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The Demon Book 2

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© 2019 - 2020 SuperSargeSpecial
Well would you lookey there, its all ready and finished just in time for April fool's day. Don't worry, I assure you, this one is legit. The joke this year is that I actually got it finished!

But yes, the sequel to my magnum opus The Demon Book is finally here. I hope after all this time my fans and even perhaps a few new people can enjoy it! Please feel free to leave comments, feedback, what have you, down below when you finish reading it. I had a blast writing it....even if it did take me like 4000 years!

Oh yeah so I don't potentially get slapped with copyright or something. Obviously All you need is love is the Beatles' song and the rights belong to them and Apple Corps. Also Toxic love is property of...Fox? I guess? Tim Curry? Whoever....point is, its a parody version, I claim no rights to it or anything, just felt both songs were appropriate. Another one is W-I-L-D which is from Jungle book 2 that's Disney, its their's not mine, I just made it sexy. There I think that covers the bases....hopefully.
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I can't remember.  In which of your stories does Kaa'Lin end up Marrying Mowgli?
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That would be the end of the original Demon Book my friend :3
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I finally remembered my log in to Deviant art so I could come read this!!!! After you messaged me about this story...I'm just horrible an managing my time lol. Time to get reading!

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Hope you enjoyed it axg! you've been a follower since the beginning dude!
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Haven't seen any mention of it, but "The Darksoul" was a parody of "Toxic Love" from Ferngully, right?
Nice work.
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Yes indeed it was. And if you are referring to the concept of the Darksoul itself, that was something I mentioned in the first alternate ending to the original demon book. I believe anyway. Was just something I decided to turn into a bigger plot point.  But yes the song itself is meant to be a sexy rework of Toxic Love :)
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That was a fun sequel to read. Nicely done, my friend. I loved all the song references too. Really clever. All in all? This is a sequel that was worth the wait and I enjoyed it as much as the first, if not more so. Two thumbs WAY up.

:thumbsup: :D :thumbsup:
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Thank you So much my friend I really appreciate it!
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So, what's next? You gonna reupload the finale of Alex In Wonderland?
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It will come soon, I promise!
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HinataFox790Hobbyist General Artist
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IncredibleIntruderHobbyist Writer
I like how you managed to touch most of every cornerstones from your previous stories in this setting, be it characters or certain key concepts. I liked the corruption that Shill'en spread around, the transformation, the small moments of loving hypnosis and the journey that Kaili undertook in the process. Like someone else in the comments, I do wonder if you'll go with the alternate and bad-ending routes for side-stories like you did in the past. I know I'd certainly read them.

The only downsides to this story, however, are some typos and errors within the text, but it is a pretty massive endeavor so it was kinda expected. Still, wonderful piece you gave us, my man. ;)
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Thank you so much intruder! Always good to hear from you! And that you enjoy reading my stuff! Heck I remember reading your stuff back in the day and now knowing you are a fan of my stuff is just awesome :3

As for them typos and stuff yeah, dang it couldn't catch them all! I'll probably have to go back through and scan over it and fix them here and there. Then update it with the corrections, but thanks for the feedback all the same, I really do appreciate it!
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IncredibleIntruderHobbyist Writer
Always happy to see you continue to write hypno-erotica. Your Jungle Book inspired stories are always pretty interesting in a "corrupted" and sexy sort of way without trying to be too restricted by the traditional scenario, so I find them enjoyable. The Demon Book series is no exception to that. ;)

With that said, if you ever find the time, do take a look at my stuff. I'm sure it's been a while and there might be some stuff that you'd enjoy a great deal. If you, like I said, ever find the time.

And don't worry too much about typos. I make plenty of them too and it doesn't distract (or distract too much) from the strength of the ideas, concepts and characters anyway. ;)
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Hoooooooooh boy.  Can we expect some side stories with this marvelous adventure too?
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That could always be a possibility ;)
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Yes that would be great! Love the short Alt ending of the original Demon Book. So hopefully we can see more like that for this story.
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Love this sequel to the original Demon Book. Very sexy and Hot with many twists and turns. You have done it again, making great stories that everyone can enjoy.
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10/10 great equal! Worth the wait! 
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