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All of my Fire Emblem heroes characters so far
I really love the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. I play it like everyday. :D So here is all of the characters I have summoned so far. ^^ Black Knight, Ike (Radiant Dawn), Lyn (Brave Lady), Hector (Brave Warrior), Alfonse, Laevatein, Helbindi (Seaside Scourge), Leif, Roy (Blazing Lion), Mia, Zelguis, Sigurd, New Years Camila, Young Tiki, Myrrh (spooky monster), Katarina, Raigh, Sanaki (Begnion's Apostle), Male Morgan, Sharena, Fjorm, Brave Lucina, Picnic Lukas, Oscar, Dream Prince Corrin, Legendary Tiki, Halloween Niles, Ylgr, Anna, Kaden, Julia, Spring Veronica, Nino (Pale Flower), Bridal Sanaki, Velouria. Leanne, Fallen Tiki, Innes, Takumi, Halloween Jakob, Legault,  Sothe, Loki, Brave Veronica, Elise,  Marth, Navarre, Athena, Silvia, Seliph, Roy, Fir, Eirika, Chrom, Lon'qu, Olivia, Male Corrin, Hinata, Hana, Laslow, Selena, Soleil, Draug, Cain, Eldigan, Eliwood, Seth, Stahl, Xander, Caeda, Palla, King Garon, Lilina, Henry, Lukas, Donnel, Oboro, Effie, Jagen, Abel, Roderick, Clive, Mathilda, Berkut, Sully, Peri, Silas, Catria, Est, Clair, Shanna, Florina, Valter, Cordelia, Subaki, Shigure, Mordecai, Panne, Nowi, Female Corrin, Male Kana, Mae. Tailtiu, Male Robin, Odin, Reinhardt (Thunder's fist), L'Arachel, Ylgr (Breaking the Ice), Barset, Raven, Hawkeye, Arthur, Sheena, Frederick, Walhart, Gunter, Cherche, Camilla, Reyson, Merric,  Boey, Nino, Soren, Cecilia, Picnic Leo, Gordin, Jeorge, Leon, Klein, Virion, Setsuna, Niles, Bridal Louise, Loki (Spring Trickster), Matthew, Felicia, Kagero, Kaze, Wyrs, Lachesis, Serra, Lucius, Lissa, Sakura, Nanna, Clarine, Priscilla, Lloyd, Zephiel, Adult Tiki, Gharnef, Sofia, Tharja, Aversa, Gwendolyn, Camus, Cynthia, Naesala, Ursula, Legion, Bartre, Libra, Titania, Michalis, Narcian, Beruka,  Fae, Female Robin, Clarisse, Gaius, Jakob, Saizo, and Maria

02/23/2019 edit: I now have in my collection Kaze, Jakob and Berkut. And I updated Cain into a 4 star hero, Katarina into a 3 star hero and Wrys into a 2 star hero. ^^

04/6/2019 edit: I have now updated Takumi into a 5 star hero and I have summoned to my pack Peri, Boey, 
Loki (Spring Trickster) Tharja and Roderick. :)

04/13/2019 edit: Here's a quick update where I upgraded Rodrick, Wys and Clarine into 4 star heroes and I summoned Fjorm, Dream Prince Corrin, King Garon, Narcian and Maria. ^^

04/23/2019 edit: Another update for this pic. ;) I now have with me Spring Veronica, Shigure, Sheena, Leon and Priscilla. I also updated Roy and Lon'qu into 4 star heroes as well. ^^

04/28/2019: Man, do these updates come in quick. XD I've updated Anna into a 5 star hero and Donnel and Nino into 4 Star heroes. :) I also added in Picnic Lukas, Tailtiu, Frederick and Zephiel to my collection as well. :)

05/09/2019: Here's a big update for all you guys. :) I added in 
Brave Lucina, Nino (Pale flower), Innes, Picnic Leo,  Soleil, Camus, Ursula, Bartre, Michalis and Clarisse. I also updated Alfonse into a 5 star hero and Seliph, Donnel, Est and Mathilda into 4 start heroes. ^^

05/14/2019: I got another big update for you guys thanks to the results of the Golden Week Celebration. :D I managed to summon this time Roy (Blazing Lion), Sigurd, Julia, Brave Veronica, Valter, Aversa and Saizo. I also updated Sharena into a 5 star hero and Priscilla into a 4 star hero. :D

05/24/2019: Here's another update for you guys. :) I summoned to my collection Fallen Tiki, Clive, Clair, and Fae and I also updated Cherche, Leon and Niles into 4 star heroes. ^__^

