I get into college and get everything out of the way) so I need someone who can take the role as Co-Founder since those spots will be terribly inactive. That also regards Contributors as well since some of them are not as active as they used to be. Before I leave, I'll look through all the notes that have been sent about these postions and place the deviants in the designated roles.

And honestly thank you for being modest with me. I never thought of running this wonderful group. When Electro-Husky gave me his title as Founder, honestly I had no idea what to do but thank you being being out there for me and giving me a chance to be the Founder.

Hopefully we can meet again soon and keep rocking it SuperSonic-Art

KaedeKuyuki Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017   Digital Artist
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