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This is a repost from the talented hands of Phillis 

You must read this all the way through....
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The Dedication of Stock Providers:

Stock Providers on DeviantART work to provide free or low cost stock for the community. They put in their own time at their own expense to provide quality stock for use by any Deviant (and often allow offsite use as well). Because of their generosity, time and expense, the very least anyone can do when using the stock is to Read the Rules and to Properly Credit the Stock Provider!

Credit is important. First of all, it shows respect for the stock artist; Secondly, when a Stock Provider is properly credited in the Artist Description at the same time the Deviation is submitted, then the Stock Artist will be notified via mentions. When the stock credits are typed in when editing later, then the mentions will not notify the Stocker.

HOW to Properly Credit the Stock Provider:

Type or copy/paste a Direct Link to the stock used into the Artist Description. Simply putting the stock provider's site name isn't sufficient. Why? Stock isn't always readily recognizable once edited, and it helps the Stock Provider to show others the stock that is available on his/her site. Even when using your own stock, at least put in the Artist Description you're using your own resources. It avoids confusion when submitting to groups that check resource links.

Core Members can use up to six (6) thumbs in the Artist Description; however, it works best to keep the thumbs at FIVE (5) until ALL the stocks and brushes are credited, because, for some reason, DeviantART's code won't allow another thumb to be pasted in order to be converted to a link after six thumbs have been placed into the Artist Description. So, to avoid issues, decide which five to use until all links have been included, then choose the sixth thumb. Also, it is best when using a thumb to provide a text link as well, in case the Core Membership runs out sometime in the future.

Non-Core Members must use links in the Artist Description, since using thumbs is a Core benefit.

Once the Deviation has been posted, notify the Stock Provider as per the Stock Provider's Rules (more about this below*). Rules may require notification in a comment of the stock or brush, via note or profile comment. If multiple stocks are used from a single Stock Provider, it may be okay to notify the Provider via Note explaining which stocks were used. Check the Provider's rules to be sure. 

Proper Crediting Example: 

The following is a Mixed Media Deviation along with the Artist Description showing Credits for Stocks and Brushes (mixture of both links and thumbs ~ click to open full size in
As Posted by TheStockWarehouse 

Sweet Dreams Young Prince by TheStockWarehouse  Crediting in Artist Description by TheStockWarehouse

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