05/30/2019: I managed to squeeze in another update just before May could end. :) I have now summoned Male Kana, Lloyd, Legion, updated Male Morgan into a 5 star hero and I updated Eirika, Laslow and Lukas into 4 star heroes. :)

6/10/2019: Yep, It's time for another Fire Emblem Heroes update. ;) I've now managed to summon Laevatein, Legendary Tiki, Velouria, Gharnef and Beruka and I also updated Jagen and Merric into 4 star heroes. ^^

6/17/2019: Here's another update for you guys. :) I've added in my Fire Emblem Heroes collection Henry, Walhart and Lilina and I've updated Oscar into a 5 star hero and Kaze and Soleil into 4 star heroes. This is becoming so exciting. :D

6/26/2019: Here's another update for you guys once again. :) I've now added Helbindi (Seaside scourge), Mia, Mordecai, Panne and Cynthia and I've updated Corrin into a 4 star hero. ^^

7/1/2019: Oh look! A nice little update for the 1st of July. How funny. XD Ok, I now have in my collection Effie, Ylgr (breaking the ice), Gwendolyn and Libra while I also updated Raigh into a 5 star hero and Abel and Gunter into 4 star heroes. :)

7/14/2019: Here I am with another update. :D Now I have summoned to my pack Katarina, Elise, Shanna, Mae and Naesala and I've updated Navarre, Lilina, Berkut, and Arthur into 4 star heroes. Hope you guys will like my newest update. :D

I'm gonna update this from time to time whenever I summon some new heroes so it'll be something to look forward too. ^^

I don't own Fire Emblem Heroes.
The complete Rayman gang
With Barbara now having her own custom MMD model, I can finally make this MMD pic of all of the Rayman Legend Hero cast together! :D Rayman, Globox, Murphy, Teensie King, Goth Teensy and Barbara are all so awesome! :D

The models and stage all belong to :iconsab64:
Ask Maria 4
Another question for Maria is now answered. I thank :iconstevenrosecartoons: for asking this one for I had a lot of fun with it. XD

One of the things I love about Maria is that she tries to me mature like her mother, but she also has her childish moments like her father, especially with her love of cartoons. XD She's a funny hypocrite at times. XD

I dont own Magolor but Maria I do own. :)
So MLP will end soon
Yep. Made an MMD pic were Sonic is discussing with Rainbow Dash on how The MLP: FIM series will come to a final end when Season 9 is all over. I'm a bit sad that it's all gonna be over soon. But well, most of the seasons beyond 3 weren't really that impressive anyway. I don't even like the movie either, so there. XD

he rainbow Dash model belongs to :iconshikidark:

The stage and sonic model belongs to :iconsab64:
Some favorite Pokemon of mine from Ultimate
Hey everyone. :) I felt like making a traditional based pic today. So I ended up drawing some Pokemon cuties from Super Smash Bros Ultimate. ^^ Here we have Pikachu, Female Pikachu with Moon's hat (aka Moonchu), Jigglypuff, Pichu, Spiky Ear Pichu, Male Squirtle (from Red/Male Pokemon Trainer), Female Squirtle (from Leaf/Female Pokemon Trainer), Eevee, Piplup, Fennekin, Chespin, Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix, Snivy, Tepig, Dedenne, Togedemaru, and Mimikyu. Hope you'll enjoy them all. :)

Pokemon and Super Smash Bros Ultimate all belong to Nintendo
This doesn't look like my castle...... (Remake)
After a long tiring day, Bowser and Bowser Jr. head off to go back home to their castle......but uh oh, due to getting themselves lost in a fog of some kind Bowser may have gotten himself lost and ended up in the Night Casino from Sonic Rush. XD But Bowser keep denying it.

:iconbowser-plz: What the....What happened to my castle?! It's been turned into some sort of casino of some kind! Ohhhhhhhh.....Whoever did this is going to pay! Rage

:iconbowserjrplz: Or maybe we just took a wrong turn papa. That fog was thick back there.

:iconbowser-plz: Wha? Nonsense son! Your papa is never the one who gets lost. Sweating a little...

