It's been a long while since I made journal for this group!!

I was so excited so see all the amazing entries from our contest and especially the art that has been contributed over the months. All of you have done amazing to keep the fandom and the love for Sonic resonate through your art and I couldn't be ever so grateful because of it.

Now I wanted to write this journal stating that the original founder of SuperSonic-Art has made a return. I am glad that he has the opportunity so see what his group has accomplished over the years he was gone. And as for a simple request, he wanted me to reintroduce an old member of our community sourrpeach!!

lulla  by sourrpeach

She currently has her commissions open and it will be amazing to give her a warm welcome.

That's all I have to say!! Keep rolling in the speed of sound c:
The results to the contest are here!

Hello everyone, I'm here today to finally announce our winners for the Summer / Spring Contest
Apologies for taking so long to finally posting the results, several things has developed within both the on and offline worlds

In any case let us unveil of contest's top contestants !

Coming in 3rd Place: 

CE: Dance of Life by Ora-Allagis
What drew us to this entry was how soft and full of vibrant colors are present here. The interaction between Silver and Blaze is sweet and the movement between the two has a good flow to them. Just as a whole, this image is colorful, bright and is a good fit for the Spring theme here. Wonderful work to you !

Coming in 2nd Place:


On a Shore Somewhere by Galaxynite
Gosh where to begin with this entry? It's absolutely gorgeous. The warm colors, the Mediterranean-like setting, the attention to details. Just look at those FISH! And the character, how he contrasts with the blues of the water. You can feel the summer vibes here. Just the more we look at it, the more colorful is becomes and you can really appreciate the effort that went into it immensely! 


Sonic fanart Contest: Spring time rain by PixiTales
This is our favorite entry that we've seen this competition. It just nails the Spring theme with the rainy season, the cool blues, the calm atmosphere. The way the rain interacts with the background and how it trails off the plants. The plants themselves, the shading is wonderful and stylish, almost gives a yoshi's story the more you look at it and it's just visually appealing. Not to mention how much in bliss the character is and how she holds her giant leaf umbrella keeping herself and the small pup dry. You can honestly feel the cool vibes coming off this entry, makes you want to jump in and avoid this hot weather of lately.


<da:thumb id="754068998"/> Spring Contest Entry: Somewhere Calm by X-irus

Everyone who participated in our contest have done absolutely wonderful jobs and we here in the group encourages everyone to continue giving it your best. Don't be discouraged if you don't see yourself in the winner's circles. Be further driven to do better for the next competition or the next. Learn from your work, never settle for less.

As for our three winners, make sure you note XenoStateOfMind for you rewards !
And make sure to sa whether you're going to collect the $50 reward (If you're old enough for a PayPal) or the 5000 points reward. This also includes the 2nd and 3rd place rewards as well. And they will be rolled out as soon we able to!

Again, thank you everyone who participated in our contest and please continue to look for more in the coming future for more!
Hey there group, Xeno State here bring you an update on our contest!

The judging will be taking place as soon as we can get together and we're gonna need some time to properly evaluate everyone's entries
We're looking forward to looking over everyone's hardwork

In the meantime, If you haven't had to chance to upload your entry get them in quick!
You're got till this Friday to get in your entry at the latest!

Look forward to the results soon!

Hello and welcome to the SuperSonic-Art Spring / Summer Contest of 2018

Due to a goof in the copypasta the journal is now fix! APOLOGIES FOR THE CONFUSION!

Spring time is finally here, the weather is getting warmer and some of us are still suffering from cold and even snow. What the heck nature?
But Spring time brings together people with it's nice weather, blooming flowers and the return of the the BUGS but even better than spring is that Summer is right around the corner as well so that means even better weather and being able to enjoy your freedom from school, if you have to wait till June for that. Go and fight the ones to get Summer in May.

Anyways, these seasons are about having fun and spending time with others and relaxing. Going through that final push to get through school and once done, you're finally free. So what's a better way to celebrate these seasons than with a contest?

The last contest this group had was back in 2016 and 2017 was absent of one but this year we're bringing it back to encourage and inspire newcomers and long standing members alike.
Even more so, this contest will also include the summer season as this contest will be lasting through most of summer as well. Two seasons for the price of one.

Contest Theme

Showcase your character displaying their skills /powers and interacting with their world and how they contribute to to either spring or summer time. Your entry must include the essence of either spring or summer.
Official characters are allowed to be used for this contest as well.

What we're looking for in your entries are creativity and originality.
It's not about your art style, it's about how well you can capture the theme of the contest.
That doesn't mean you should be too lax about it either. All entrants should give it everything they've got regardless of their artistic skills.

Contest Rules

  • Must be an image entry. Sorry literature people. We'll make a contest just for creative writing in the near future I promise.
  • Must be completed artwork. No WIPs.
  • No recolors, traced, dollmaker or base art.
  • No fetish / extremely nsfw images. Keep things PG-13.
  • No hate art.
  • No journals


I'm sure this is the part most people are most excited for.

1st Place Prize:
$50 / 5000 Points
1 Full Body, Full Color Drawing from XenoStateOfMind 
1 Full body, Base Color Drawing from XenoStateOfMind 

2nd Place Prize:
$25 / 2500 Points
1 Full Body,  Base Color Drawing from XenoStateOfMind
1 Thigh-up, Base Color Drawing from XenoStateOfMind

3rd Place Prize:
$15 / 1500 Points
2 Thigh-up, Colored Sketches from XenoStateOfMind

Other admins are welcomed to contribute prizes, just edit in your prizes whenever you have the chance to.


July 15th, 2018 will be the deadline
That give all participants about 4 months to work on their entries and should give enough leeway for anyone still in school

Final Notes

We're hoping that we can gather enough people to enter this contest as well believe it should be a fun experience for all to have the opportunity to have. To encourage growth throughout all our members and to inspire others who may look up to them as well so that maybe next year they can enter and repeat the cycle. So by all means, spread word and encourage people to join in our group and contest.
We share a common goal in wanting to share our crafts with others and grow our skills to maybe one day work in a field where we can apply our artistic skills in. We here in the group can acknowledge and respect those goals so let this be the stepping stone to something greater.

We look forward to your entries and we wish you all the best of luck!

Edit: :iconumbral-calamity: here! I’ve created a folder for all the entries to be submitted to! >v< Please be sure to submit to the “spring summer contest 2018” folder in this group in order for your entry to ensure it is entered! It helps everything stay organized <3

We are also only allowing 1 entry per person so do your best!

The judges of this contest will be XenoStateOfMind and myself!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
We here at SuperSonic-Art would like to wish you all an amazing holiday season.

Enjoy your christmas gifts, your family if you spend with them, no matter how you celebrate the holidays, we hope you have a wonderful week.

New Years is approaching!
We have so many plans for our beloved members here.
Contests, Events, whatever we can come up with that we thing the group may like, we'll do it cause we admins are here for you.

2018 is fast approaching, a new year to make new memories and so much more.
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day and an even better New Years day.

To the future!

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