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L.A. Zen began as a public access TV show. And it'll be returning worldwide in 2016! This FC is where the show's fan art, fan pics, fanfare, and widespread senselessness will crystalize. Many of our members are artists whose personalities are revealed in their works. We want to connect with these people for projects ranging from installation exhibits to promotional pranks to theatrical features. So if your tastes range from cute and innocent to the dangerously deranged (conceptually), or meet somewhere in the middle, then consider this your new home. Welcome.

:D Kaptain Kwirk & Kalamity Kiki :D

P.S. We welcome those who enjoy comedy, cartoons, kittens, movies (silent films, cult classics, chick flicks, big budget bombs, etc.), puppies, comic books, sushi, "addictive" TV shows, music (from bluegrass to pop to world to experimental to WTF/FTW, etc.), cuteness (WE LOVE EEEET!), Radioactive Chicken Heads, zombies, international/intercultural exchanges, pop culture, babies, the bizarre, et ceteroids, et ceteroids, et ceteroids. There's plenty of room for everyone on our tour's itinerary of the yet uncharted. Pack a lunch. ;P ;P
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Necessary and/or SUPERfluous Et Blah, Et Blah, Et Blah

Club mission
To indiscriminately encourage, support and facilitate positive personal and creative growth.

Membership body
We have handpicked most of you. We only want members whose presences provide them with comfort, and a sense of satisfaction that they can carry throughout their daily lives. Sharing it with us will multiply its value. Which isn't required.

Familiarity and camaraderie
This group is for anyone of any age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physicality (whether "challenged" or "handicapped"), psychological state, et cetera. The only thing we judge members on is their ability to express something that we consider productive to the club, its members and, primarily, Team L.A. Zen's goals. Not a judgment. Just a fact. And, generally speaking, we may be in competition WITH each other, but definitely not AGAINST each other.

So we want members to enjoy collaborating and networking with one another. Each of us is a member of the Human Family, so Kiki and I (Kirk) consider you our sisters and brothers. Relatively, "Those who play together stay together." Just play nicely.

Deviation submissions
Only member submissions are accepted. And we will select the member deviations we view as productive to the goal of the club, which is to conjure creativity in its members' collective and individual projects.

Folder maintenance
Featured works will routinely be moved to respective folders (e.g., cute works moved to When Cute Attacks, etc.) as to give everyone's deviations a chance to be showcased, and to encourage members to become more involved in L.A. Zen projects. Thus rewarding them with their own folders.

Participation privileges
Members who become directly involved in Team L.A. Zen projects will have a folder devoted exclusively to their work. Those who partner with The Team long term will be promoted on (Which will be thoroughly updated.)

Membership limitation
This is soon to be an invitation-only/private fan club. We are not looking to randomly build membership to increase its numbers.

If we invited you, your presence is appreciated, indefinitely. If you requested membership, and are not proactive, we may remove you from the group. Anyone can observe club activities without becoming a member.

We will get back to everyone as time permits. Kiki's chemotherapy/stem cell transplantation takes priority over all else.

Note: If you believe that by being a member you would add something special to it, we're certainly open to it. We're not snobs or elitists. We're here to elevate others while producing projects we hope will benefit others as well as ourselves.

And we do welcome all styles (from cute to dark) and skill levels (first-day beginner to industry professional).







"These are the people in your neighborhood. The people that you meet each day." - Sesame Street
The contest is in full swing, and it will end around Halloween 2015, or TBA. We envisioned this as an animated short and an interactive story book fueled by YOU, real people. Various projects will spring forth in different forms. :happybounce: NOW GO CREATE! :happybounce:

The points will be awarded as follows:

•1st Place - 500
•2nd Place - 400
•3rd Place - 300
•4th Place - 200
•5th Place - 100

Note: Everyone whose work we choose, beyond the top 5 artists, will get 20 points.

The above item should be drawn with all 4 of these elements included:
•it should possess the feel of something creepy, something you'd be frightened by
•it should be covered with short or long fur or hair (partially or completely)
•slight smokiness, heat waves, or smoldering effect emitting from it
•item disproportionately larger than its environment (ex: open field, office building, etc.)

Other ideas: flames in the foreground, background, around item or emanating from it

Other ideas (no creative limits):
•above item bound by chains/locks/shackles in a cellar or dungeon
•above item in a clearing in the woods in a booby trapped area to catch people or animals
•an empty white space (surrounding above item) with a sense of danger
•an empty dark space (surrounding above item) with a sense of cuteness

There are no style or media limits, so go nuts!

Feel free to ask questions. We'll try to get back with you ASAP.

Have fun with it!,
Kirk & Kiki of Team L.A. Zen

FYI: The main thrust of this project has provoked a tippety-top secret full-length feature
film. Which will only involve intelligent, hard-working individuals with focus and a sense of
adventure. All others are discouraged from participating. We promise you it won't be worth
your while.
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BiancaRoseTV Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello everyone!
Looking for a cute,neat,colorful,high quality traditional anime commission? no problem! you just found what you're looking for here! because I'm open for commissions! 
How lucky you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Here are some examples of my artworks:

Bottle Miku by BiancaRoseTV   [COM] Ailla by BiancaRoseTV   Himiko Toga by BiancaRoseTV   [COM] Isabel Warren by BiancaRoseTV        

Check the journal down below for the commissions info!

Commission Info!Statue: open
Latest update: 12.6.2019


Comment below or send a note with the following form:
Character name: (the full  name of the character)
Character personality traits: (likes/dislikes ,cute,evil,sad...ect)
References: (1-2 references with all visible details, you may also add a link to stash/toyhouse  with all the pictures of your character).

When your order is confirmed, that means I started to draw it and there is no way back.
cherry blossom Payment: only points! cherry blossom 

I draw: females, Males, Kemonomimi, fanarts, cute and kawaii.I don't draw: muscly men, NSFW, Animals, +18 c

Hope you're interested! if you are, what are you waiting for? feel free to order one! and don't miss the chance for such a neat commission! <3
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my commissions (open)

Profile Picture YCH
(100 Points 1$)
Mike Scrub Commission 3 by MikeScrub   
Profile Picture YCH (Custom)
(200 Points 2$)
Profile Picture-6 by MikeScrub  
(500Points 5$)

Margaret seducing someone (Request) by MikeScrub
Youtube Thumbnails
(100Points 1$)
Bijuu Mike's Gacha Short Clip Animated by MikeScrub
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fireytika Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017  Professional General Artist
Helloo~ i open chibi commission with limited slot.
For only $15 you can get detailed chibi like this :

Bunny Aluca by fireytika

Painted style and Free background! ^^
Please note me if you interested. Thanks
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3 pts= 2 favs
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30 pts= 12 favs + feature + 10 comments + watch
PuddinL Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
3 pts= 2 favs
6 pts= 4 favs
9 pts= 6 favs
12 pts= 8 favs
15 pts= 10 favs + feature
18 pts= 12 favs + feature
30 pts= 12 favs + feature + 10 comments + watch
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