Hey guys. :) I made another remake of one of my older MMDAI2 pics from long ago.… ^^ I added in some shading and I made the models in some actual poses this time. :D Plus, here's a Dr. Eggman cameo for you guys. :)

All models and stages belong to :iconsab64:
After doing an Rp where Yuki, Hisako and Maria become mermaids with :iconemmasvarietyarts:. I couldn't help but draw a pic of the 3 mermaid girls. They are just so cute that way. :D Oh, the 3 girls are also teens in this pic too. :)
Ask Jake and Kassie
Much like my ask Maria pic, I've now made an ask pic for Jake and Kassie, the OC son and daughters of Kirby and Jigglypuff. Feel free to ask them any question you like. :)

Jake and Kassie are mine but not Kirby and Jigglypuff
Face off with King K Rool
Felt like the next MMD pic should have something to do with Donkey Kong this time. So here's one of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong doing a stare off with King K. Rool. Rool's eyes won't appear in my MMDAI2 program so I add to add it in paint myself. Sorry about that. ^^; Hope you guys like it. ^^

All MMD models and the stage all belong to :iconsab64:
My Amiibos so far
Hey, check this out! I finally made a snapshot of all of the Amiibos I have so far. :D :iconthumbsupplz: The reason why I decided to make this is because almost a week ago or so, I wanted to get the Skylander Blackout from Ebay, but not only is he so rare, he is also so dang expensive thanks to the aditional shipping charges. :cry: Luckily, I managed to find a Jigglypuff amiibo which is much cheaper then blackout and now she just arrived today! ^^ I was so happy that I was prompted to make this snapshot of all of my amiibos together. :)

The Amiibos I have are: Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Luigi and King Dedede. Plus I added a little toy figurine of Eevee for good messure. ^^ I think I'll get myself some more Amiibo figures sometime. It won't be as fast and huge as my Skylanders collection, but hey, at least it's still something to look forward to. ^^

08/16/2015 edit: I can't beileve I never updated this until now. I got for myself two new Amiibos today. ^^ I now have a Diddy Kong Amiibo and a Princess Peach Amiibo here with me. I also removed the Eevee figure from the pack since I couldn't find a good place for it. Plus, this is an Amiibo collection, not a Pokemon collection. I hope you'll enjoy my new additions. ^^

11/4/2015: Hey there everyone. I now got two new Amiibos from Ebay to add to my collection. :) They are Marth and Bowser Jr. ^^ I am so happy to get these two amiibos now. ^^ But Ebay now won't let me buy stuff from it anymore. :( So until I can fix the problem, I'll have to get my ammibos, skylanders and stuff from amazon from then on.

12/7/2015: Hello my friends. I have got 3 new Amiibos for my collection now. I now have with me Zelda, Mewtwo and Ike. Seriously, I did not ever expect to find either Mewtwo or Ike in gamestop. :D But I now have them and I'm so happy about this. ^^ But sadly I may have to put my Amiibo hunting time aside for now since I need to save up money to buy Xmas gifts for my family. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get some more Ammibo figures for Christmas day this year. Have a good day everyone. ^^

1/9/2016: All right! I got for myself so many amiibos for Christmas and after christmas shopping. :) Ok, the new Amiibos I have with me now are Meta Knight, Sonic, Lucario, Ganondorf, Greninja, Blue Yarn Yoshi and Captain Falcon. Oh, and I also have with me Hammer Slam Bowser and I also got the normal Turbo Cahrged Donkey Kong too. :) I think I'll have Turbo Charge Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser with my Amiibo collection from now on because, dispite being skylander toys, they are also part amiibo toys too. :) Hope you'll love my increased collection. :)

3/21/2016: Sorry for not updating my Amiibo collection for a while. I was more focused on getting Skylanders. ^^; Anyway, I now have two more Amiibos for my collection. ^^ I now have a Charizard Amiibo and a Roy Amiibo. They are both so awesome here! ^^ Hopefully I'll get some more Amiiibos soon. ^^ Oh, and I'm sorry for not inculding the blue yarn yoshi in this update, I forgot to add him. ^^;

5/25/2016: Heh, sorry for the long wait, but I finally got for myself two new Amiibos for my collection. :) I finally have both a Zero Suit Samus Amiibo and a Lucina amiibo. They are both so amazing! :D I even included Blue Yarn Yoshi back. ^^ Hope you'll enjoy my update everyone. ^^

10/22/2016: Holy crud! It's been nearly 5 months since I last updated this pic. ^^; Anyway, I managed to get a lot more Amiibos thanks to my birthday and all. Now I'll happily tell you guys what I have now. The new Ammibos I got are Regular Bowser, Fox, Olimar & Pikmin, Duck Hunt and Pink Yarn Yoshi. I really wish I had a Robin Amiibo and I wonder when Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta's Amiibos will be released?

