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I was addicted to a few songs while working on this, ranging from this guy's fun EDM to this depressing Vocaloid song (⇦ tw: suicidal feelings, self-harm) to this quality meme and they're all so different, haha. Maybe that's why this came out kinda weird?? Maybe it's cuz I'm sleep-deprived??? Who knows. 

Redbubble stickers/merch of this in the works
might put off til after I pixel more Matsus tho
I really wanna draw Jyushi and Kara with uncomfortably muscular legs
but I don't actually know what a leg looks like
wish me luck, lmao

➜ Day 90-91 (5/18 - 5/19/17) of my ''Do Something Basic Every Day'' Challenge
DAY 90: frantically pixel static version; done in 33min, gg self 
DAY 91: animate it while cognition slows down (ty, post-midnight brain); take way too long, feelsbadman

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Jyushimatsu Matsuno; Osomatsu-san © Studio Pierrot
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one cannot simply favorite without a +watch
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Just a heads up I'll be using it as my icon
and I will of course cred it you.
It is fabulous. 
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my soul is blessed 
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may I use it for my Bio?
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Late reply, but of course! Any of my stuff marked "F2U" or some other variant of "free to use" are available for you decorate your profile and such with! But thank you for asking! F2U | Vivid Blinking Osomatsu | OSMT 
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Osomatsu is getting annoying on dA
Not to be rude but, i like this show alot but the fanart is darn hideous
I'm tired of seeing the same thing on the dA home page
I like the anime but the doodles on the front page.
This is amazing btw
SuperSarcosmic's avatar
> the fanart is darn hideous
> This is amazing btw

Pick one. 

Sorry you got beef with Matsu fanart? Don't complain to some random fanartist, though.
The hell am I supposed to do about your gripe? Stop making fanart of something I love? 
Jeira-Chan's avatar
Im not telling you to stop, im just aying i see too much and i want to see other things. it is amazing thought. and i meant the fanart of yaoi i see online, (yaoi is: Why should i say: gay) i love the emote though. osomatsu is a really good anime, i just don't like the porno fanart. i like regular fanart
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Yeah I know your feeling :(
I like the show so much, but the point that ppl starts shipping the sextuplets and stuff, makes me stop drawing fanarts of them a little :( knowing that ppl will start to watch me and expect me to draw more of them makes feel a little pressure, so that's why I go back and draw other fanarts and ocs stuff, 
You're not alone my dear, I'm sure some other will feel the same way :)
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jyushi do a thing
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oh your the one who made this!?

well i really like using it...

do I have to give credit?

F2U AVATAR | Jyushi does a thing (animated) | OSMT 
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Ahaha. Yeah, I like making stuff like this! 

You only have to give me credit if you're using it as an avatar or as profile decoration via the <img src code (which doesn't link back to my deviation page). So if you're just using it in your comments/descriptions or as regular profile decoration, you don't need to credit me! F2U BULLET | OSMT Jyushimatsu (Laugh) 
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F2U AVATAR | Jyushi does a thing (static) | OSMT  I D R E A M F O R M E M E S
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Your works are amazing :lovesquee:  They're so carefully made :love: Thank you for sharing them Pixel Rose Bullet - Yellow F2U AVATAR | Jyushi does a thing (animated) | OSMT 
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Muscle Muscle! Hustle Hustle!
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