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The Electrically Lewd Adventures of Pika and Evee2

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Heyo Everyone Here we go the sequel and continuing Adventures of Pika and Evee! Hope everyone enjoys this little romp though their version of the Pokemon world and their ongoing quest to find that treasure! Feel free to leave a comment below and stuff always happy to read them!

Big Big thanks to Iamaneagle for the cover page! Speaking of which this story features Cameo appearances by not only Eagle's character but by characters from Alexander717 and Howlingmadfoxhatter. Big thanks to those good buds as well!

*Edit, seems people were having trouble downloading the file, I forgot to check the little box up at the top to allow downloads. Sorry about that, it should be good now! Gosh new DA is a little confusing lol
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She is a Salazzle that is rivals with Pika, they've known each other for a while. Gotta read the first one my friend ;) Don't worry though I intend to flesh out her backstory a bit more in future stories :3

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Ah yeah I read it just after. really great stuff! I love the way she got hypnotized~

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Amazing! keep up the great work

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AlphamonOuryuukenHobbyist Writer
I can't seem to access the download option....