Thank you guys so much for welcoming me and congratulating me on becoming founder of this  amazing group. I just wanted to say the much of the rules will stay the same and that a lot of cool and wonderful event will happen this upcoming year ahead of us^^

I want to also say that it's really such an honor being a Founder of this group, I remember a time like this when I became head moderator of Sonic-Ocs. But, not the group well... is a little inactive but active when posting art so..... it's okay^^

As for the future, well maybe this week going into the next I'll host a mini-contest. This contest will be a New Year's theme. Just something to get all of us ready for the year of 2015. 2014 has flown right by, so new changes^^

Also I wanted to add that this group is a wonderful group with so many of you amazing artists out there. Just moderators are still here to help if anything is wrong. So contact us through the group.

So enjoy your stay here^^

Your new moderator,

A-Bambina Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
Sounds like you've already got amazing plans for the group! Sounds fabulous! :la:
Royouten Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks, I'm still working on some things but I believe that fun and nice new changes will happen this upcoming year^^
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