01/10/2017: Yay! It's my very first update for my Amiibo collection in 2017! :D And I sure got a lot of new Amiibos around. I now have to my collection Mega Man, Robin, Ness, Falco and Rosalina. I hope you'll enjoy my new collection. :)

04/19/2017: Yep, after 3 months, I ended up getting two new Amiibos. :) They are Lucas and Pit. My collection is getting bigger and bigger within each update. :) Oh, I also heard that the Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta amiibos finally have a release date. :D They'll all be released on july 21st 2017. And it's not just their regular forms, their alternate forms (Avent Children Cloud, Female Corrin and 1st game outfit Bayonetta) will also have amiibos at the same time, same day as their regular counterparts. All right! I can't wait to get them all, especially Female Corrin. XD

08/12/2016: Geesh, four months since I got new amiibos, what's wrong with me?! :( Well, I did get 3 new ones this time. I now have both variants of Corrin: male and female, and I even managed to get Cloud as well. :D Well, now since I finally have corrin on my list, I'm not sure if I'll be amiibo hunting anymore. Maybe I'll get a new one or two from time to time if I have enough money but I don't have any favorites that I'm hunting down anymore. For now I wanna focus on other stuff like getting the Nintendo Switch for my birthday. :D (That is, if Nintendo wins the lawsuit against Gamevice which I'm still panicing about. :()

08/5/2018: Heh heh, It's been almost two years since I updated this. ^^; Well, since Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have Brand New Amiibo coming up plus all the Amiibo from the 3DS/Wii U version of Smash Bros will work with Ultimate, I figured now will be a good time to start updating my collection again. :) I ended up getting the Shulk Amiibo from Ebay while along the way, I also happened to also purchase for myself The Chrom Amiibo, The wedding Bowser Amiibo and the Wedding Peach Amiibo. Oh, don't worry, I'll go look for the wedding Mario amiibo at some point in the future. :D For now, enjoy my updated collection. ;)

11/23/2018: It's been a while but here's the next update of Amiibos. ^^ They consist of Villager, Samus, and everyone's favorite Boi: Waluigi. ^^ Just because Waluigi isn't in Ultimate doesn't mean he isn't worthy of being in my collection. ;) Everyone deserves a chance, Playable or not. ^^ (I'm still looking for wedding Mario Though. ^^;

06/22/2019: Ouch! So many months passed since my last Amiibo update. :( Yes, I'm aware that their are a lot of new Amiibos for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but the mall that I now go to since I moved doesn't even have much of the old amiibos at all, let alone any new ones. Plus, I keep getting distracted by brand new video games and stuff to spend my money on instead of looking for new Amiibos on Ebay. :( (I just got the Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuled on PS4 today.) However, I haven't given up the Amiibo hunt just yet. I'll still get new Amiibo from time to time, it's just that it may not be as fast as I used to. But be patient and the updates will come at some point. ;) Anyway, here are my three new Amiibos for my collection: Pac-man, Isabelle (winter clothing) and Ryu. Hope you'll love my latest update everyone. :)

All Amiibos belong to Nintendo (except Sonic who is owned by Sega, Mega Man and Ryu who are owned by Capcom, Pac-man is owned by Namco/Bandai and Cloud who is owned by Square Index)
Spyro in Ring of Heroes
Yeah....I got for myself Skylanders Ring of Heroes on my Iphone. Activision said they'll update with new Skylanders from time to time, so I figured, what the heck? So here's a pic of me summoning Spyro the first time I played Ring of Heroes. He's so awesome! :D

Spyro belongs to Activision

Well, been a long time since I wrote in this journal So I decided to write something in it to pass the time. XD 

So….This years Nintendo E3 is super awesome! Here is the stuff that I'm pumped up for the most.

More info about Luigi's mansion 3. Now I need to get the other 2 Luigi's mansion games. XD

More info of Animal Crossing for the switch. (putting this up for a friend who loves animal crossing. ;) )

Loads of info on Fire Emblem 3 houses. ;)

Some more pokemon sword and shield details because the pokemon direct just isn't enough. ^^ (I love the little electric doggie pokemon. :) )

Spyro Reignited Trilogy will finally come for both Nintendo Switch and PC and also, there will be a future DLC Spyro racing pack with a playable Spyro racer for Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuel

And finally…..we have not one…..but TWO new DLC characters coming for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! The first one is the hero/heroes from the Dragon quest series. Yeah, I said heroes because like Bowser Jr. the heroes alternate colors/costumes are the various heroes from different Dragon Quest games. And the 2nd one is….Banjo and Kazooie?! OH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! :D The Bear and Bird are back for Nintendo! We all missed you Banjo and Kazooie. It's great to have you guys back. :`D

And that's my for my E3 info. If I'm missing anything, Let me know please. Hope you guys will enjoy this. ^^

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Super Smash Bros
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