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how do i draw
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My apologies, but please bear with my slow responses and sporadic upload times! I'm dealing with a heavy dip in my severe depression and mild anxiety right now, so it's an understatement to say it's hard to talk to people or do anything.

That said, every time you see me upload something or reply to you is a physical sign I'm trying to get out of my rut. I'm grateful for every fave, watch, and comment you guys give, and will be working on actually showing that appreciation by replying as soon as I have the energy to.

Thank you for your patience!!

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I haven't actually seen the Bee Movie yet (unbeelievable, I know), but bless and thank for the critique and meme <3 
F2U | Example of a Nice Smile | OSMT
not an actual critique :^( 

but I'm laughing, bless 
F2U | tfw SAI crashes and you didn't save | OSMT
I'm glad you like it! But I keep critiques open for, well, actual critiques that will hopefully help improve my art. I want other people to tell me, "Hey, this sucks, here's ways you can change it to make it better," pretty much. Nothing is ever 100% perfect. :shrug: Thank you, though! 

Good luck on your own pixel art! I'm glad I've inspired you! If you'd like, I can link you a few tutorials to help you get started. :la: 
Ohh, thank you so much! That's very sweet of you (though I'm nowhere near even a thousand watchers, haha). I'm glad you like it so much and think the head-outside-the-outline thing looks good, I remember being nervous to break the border like that! 

I actually rather dislike this icon (though not as much as I dislike the Latias one) and want to revamp them sometime, now that I've honed my sense of color and pixelling skills a bit more. I opened critiques in hopes that people could give me constructive criticism to help me figure out how to improve them, hehe. 

Thanks again for your kind words! Happy holidays! F2U BULLET | Pikachu v2 - XMAS 
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Oh, you accept critiques? Well... *cracks knuckles*

It's cool to see how you draw the dorks in your own style! I took a quick look through your gallery to get the gist of it before I began so I could judge this with it in mind.

But I'll be honest here, aight? I... didn't immediately recognize this as a Matsu. The 'v' mouth, big eyes, and dark hair color specifically highlighted with green while wearing a matching green shirt was enough to tip me off after staring at it for a few seconds.

However, that flick of hair up top isn't part of his official design, and it was just enough to make it less obvious who he was. The thing about east Asian hair is that it doesn't normally curl naturally (unless you're an obaa-chan, pretty much) so unless your hair is styled/treated that way or it's super short, it won't stick up like that. That's why the bros all have smooth baby butts for hair, other than Ichimatsu, who probably doesn't bother to brush his hair (yet has the most aesthetic perma-bedhead a bowlcut child could possibly have). Also, his head appears very flat because you made the face so big in comparison. I understand this is because of your style and wanting to fit enough of the shirt into the icon, but it's a little odd to look at. It could be fixed by making his face slightly smaller so the proportions fit together better. You could do this while preserving your style by moving his left eye 2px over and shrinking its width by 1px, then moving his ear and jaw 2-3px over.

Moving on, the colors of his hair and shirt are really nice! But the colors of his skin appear a bit washed-out, especially the blush. This is partially because they're next to stark black. With pixel art, you'll generally want to amp up the color a wee bit to make sure they're not ghosts or otherwise undead. The shadows are very grey; making it a deeply saturated purple could help tie it together with the purple eye shadows, though orangey-red shadows could also work. As for the skin, you could keep it the same or amp it up slightly, but the blushies could really benefit from becoming more saturated, possibly slightly lighter, and edged closer to the pink-purple spectrum because it looks rather orangey and outta place here. Doing it similar to how you did Totty's blush would also work really well! Or, if you wanted to keep the blush's color, just amp up the saturation of the skin a bit.

All that said! The heart is a cute touch (though I liked the smaller, less distracting one you did for Totty more), and I really like the way you did his nose (that tiny little blush and highlight, ahh!) and the way you did his shirt. Even though we can barely see it, it's very clear what pattern shirt he's wearing, and that's impressive. Good work overall, and I hope to see ever-better icons if you tackle the other bros! 💚
Choromatsu - F2U ICON