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The Pokemon Sun and Moon anime's second season is coming soon so here are my list of hopes for it.

Old artstyle returning - Many Pokemon fans aren't happy with the anime's current artstyle especially with Ash's face. Believe me, I'm not either. Hopefully they can change it back to the Pokemon XYZ artstyle for the next season. One fact that supports this is that the 20th Pokemon movie's artstyle is different and way better than Sun and Moon's artstyle, so maybe the animators put all the money to make the movie while using the leftover money they had to make Sun and Moon. 

Ash's design and Personality -  In addition to wanting Ash's face changed, I also want him to be mature again like he was in XYZ, not a goofball like he is now. His maturity made many fans love him and watch the anime again. When his Sun and Moon personality was shown, fans did not like him as much and have turned away from the show as a result. His funny faces don't help either. In addition, in my opinion his outfit should add some additional parts. Ash should be given an open sleeveless jacket and gloves, (Especially the gloves!)

Serena - Many many fans want this character to return to the anime. Serena was special as she was the first of Ash's female companions to have a canonical crush on him. In the final XYZ episode, she gave him a kiss on the lips on the elevator before she left Kalos for Hoenn. It really signifies that she'll come back later on. I'm hoping that once Serena's done with her journey in Hoenn, she'll head for Alola for Showcases, if there are any. Once she meets up with Ash and discovers the Pokemon School, she'll enroll in the school and become a main character again (hopefully).

Ash - Greninja - Greninja was considered so far by many Ash's best Pokemon. With it and Ash's bond, Greninja transforms into the powerful Ash-Greninja. Many fans loved this Pokemon and with it appearing in the Sun and Moon games, its sure to return in this anime. Although Greninja might appear in the third season if there is one, as season 2 is still a little too soon for Greninja to return in the anime in my opinion.

Lillie Touching and Catching Pokemon - In the newest opening for the show, we see Lillie changing in her Z-form for a couple split seconds. My theory is that she's changing her look as she's no longer scared of touching Pokemon. In addition, we got a new episode revealed regarding Lillie's past, so maybe in that episode, Lillie learns why she's scared and is able to get over her fear when she sees her past. She changes her look to symbolize her new self and becomes able to touch all Pokemon and catch them. 

So those are my hopes for the Sun and Moon anime's second season. Hope you like it.
Project Sonic 2017 is now called Sonic Forces! I'm really excited for the game and I'm planning to get it for the Switch. Also, Sonic Mania is sadly delayed to this summer. But I guess they're gonna add more stuff to it. 
I saw the Nintendo Switch presentation a few day ago. It was so cool and the games were exciting, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Bomberman R, Sonic Mania, and Super Mario Odyssey! I can't wait to get the console!