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Even though this Direct was entirely Smash Bros focused, we wouldn't get that much information, right? Right?


For almost half an hour long we've got loads and loads of information that took me almost a day to fully process.

I'll give you a run down what really stood out to me, but it would be best if you watch the direct yourselves for those who hadn't watched it yet…

Alright for those who decided not to watch the direct in full and just want brief info we are going into spoiler territory here

Simon Belmont: Lashes Out!…

Konami's 2nd rep in Smash, the notorious vampire hunter Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series joins the Smash roster. Both his looks and weapons are completely based on his original debut on the Famicom Disk System and the NES

But Simon did not come alone.
His descendant Richter Belmont: Crosses Over! As Simon's Echo Fighter…
With Richter's confirmation as a fighter, this now opens the doors to 3rd Party Characters having Echo Fighters as well. So keep an eye out fans of Shadow the Hedgehog

And on the topic of Echo Fighters, Chrom from Fire Emblem:Awakening and Dark Samus from the Metroid:Prime series get their chance on being Echo's of Roy and Samus……

And last but not least, King K Rool. Donkey Kong's original and iconic villain Comes Aboard the Smash Roster as a new fighter as well…

These character reveals do indeed show that Sakurai and the developers are definitely trying to appeal retro gamers, 3rd party fans, hearing the requests of popular characters with Echo Fighters as bonus prizes

Now with the new fighters out of the way let's look at the other features Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The total number of stages in Ultimate is 103! All visually upgraded to look glorious, while stages from Smash 64 will still maintain their visuals for nostalgia. Also Stages with Stage Hazards are now able to be Switched off. No more problems from Yellow Devil, Metal Face, Flying Men or an other hazards that made your fights more chaotic then it already is. Also there is a new mechanic regarding to stages. You able to decided to change into other stages during the fight with the Stage Morph option. Want to go from Pokémon Stadium to the Mario Kart Stage or Skyloft to Flatzone? Now you can! try and throw who ever your challenging choosing stages you know to your advantage

The music count on Ultimate. Their is roughly 900 tracks! Always been a fan of music from the video games you can create your own playlist and also treating your Switch like an iPod in Handheld Mode and we can listen to music throughout the series the Smash Fighters come from and listen to it on the go

There is a selectable Smash Fight called the Final Smash Meter. As you fight you can fill up a gauge as the character you are playing as and when it's filled up you can do a weaker version of their Final Smash. My my looks like Sakurai or someone on the developing team has played PlayStation All-Stars, although as I said in Final Smash Meter it's a weaker version of their Final Smash, you unfortunately can fill up the gauge 2 or 3 more times to obtain a different Final Smash

There's a mode called Squad Strike where you can fight your opponent as different characters from the Fighter Roster in match. It's kind of like Subspace Emissary, choose the fighters you want to be, the moment one fighter is K.O. you play as the 2nd fighter you have chosen before resuming where you left off

There's a mode called Smash Down. After choosing a set of fighters in your first match, E.g. Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu you can't use them again afterwards until you are done playing this mode against your opponent. Basically in this mod, your mains almost mean nothing, you have to be roughly good in playing ALL the characters. You need to choose wisely and also hope your opponents don't choose the fighters you are good at and you can use them in a later match

And there's a new mode in the menu they can't show us yet. What do you think it is Adventure Mode, a new Subspace or something new entirely? What do you think?

Well that's all the staff that interest me. If you want know more than I defiantly recommend watching the direct. Sakurai all the developing teams have been working non-stop to give us all these new features and characters. So please I beg of you don't send hate mail, tweets or posts just because a certain character you love didn't make it as a playable character. With all the work they are doing I feel like they are spoiling even though I feel like we don't deserve it because of a few rotten-eggs that have to try and ruin it for the rest of us.

What were your favourite parts on the direct? And what do you hope to be revealed in the future?
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