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Stuff You Need To Know #61

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 15, 2016, 5:51 AM
Who We Are And Who We Are Not

The Submission Policy

What The Group Accepts For Its Galleries


Welcome to issue #61.  In this issue, we have our latest contest info, New stock affiliates and much more. So as summer nears its end and autumn's just around the corner.  You may find more time to dedicate to your photo manipulation, and we are here to help.

Message From The Founder. 

I want to remind all of our members that we are a Fine Arts Traditional Photomanipulation Group.

Bullet; White The definition of Photomanipulation at is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception after 
the original photographing took place.
~ Please Read FirstWELCOME
We are so happy to have you join us as a new Traditional Photomanipulator or as a Stock Provider. and hope are ready to push up your sleeves, dust off your thinking caps, and have fun challenging yourself, sharing what you know, and  learning some new stuff about photo photomanipulation!  
Below are some basic information to get you started as a member:
:bulletblue: ManipulateThis is a Traditional Digital Photomanipulation Group  We also accept submissions (up to 10 per week) of Stock Resources from any member.
:bulletblue: ManipulateThis is a Specialty Theme Group.  We offer Challenges, Group Activities that include sharing photo manipulation tips and team challenges, and a Contest now and then.
:bulletblue: ManipulateThis is a Learning Group.  Our Challenges, Group Activities, Contests, and Short Tutorials are planned to aid EVERY photomanipulator (no matter if you have beginning skills, intermediate skil

At ManipulateThis, we are artists who use the digital techniques associated with a paint program to create something new and unique from a variety of stock photos and other resources.

Bullet; White Traditional Photomanipulation has been used for over 150 years by photographers in the dark room and then transferred to digital programs over the last 30 years.

ManipulateThis is for Traditional Photomanipulators who create Fine Art. 

Bullet; White We do not paint entirely over photo stock. That is NOT Traditional Photomanipulation. 

Bullet; White We do not create Graphic Arts. That means, no images that are really posters or book covers (unless that is what we're doing), have
words in them (your signature is okay, but no titles or statements), or rely heavily on special effects to the point that it's defines the image. It's okay to create abstract, surreal, sci-fi, and fantasy images, and have images from different ages and themes including Steam Punk; it's okay to have mild nudity, as long
as it's Fine Art.

Bullet; WhiteThe find out the different between Fine Arts and Graphic Arts, please review these journals:
About: Design, Scene, And Elements And PrinciplesNEWS
This is one of our "About" Lessons; a series of  journals about Photomanipulation, about Art, and about being an Artist.  These journals exist to help you, the Photomanipulator, be a better artist.  After all, we are artist who use Photomanipulation as our media, but to create great art, we must know what we're doing.  Also, I want our group members to be educated in using the appropriate language.

This "About" Lesson covers the definitions of terms you should be familiar with as an artist: Design, Scene, and the Elements and Principles of Design with examples. 

Over the years I have found that many people join deviant art to participate as a Photomanipulator, but do not know difference between a "design" and a "scene".  Knowing the difference is an important one, not only for the group, but for you as an artist.  There have been time when I've asked for a "design" challenge entry that some members w

We will not accept Graphic Art for our challenges, contests, or activities. However, it is okay for the Open Gallery if
it truly represents your best work. 



Bullet; White We are very excited to announce our first Affiliate The Survival Road Contest  with our good friends over at Stewed Tomatoes

Your task in this contest is to create a scene of the last survivors of the world and their attempts to find somewhere safe.  There is some required stock (see the rules in the link above for more info), You also may add other stocks to create your scene.  

The contest is on-going until 30th September. 

Below are a couple of entries from both groups.

We Love You Teacher by Scarletmcd    Scouts by amethystmoonsong

Family Day by LoloAgain     We must get going by maureenDolder
  Breakdown Lane by amethystmstock     Break Schedule by Rowdy-Dawg

You still have two weeks to enter, so get your creative mind working and good luck.


Bullet; White castle-of-manips The Peculiar Children from Miss Peregrine's home  are coming to the Castle-of-Manips in October.
   Details will be added to this issue, when they become available.

Bullet; White :devwe-HEART-photomanip : Illustrate this - Make a cover for this book ongoing until 30th September.
    The challenge for this contest is to create a book cover for Roald Dahl's classic book The Magic Finger.

Bullet; White  CRPhotomanipulation September Challenge: Shapes in Smoke ends 30th September.
     Ok for this contest your image must involve smoke in a creative way.

Bullet; White  :devemerald-depth: Photomanipulation Contest - Zodiac  ends 12 October.
      Your challenge here is to incorporate more than one zodiac into your entry 
    Example, I'm an Aquarius, born in the Year of the Dragon, and my Celtic Tree is Rowan - I could use all of those elements if I wished. 

Bullet; White manip-db :devMasks We Wear. Contest:.  ends 12th October.
   Pretty self-explanatory, You have to create an image / scene which incorporates a mask we may wear.

Bullet; White Olgola is holding a "Stock usage contest: Mountain Pool" where you use one of her backgrounds to make a scene.
Contest ends September 17th. For all of the details and prizes, go here:
Stock usage contest: Mountain Pool - CLOSEDHere my first contest :happybounce: 

Use the stock image shown above. 
Both digital and traditional art is welcome, a maximum of 2 entries per member is allowed.
Your entry must be new and created specifically for this contest.
All used stocks must be from legitimate resources. Credit all stocks you used
How to enter:
Link your entry in the comments below. In the description link back to this journal
September 17th, 2016
The winner will be chosen by me and announced on September 18th
150 Points  by Olgola 
100 Points  by Malleni-Stock 
stock + feature by We

Bullet; White Independent-Manips   is a fairly new Group with a unique theme.  The idea of the group is to encourage members to use their own photographs in their manipulations rather than using other stock images.  Each week they have a contest / game for members to take part in.  You can enter using only your own images or using at least half of images being your own.

A very fresh and unique idea for a group so go and check them out Here.


Bullet; White We would like to welcome our latest stock affiliate :iconsamiam75: (Tom)  Below is a small selection of his Stock available for us all to use in our Manipulations. 

<da:thumb id="630865212"/>   <da:thumb id="630233033"/>   <da:thumb id="630232962"/>

<da:thumb id="630232652"/>    <da:thumb id="630106886"/>   <da:thumb id="630066712"/>

Bullet; White We also welcome :icontbg-stock-images:

city 5 by tbg-stock-images    Palomino-paint-brumby5 by tbg-stock-images    Mt-pomona by tbg-stock-images

Sing-structure9 by tbg-stock-images    santa4 by tbg-stock-images    sea4 by tbg-stock-images

If you're doing anything special, or you have group news or any important photomanipulation information/tutorials you want me to share with the group in the next "Stuff," simply send a note to the group or directly to my art account supersnappz16.

ManipulateThis banner created by TheFantaSim. View original photo manipulation here:…
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