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Crystal Sunrise

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I question the practicality of the Crystal Empire. 

I also question the practicality of having a casing for my toenail clippers, so maybe the world is right and I'm just the crazy one.
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I find this morbidly funny.
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I've wondered if crystal ponies themselves could do this.
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
Great, now I´m thinking about a Crystal Pony breakdance competition.
Crazy lightshow, sure, but it´s literal lasers.
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well is logic for crystal for to this but the crystal empire got some save spell for not do this cuz if dont the crystal empire will be the kindom with the more fire insident
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Royaldog12Hobbyist Artist
Happy birthday Gold94Chica!!! 
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LyokoherosHobbyist Writer
So pony tails aren't stinky when they burn? Interesting... 
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ALFurrixHobbyist Traditional Artist
the BBQ smell is you tail burning, Cadance.
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that is good lol
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burned hair dont smells like that :p
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She smells like chicken
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Shining Armor...your face is PRICELESS...:)
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Charmless-Crescent97Hobbyist Writer
"I could stay like this forever"

We'll hold you to that cadenza.
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Fun fact: There is a building in real life that does this. The reflected heat get's hot enough to melt the plastic parts of parked cars.
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Just plate all of the roofs with gold. That'll keep the sun's rays from magnifying into a laser. Works for astronauts (did learn recently that it actually does help offer some protection from heat and (mostly) radiation in space, as the below link can help explain).…

Actually, this may be a tenable solution. If sapphires are plentiful enough that no one would think it awkward to make cupcakes out of them (the episode "The Secret of my Excess"), it may not be a far stretch for gold to be an uncommon, or even somewhat common, metal instead of a rare metal. 

Only real hitch would be how blinding direct sunlight reflected off of a metal surface would be (maybe they could put a glass tint on top of the foil as is done with tinted car windows). 

Err.... That was more rambling than expected. In any case, funny comic. The faces in particular are very expressive and tell a lot of the story. 
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curtsiblingProfessional Digital Artist
I love the smell of burning pony in the morning!
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She's gonna be a hunka hunka burning love.
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BronyStarHobbyist Traditional Artist
Shining : HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Le-PoofeStudent Digital Artist
its a giant deadly prism ^^
ENCLAVE-COMANDERHobbyist General Artist
Wouldn't it make rainbows because when u fire light into a crystal…………… hmmm makes scense if rainbows are made in a factory
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HokutoUlrikHobbyist General Artist
Shining's face. Classic.
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Dotterall General Artist
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sailorvulpixHobbyist General Artist
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, But that is a tail for another day.
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eleanorlover101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you have all my respects for that one.
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