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Back to Nature

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Alrighty everyone, here is that new story I promised. I was originally going to post another story but due to unexpected erasure before all of it could be archived, I have to salvage what I can remember.

Anyway, this is another long story written by myself and DelightfullyMAD, I was originally going to post this in parts similar to my other stories but when I remembered that it was 85 pages long....well I didn't want to explode my gallery nor anyone's inboxes, plus, I don't have that much time on my hands to copy and paste that much lol.

So enjoy this tale of a simple farmer living on the edge of a monster girl inhabited forest and his run in with a...let's say misinformed Dryad trying to help him get back to his more natural roots on the first night of mating season.

Hope you all enjoy and please leave a comment below whenever you finish reading! Thank you so much!

The title image is Flora done by the always awesome Amicus, or Amikazam. I think they really captured what I imagined Flora to look like :)

Frak just noticed there's a bit of corispondance between me and DM in there near the end...I do apologize for that! ITs really obvious where it is, and I hope its not too distracting. I will work on getting that fixed and removed!
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that was a great story
MrYingYangDreamer's avatar
NP ^^

Just wondering why i never get it in my notifications 
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Huh that is weird 
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Uh-oh. One thing about the Unicorn: if they have sex with anyone who's not a virgin, like in this case, they get corrupted and turn into Bicorns, whom are basically the opposite of Unicorns: hedonistic, lewd, they even form a harem for their husbands. Thomas may have a Bicorn to watch out for in the future now
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he he, indeed Arrext ;)
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This does look good, but the sheer length of this makes it a little difficult to read/follow.  There have been a few times when even trying to go down can overshoot it which is frustrating.
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I tried to break this one up in to paragraphs and such more than I usually do, but yeah releasing this one in parts would have been too daunting, and would have exploded everyone's inboxes, plus over crowded my gallery lol.
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I saw that in your explanation, but I'm personally fine with seeing a lot of updates in my inbox.  I'm sure others are fine with it as well.

However, I can understand it would have taken sometime to accomplish that.
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Wow! Another cool story, dude!
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