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June 23, 2021
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She reminds me of Ksenia Kroner but that background ties this all into a ... wartime spy story?

Pretty cool!

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Just amazing art work (I presume it is art)and a beautiful lady.

I started to draw digital , i'm really jealous about your creation. keep it going. you are really good :)

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Very nice work! Is this piece a game artwork?

Jdjdjjddola xdxdxdxx

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Fantastic art! She's definitely up to something and looks unsure herself if she should continue.

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I'm more worried about the SCP badge in the background. If there's something out there taking out SCP members, then I don't want to be anywhere near this lady if she is somehow involved.

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I agree with the other people here, in that this looks much like a photograph in the thumbnail. Impressive!

That art is so amazing!!!

Bro how do you draw like that? It looks so good.

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… this impulse is clearly going to get me beaten up at the very least and I’m not confident it won’t end with a sudden, inevitable betrayal but DANG she might just be worth it.

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This young lady has the look of a lady in search of a PI so I’m putting on my gumshoe - fetch me my fedora and call me Phil!

Anyone think April from tmnt

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Wow! nice work guy!

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This is excellent!

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nice! I feel like a know this person

Great picture. Looks like photo on previev.

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