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F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (shiny + blinking)

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I can't even afford the game yet, let alone play it with my super-broken DS screen
I'd like to make the normal version too, but I have a major class project due that I've been hardcore procrastinating on.
So here's a blinking shiny icon to tide you over, plus some casually blatant advertising. ( ՞ਊ ՞) 
PIXEL + CRAFTS COMMISSIONS: OPEN Speech Bubble Blue TransparentWelcomeSpeech Bubble Blue Transparent Right 
Hey, guys! I'm in a bind but currently unable to pursue a normal job. I'll be making pixel art, perler art, small plush toys, and jewelry to earn money for everyday expenses, medical expenses, and saving to move out by July 2017. As I make more types of stuff, I'll add them here as examples.Pixel: Yellow Star SLOTS Pixel: Yellow Star

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Articunos-CoffeenArt's avatar
gONNA use this icon. It's adorable. 
Pooiu37's avatar
Where is the popplio? (rude xD #poppliodefensesquad )
dragonsoul08's avatar
awesome this motivates me to breed for a shiny rowlet
TheTRUEgge's avatar
This is adorable

I'm so glad I hatched one of these
SuperSarcosmic's avatar
Wooow, lucky!! I almost can't believe people are shinybreeding already, but that's the Pokemon community for you! 
TheTRUEgge's avatar
Yeah, we're insane XD

I started so soon because I wanted to make sure I had it for my Nuzlocke comic I'll be doing sometime after Christmas 
Saeyoung7O7's avatar
This just upset me cause I've been trying to get a shiny rowlet xD
SuperSarcosmic's avatar
Haha! So sorry! Good luck with that quest! 

Meanwhile, I've been upset because I haven't been able to afford to get my DS fixed (you can see how hilariously broken the screen is here), let alone the game. 

...So I'm here making art of Pokemon I can't even have yet. :'D 
Saeyoung7O7's avatar
I'd help if I could but I don't have a paypal set up since I usually get paid with cash rip rip rip;n;
SuperSarcosmic's avatar
Oh whoops, that was supposed to be linked here, my bad! Wasn't meaning to try to pressure you into commissioning me, haha;;;; 

Thank you, though! Man, I remember the feel of being unable to buy stuff online... Tough times, soldier. Be strong. (`Д´)ゞ
I guess I could also accept cash, though that'd have to be sent via mail... hmm. 
BluE3's avatar
This is cute! The only critique I can offer is with the animation. The blinking eyes are perfect! It would be exiting to see what else could be animated. Maybe the head moves down a little when Rowlet blinks, and or the mouth closes or moves a little. Though, I think overall it is well done and maybe nothing would be gained by animating those features, too. But it might be worth experimenting!
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